Et and elliot relationship with god

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et and elliot relationship with god

Fridge Brilliance Why didn't Elliot go on adventures in space with his best friend? to go gallivanting with aliens (none of whom he had formed a relationship with) . Word of God states that E.T. is a plant-like creature (The Expanded Universe. Unlike Gertie who noticed E.T. immediately, Elliott's mother doesn't see E.T. hiding . shared telepathic relationship is established between Elliott and E.T. while they are in two entirely different locations. . Michael: My god, he's talking now. The Purpose of Spielberg's Film. Out of all of Steven Spielberg's many great films, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial stands out as the most successful. Spielberg is able.

  • ET had a VERY different original ending that DIDN'T break your heart: Which do you prefer?
  • ET shock: Original ending was TOTALLY different, showed HOW Elliot stayed in touch with ET

You have to be here and try to work. I think we were all very surprised. It only cost ten million dollars, which even then was considered relatively small.

E.T. Was Gay

I always say that was the only reason [Steven] asked me to produce it. So consequently it was a surprise to all of us. Because [Steven] thought he was doing something relatively personal and small and intimate. Almost everybody on the movie, it was their first major move career wise — whether it was our AD, our production designer, our costume designer… A lot of people were really young and just starting out in the business.

So the whole thing was an explosive experience. And I think Steven shared that. So that was a surprise to Steven. I think even today that gets forgotten sometimes.

I think Steven more than many understands you can combine the two. Then my challenge is to try to put the people and the pieces around him so he can hopefully execute at the level he sees in his head. So often movies today there are so many people around. I think back to E. And now these movies are like small armies. So I think the role of a producer and certainly my role with Steven was to help facilitate that. Does Spielberg ever talk about going backward and doing something small scale again?

Now [having said] that — if you want to spend your own money and do that… Francis Coppola is doing that.

et and elliot relationship with god

I was just having this great conversation with this young director who did Beasts of The Southern Wild, which I thought was so great. How do you explain your role in the film to your kids?

It was really hard as a kid. But as a kid, time is extended. Three months feels like forever. I was in tears and I was upset for weeks after. But the funny thing is, for this film, I still feel like we are a family — because every so often we have one of these functions and you do get to see everybody.

As a kid it was hard for me to pick up and go and come onto something new. Especially on a film like this where you have a lot of other kids involved. And of course I see Drew sometimes… Did you keep a memento from your time on the E. Yeah — we had badges to get on the set through security and I still have the badge.

It has a different, phony title on the guest badge. No one was really [merchandising] anything at the time. What do you want to do with them? The reason we ended up doing any merchandising was to try to put trademarks in place so we could stop piracy. Has there ever been talk of an E.

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I even had Bono come to talk to me about a sequel to E. We were doing the design with Carlo Rambaldi. Steven knew the eyes were going to be really important. I remember we had pictures of Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Carl Sandburg… Soulful faces and then Carlo came up with the idea of a cat — they have that sort of round fluffy face. And we used that in combination with these wonderful soulful eyes.

It was just a lot of different combinations like that until we found something. It just speaks to you. You connect to it in someway. Do you think you can bring Rachel over and we can put her in the suit just to see? When we put her into the suit, she goes insane. That is the brilliance of Ben Burtt. Ben Burtt is a sound designer and he was using a wide variety of sound samples over a long period of time.

He had stopped into a drug store near where he was working to pick up an Aspirin or something. There was this woman standing up at the counter ordering and she [Pat Welsh] had this incredible voice.

Would you mind coming into the studio? And what it was is that she had smoked Cool cigarettes her entire life and she had this amazing raspy voice that became the essence of E. What was the most nerve-racking scene to shoot? I was super nervous [that] I had to kiss a girl in front of everybody. She was taller and older than me so I was pretty much just thinking about that.

And I over-amped and we came together and our front teeth clashed. And I thought this is not going to go well. So it was really like a dance move. What was it like shooting that final goodbye scene with E. We shot pretty much as chronologically as we could because Steven was concerned about the young performers and trying to make the arc as real as it could be.

The Christological Symbolism of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

It was fairly towards the end of the shooting process and that was a hard scene to do because you knew the thing was winding down and it would be over soon.

The thing that made the emotional investment payoff for me was that Steven had hired a mime that did all of the hand acting for E. She was always laying underneath the frame in between E. Elliot is initially worried that his new friend might drown, but then realizes that this is what E. Some of the stuff All There in the Manual you can figure out just by paying close attention to the movie. Also, while one might not be able to discern that he's part of a Hive Mindhis telepathic link to his people through those glowing hearts of theirs certainly hints they're all rather closely connected mentally and physically; and when Elliot insists that "We're fine" instead of "He's fine" in response to Michael's concerns about E.

Finally, the wilted flowers E. Why the FBI are keeping their distance during the chase could mean two things, and there's a subtle payoff to how careful they're being. They are following the kids to try to find where the spaceship is. But Keys is ultimately the only person outside the Taylor family to get near the ship.

It's probable they were letting everyone go in peace.

The Christological Symbolism of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial -

There's also a good chance the rest of them got to see their takeoff. Even with the guns pointing at them, they were more or less a last resort warning, or else they would have shot them down during the flight. The guns probably weren't even loaded at all. They just wanted to intimidate the kids. The agents obviously don't mean any harm throughout the movie, they're just trying and ultimately failing to help and reach out to higher intelligence. Also counts as Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Before Gertie meets E.

T, she yells "Elliott, look what I made for you" and can be seen holding a piece of paper in her hand. Elliott faked being sick so he could stay home and play with E. T, and Gertie genuinely thought he was sick and made a get well card.

The movie is basically a retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Some scenes are even similar, such as E. Fridge Logic Do a little reckoning concerning how Elliot didn't have to go to school the first day after he met E. Those of us who grew up watching the film as children are all familiar with the story: With the help of his brother Michael Robert MacNaughton and sister Gertie Drew Barrymorehe tries to keep him a secret from his mother Dee Wallace and all other adults.

Elliott is heartbroken and expresses his love for his alien friend, and E. The film climaxes with a sky-high bicycle chase from the scientists and government officials who want E. Why is this film successful, and why has it triggered such an emotional response in audiences?

Is it the special effects, the story, the music, the directing, the characters? As a film, it is technically and artistically superb. But I think E. It deals with everyday emotions and experiences like broken families, loneliness, friendship, and love. It also points to a hunger we all have for a relationship with a being outside our world. Novelist Martin Amis wrote of the film: We were crying for our lost selves.

This powerful image points to the realization we all come to that despite all the riches of this world, even the riches of human relationships, we are all incredibly lonely.

et and elliot relationship with god

The fact that we often perceive aliens in UFOs as being wiser, more advanced and more peaceful than we are indicates that we are aware of our own inadequacies and sinfulness. We admit that we need guidance and salvation from a source outside our worldly realm of perception. It even goes to the sad extreme of cults who believe that space aliens will come save them and take them to a celestial paradise. The good news is that in reality this loneliness can be filled, not by space aliens, but by God, through His son Jesus Christ.

There we find peace, purpose and that special relationship that we all ache for. The New Testament tells us how this relationship has been restored to us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is questionable if any literal relation of E. The indirect Christian parallels in E. Shortly after Jesus was born he was pursued by King Herod, who ordered all two-year old boys to be killed so the Messiah would not threaten his leadership.