Emperor and king of wands relationship

Tarot Cards - Emperor, King of Wands-Tarot Card

emperor and king of wands relationship

love relationship Tarot Cards - Emperor, King of Wands. Emperor, King of Wands The Emperor can represent an encounter with authority or the assumption of. Emperor Tarot Card Meaning. the strength of compassion. Emperor is the embodiment of all the Kings. In a relationship the Emperor usually needs to be the boss of the situation. He will want . Emperor and Queen of Wands: a. You may. Tarot Readings: His Ownership Position (King of Wands and Emperor) .. I analyze business situations and personal relationships accurately from both Tarot.

emperor and king of wands relationship

The Emperor faces us head on with shoulders squared. This is how he lives his life and how he deals with whatever challenges comes his way.

The Emperor appears to wear a suit of armour beneath his gown. This again suggests his power and fearlessness. Regardless of his outer attire, The Emperor is always ready, always prepared and not afraid to go into battle, defend his position or attack his enemies should the need arise.

This is not a man who shirks his duty or is afraid to stand his ground. Like the ram, he will put his head down and charge forth. Built like a tank be it only in our minds or imaginations as children we all see our fathers as big strong men he is a powerful and loyal ally yet a fearsome and ruthless adversary. The Emperor holds an orb in one hand and a sceptre in the other again suggesting his power and authority.

There is an ankh at the top of the sceptre. The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol. It represents the transition of the soul into the afterlife and its continued existence in the afterlife. The Emperor understands that his power is everlasting, even in death.

emperor and king of wands relationship

His hair and beard are both long and white suggesting an older man who has experienced life and has learnt valuable lessons from it. He has taken hold of life and become Master of it. He has pioneered and trail-blazed his way through life. In his young self he was the maverick who boldly ventured out into new territory and built his empire through gritty determination, blood, sweat and tears. He represents expertise and a wealth of successfully tried and tested methods and skills.

He stands for the highly professional man. The Emperor is hard to impress and maintains a skeptical approach to most things in life. He has learned his own hard lessons on his journey, and through self-discipline and self-mastery he has succeeded in gaining total self-control. He is a mine of information and the giver of sound, practical and solid advice.

The Emperor governs his own world and those within it. He sails his own ship and is answerable to none — yet many are answerable to him. He is steadfast and constant even though others can see him as dull, rigid and sometimes controlling. However, he is fair and honest in his dealings with others. His life is one of order, stability, routine and hard work.

He believes that these are the ingredients of a happy life. He has little time for frivolity or silliness, but will tolerate it in his children and partner up to a degree. If it all seems to be getting out of control, his hand will go up and he will draw a halt to the proceedings. He abhors chaos, noise and disruption so will come down hard on those around when it erupts. He is so constant and fixed in his behaviour, opinions and personality, one would really need to be a fool to expect him to bend or yield to anything other than what he perceives as correct and acceptable.

The Emperor strategically positions his throne on an elevated site. He appears to sit on top of a mountain. From this viewpoint he can keep an eye on all his subjects as he directs, rules and governs them. Should one of them step out of line, he will be up off his throne and after them in a flash. The position he has taken on top of the mountain suggests his impeccable high standards and principles.

emperor and king of wands relationship

However, we must also note that The Emperor is alone. It is a hard job that he has undertaken and not one which many would voluntarily sign up to. He carries immense responsibility which means making tough choices at times and sometimes unpopular decisions which he knows do not always sit well with his subjects.

He does not expect them to understand the way he works, for he is not one of them. Yes, he represents them and speaks for them, but he is worlds away from them in many aspects.

His subjects are aware of this too and can feel uncomfortable when left alone in his presence. He possesses a looming presence that seems to take up the whole room. The air ripples with a charge of nervousness when standing among his subjects, family or staff. All seek his praise and approval, but are terrified of his disdain or disappointment. When called to his presence, their initial reaction may be to think of what they have done wrong. He does not mince his words, and if he is annoyed, angry or disappointed, you will not be left under any illusion as to his feelings on the matter, as you will sense it right through your nerve endings.

