Erich gonzales and mario maurer relationship trust

It's All About Mario Maurer - It's All About Mario Maurer

erich gonzales and mario maurer relationship trust

Thai actor Marcus (Mario Maurer) has had enough of being in romantic movies Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales both have their charms. in Bangkok drew actress Erich Gonzales closer to her leading man, Thai superstar Mario Maurer, and acquainted her with a different culture. After marriage to Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra dubbed 'global scam artist'. Mario Maurer is a Thai model and actor of German and Chinese ethnicity. Starting off a career He decided to do the movie because he trusted the director "Chukiat" and the He will be paired with Erich Gonzales in the film that is due to release in . "Mario Maurer downgrades relationship status with Gubgib to the word.

In spite of a testy first encounter, Marcus decides to pursue Joey.

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She is eventually charmed by the actor, and the two begin a romance. But Marcus has a life and a career waiting for him in Thailand, and his relationship with Joey inevitably clashes with his ambitions.

erich gonzales and mario maurer relationship trust

At no point in the film does the romance really seem worthy of depiction. Joey, for example, is surrounded by characters that seem to exist solely to push her towards Marcus. There is a montage that has them frolicking by the seaside, because that is obviously what couples in love do. This shorthand especially hurts once the romance faces the inevitable hurdles.

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The film has them fighting a few times in the back half of the movie. And each time, they almost instantly apologize and make up. The story here would be in how they came to forgive each other, what changed in them that would make them look past their own pride and insecurities.

This is an attitude that carries over all the way to the ending of the movie, where all the conflict that supposedly tore them apart turns out to not actually matter at all. It was all a waste of time.

erich gonzales and mario maurer relationship trust

Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales both have their charms. Marcus Hanson Mariohis role is nothing different from his real status- a Thai superstar who wanted to seek for a different world for a while apart from his country and true identity. Fate's been so kind to him; he met the girl of his dreams, the "cupcake" girl, Joey Hermosa Erich here in the Philippines.

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Both share same ordeal- they were both mending a broken heart, but Joey seemed to be unprepared for another relationship. What will you do if the situation calls for the very last thing you wouldn't want to do Is it worth everything you've dreamed of? Even if it would mean hurting each other's feelings? One must be that brave enough to let go and move on with life if it would only mean your loved one's welfare and triumph.

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Erich and Mario in one of the scenes shot in Thailand Truly love knows neither boundaries nor distance But if those complications would make the lovers stronger, then let it be. It's just a matter of time, sacrifice and patience, like what happened to Marcus and Joey.

If you were Joey or Marcus, will you follow your heart? Will you follow what you believed to be your destiny?