Erza and jellal relationship memes

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erza and jellal relationship memes

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fairy tail ships, Fairy tail erza scarlet and Fairy tail quotes. This is how most sibling relationships go XD". "Fairy Tail. bellagill92 is a fanfiction author that has written 55 stories for Fairy Tail. They would pay dearly. No one invaded Erza Scarlet without her permission. No one!; My interpretations of a kiss prompt meme on tumblr. Jerza. Mystwalker. . Jerza Love Fest - Day 3: Connection and Day 6: Midnight. Fairy Tail - Rated : M. In Fairy Tail, do Erza and Jellal end up together? Did Erza and Jellal kiss in the Fairy Tail manga? Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes grew up together.

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They would save one another or they would die trying. AU where the child-slaves successfully escaped the Tower of Heaven during the rebellion. A Meta Tale of Shipping. Jerza mentions of background Gruvia.

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Jerza Love Fest - Day 3: Connection and Day 6: But little did they know that was only the beginning How Master Mavis unexpectedly ceased being the only person to have Tenrou Island for a birthplace. Years later, they would look back at the first time they had reunited and shudder at the amount of hate and deception shared in only a matter of minutes. T - English - Drama - Chapters: She had her work cut out for her alright Jerza Week Day 7 - Future.

It was all about the bearer, in the end. Jerza Week Day 3 — Diamonds. Debt Collector reviews Jellal was not one to leave debts unpaid.

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If nothing else would convince him to do what she wanted to, then Erza had no choice but to pull the big guns and demand he settled the debt he had so tastelessly incurred one fine day under the sunset. It was only fair, after all. Jerza Week Day 2 — Sunset.

erza and jellal relationship memes

K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Spoilers for Fairy Tail Jerza Week - Bonus Day: Companion to Goodbye my Love. Fate, however, thought otherwise.

Jellal, however, really just wanted to wake up from the waking nightmare that being over-appreciated turned out to be. Operation Valentine reviews There were far simpler ways to arrange a date for your friends. Ways that didn't involve the kidnapping of infants, for one. M-rating just to be safe.

erza and jellal relationship memes

But same as the point of light is to erase the dark, it is up to Erza to show him that the world is not as black and white as he thinks. They talk to each other and help each other get though tough times. They even share a loving stare between the two, when they fall down a hill and land lying down with Jellal on top.

This almost lead to a kiss between the two. But Jellal reflects of everything he has done to her and pushes away.

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Feeling as if he doesn't deserve her. Erza is shocked by this but excepts and moves forward. Later on in the series Jellal comes to save Erza many times from tough situations were Erza may be unable to continue fighting, he always manages to get their in time to protect her. Jellal and Erza in the end are always protecting one another, they always look out for each other and their paths always collide.

These two care deeply for each other and would do anything to make sure the other is safe. Other characters ship it, especially Mirajane and Happy. Mirajane's own sister likes Natsu, so this is saying something. Lisanna even went up to Lucy and told her to stay near Natsu, because he became stronger when people he cares about are with him. Their past conflicts their relationship, but both characters love each other, somewhat platonically and somewhat romantically.

Jellal thinks he's not good enough for Erza, so he backed off their kiss. Erza forgave Jellal even though he made her life so miserable in the past. They rode the Love Slide together as well Gruvia: While Juvia's feelings mostly seem like a wild fangirl's, there are moments when you can tell she truly loves him and cares for him: Gray saves Juvia many times, does Unison Raid with her, and thanked her in an embrace after she told him she killed the man who kept his father "alive", but it is very possibly platonic.

Gray blushed when Erza asked him about her, and when wearing the scarf she made him, but also dislikes how Juvia is so clingy.

erza and jellal relationship memes