The Emperor has the power to make or break an individual as he exerts influence on many levels.

emperor and king of wands relationship

He has both a powerful and sometimes frightening bark and bite. Thinking you can outwit, deceive or manipulate the Emperor is a big mistake for he will chew you up and spit you out for daring to. He is beyond reproach and not afraid of dealing with harsh reality or unpleasant situations.

This many puts his duty before everything else. The Emperor is not a people-pleaser.

king of wands tarot card reading

In fact he cares less whether you like him or not. He is not out to win the popular vote, but simply do his job. Those who must make difficult decisions often need to act without the enthusiastic support of others.

Not everyone understands the reasoning behind his actions, or appreciates the finer detail of why it is necessary to do something that can appear harsh or insensitive to the uneducated or uninitiated.

The Emperor will take full responsibility for his actions every step of the way and seeks neither congratulation nor adulation for them.

The King of Wands

For all his power and prestige, The Emperor does not make unnecessary fuss. However, his impeccable high standards and adherence to routine and order can find him become bad tempered and displeased when others do not match up to his exacting standards. The Emperor is a man who rules with his head and not his heart.

He is not swayed by emotion and the often mob-like erratic reactions of his subjects, who when fired up with passion, fear, or anger, lash out first and ask questions later. He has to regularly restrain their impulsive streak and reactionary tendencies. They want to do something now, this minute, this second, and get frustrated and impatient when the Emperor holds them back.

They are governed and influenced by their emotions which can blow hot and cold from one moment to the next as their mood and desires reflect their immediate environment and circumstances. They lack the consistency of The Emperor who likes to give great thought to everything before acting. You may not understand or like his methods but he knows what he is doing. He is a strategist and planner, who like the Magician, the other masculine principle, believes in doing the necessary ground work and research before launching a project, mounting an expedition, or declaring war.

All the facts must be in and laid before him before he will make a decision. The decision when made, will be based on these facts whether it is popular with the mass or not. The Emperor although stern and formidable is not hotheaded or tempestuous. He keeps his temper under control, except for the rare times when pushed to the limit.

Then he will explode. He draws his sword and stands at full height glaring down at whatever or whoever has triggered his wrath. This does not mean the Emperor is slow in response or action, but that he is insistent on putting his energy in the right place at the right time, not rushing here and there like a headless fool.

He likes to be assured of success before venturing forth. The Emperor is very sure of himself. He has earned his place on the throne and all the power that goes with it.

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He is consistent in his actions and attitude. He is a man of his word and will expect you to keep yours too. When he says he will do something, it will be done.

emperor and king of wands relationship

He is not one for changing his mind from one moment to the next as once it is set on something very little will shift it. That is unless, he is presented with new facts that require a different approach. In the imagery, we see a tiny stream of water at the very base of the mountain. It is too far away from The Emperor to be of any real threat or consequence to him. The stream represents his emotions which are totally overwhelmed by his will, ego and pride. The water flows at a vast distance from the Emperor, suggesting he has the power to disconnect from his emotions at will.

They cannot touch him and therefore are of no use to those who seek to play to or manipulate them. He has seen the influence that these so called emotions have on his subjects as they allow them run riot; enthusiastic one moment and downright lazy and lethargic the next. He has seen his wife and daughter happy one minute, only to burst into tears the next. His sons get hot-headed and temperamental when they do not get their way. They have a lot to learn about the workings of the world.

Do they not realise how predictable they become, how much they expose their weakness to the enemy when they lose control of their emotions? The Emperor is convinced that wearing your heart on your sleeve leaves you at the mercy of others who may seek to take advantage of your emotional state. He believes emotions to be strange things that get in the way of stability, solidity and plain thinking.

It is up to him to instruct his family and subjects, to show them how it should be done, even if he has to drag them kicking and screaming all the way. It is all in their best interest at the end of the day.

The Emperor

The Emperor does not expect to be thanked for this difficult task and accepts it as his responsibility. It is only for their own good he reminds them. However, there is often a clash between what the Emperor perceives as being in their best interest and how they view it.

He can sometimes appear as the party-pooper, the joy-killer, the wet rag or freedom-killer to his young offspring who must yield to his final say on many matters whether they like it or not. A practical man down to his toes, The Emperor is quite willingly to accept his role and all the flak that comes his way. Even though his stone seat can at times become as cold as a marble tomb, he realises someone has to take charge if it is not to descend into a sorry mess below.

