Employment relationship and procedure

employment relationship and procedure

View our informal routes for solving issues, our Employment Procedures and the key principles that underpin our processes. This policy is designed to set forth reasonable rules and procedures between furtherance of these goals, this Employer-Employee Relations Policy is thereby. Employee Relations Procedures and Guidelines. GENERAL DISCIPLINARY GUIDELINES. The best working conditions prevail when employees conduct.

employment relationship and procedure

Procedures - how negotiations, disputes, grievances, disciplinary matters etc. Recognition and procedural agreements between the University and the NEHAWUthe recognition agreement was revoked in and a new recognition agreement concluded in Recognition and procedural agreements between the University and the UCT Employees' Union were signed in and respectively.

Recognition and procedural agreements between the University and the Academics' Union were signed in Communication and consultation The University Council recognises the importance of open communication and joint consultation between management and staff. It therefore encourages the exchange of information, ideas and views about matters of mutual interest and concern through both formal and informal channels. Informal systems The University Council encourages informal communication and consultation at all levels.

employment relationship and procedure

Department and section heads are encouraged to develop appropriate arrangements to promote discussion of any matters of interest and concern at the workplace. Consultative committees Where a recognition agreement has been entered into, the administration will arrange regular consultative committee meetings between Human Resources Department staff and other key members of management and the union. The role of the consultative committees is to provide a formal channel of communication between management and employee representative bodies.

In particular, management will seek staff members' views prior to taking decisions affecting their interests. In the same way, staff members bring their issues of concern to the attention of management.

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The University administration and employee representative bodies are free to initiate agenda items. Grievance resolution The University Council considers it essential that, where a staff member or a group of staff members is dissatisfied for any reason arising from the work situation or employment relationship, this should be articulated and resolved as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible level.

Grievance procedures for academic and PASS staff. Discipline A staff member is required to maintain certain standards of conduct.

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Such disciplinary action is designed to be corrective and to improve conduct other than where dismissal is warranted and should be taken as soon as possible after the event. Poor performance A staff member is required to maintain certain standards of performance.

Employee relations training The University provides staff training to promote informed and sound employee relations practices. Do so using the forms below. Do this by using the form field below.

employment relationship and procedure

Problems Employee Is Having Assess: Assess their workload Now you need to assess the employee's workload, if they're having problems in the workplace, this can cause an effect on their productivity and how much work they get done. Record this using the form field below.

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Their Workload Assess their communication skills Assess the employee's communications skills, this will give you a rough idea of what they're doing right, wrong, and what is affecting them in the workplace. Record their outcome using the form field below.

employment relationship and procedure

Their Team Communication Skills Relations: Encourage communication among colleagues It has been observed that poor communication leads to confusions and misunderstandings.

The communication has to be precise and relevant.

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One should not play with words and be very specific about his expectations from his fellow workers as well as the organization. Problems With Communication Involve team members They should feel important and indispensable for the organization.

An individual must be assigned responsibilities according to their interests and responsibilities.