Whether appointed by others, or self-appointed, he believes he is the best, or only man for the job. There is a worry with The Emperor that his standards and principles are set so high only few can ever reach them. He is also in danger of cutting himself off from his subjects or family.

While he is busy guarding, controlling and leading, he can easily lose the close connection of the normal everyday ups and downs of simple family life. He can become a stranger to his children, a man who on his return from work will put an end to any fun or play, a man who you must always be careful to say the right thing in front of for fear of punishment or reprimand.

In his unrelenting bid to protect and provide for his family, he may lose sight of his purpose and turn into a tyrant. One of the karmic lessons for Ariens is to learn how to rule without force or control. He needs to encourage his family and subjects to come to him, safe in the knowledge that telling the truth is the best policy, that they will not be severely reprimanded for their mistakes or thoughtlessness.

He must not drive the truth underground, where at pain of death, will anyone make him privy to it. The Emperor must gain a reputation for showing mercy when his subjects are contrite and apologetic, not prolong their misery or glean pleasure from their distress. Unfortunately, all too often The Emperor is oblivious to any real drama that is going on around him.

He may sit atop his mountain and thinks he knows it all, and that none would defy him, but there will always be those who can find a way around it. His subjects do have the ability to cut him out of the loop and conceal disturbing matters from him when they believe that being truthful or honest will work against them. Fearing the wrath of their leader they can try and sort things out or lie to cover up their mistakes or failures.

He may hold the key to their salvation, the answer to their prayers, or the solution to a problem, but the price is too high to pay. This is a terrible pity and a mistake that is sometimes only realised in later life when old age and infirmity brings loneliness and regret. The Emperor is the archetypal father and the perfect masculine balance to the ultra-feminine Empress.

Whereas The Empress represents fertility, the Emperor stands for virility and maintaining the family line. He provides the seed, and she the womb. They are the perfect combination. He is the consolidating and stabilising force that keeps the excess of The Empress in check. In the past position, the King of Wands describes your recent breakthroughs as creating the foundation upon which you stand.

If it refers to the distant past, you are at your core a creative individual whose only setbacks involve not following through. It is not for a lack of talent and desire that your past was not perfect. The King of Wands in the present position indicates that any project you are working on is an inspired choice and will take you far.

There is no time like the present to use your abilities to solve a complex problem. You can get many people to help you as long as you keep them inspired and ensure that the aim of your project has some benefit to them as well. Your ability to delegate is strong and this is an indication of a new level of maturity — you can trust other people instead of trying to do everything yourself. This is a high-water mark in your development on the path to success.

If your Tarot reading features the King of Wands in the future position, understand that any current struggles will be worth it, as you shall soon see the mastery of the different elements of your life honed by your talents into a unified working method. Success is looming when this card is in this position.

You will still have to put forth effort, but your current situation can be mined for ways to draw support for what you are trying to accomplish. Card Combinations Your Tarot reading deciphers the meaning of the cards, their location, their relationship to you and their influence upon one another.

Every card in your reading has an influence on each card dealt out. Any other court card from the suit of wands adds to the King's success. The Queen of Wands indicates that your goals will be adopted by other people.

The Knight of Wands card appearing in a reading sees word of your creativity being spread by the media. The Page of Wands adds much youthful energy to any reading it joins, and with the King card present, your ideas are sure to be seen as new and revolutionary; in fact, you might be seen as a threat to someone in an established position if the King of Pentacles or The Emperor card were to also appear.

When The Lovers card appears in a reading with the King of Wands, your charisma is at an all-time high and you can seduce a great catch with a dramatic ease. The flames that are fashioned on the gold crown of the king depicted on the card are quite similar to the flaming leaves of the tree in the Garden of Eden depicted on The Lovers card, meaning the King of Wands has harvested the core impulses of what it means to be at the dawn of creation.

Your intuitive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your projects speeds up their development. The High Priestess card is an intense member of the Tarot, and when she combines with the King of Wands, look for a friend to have perfect advice for your situation. You will likely not take it though, making the truth within this friend's message all the more powerful.