Ethical performance and relationship in retailing wholesaling

Characteristics, Functions and Services of a Retailer

ethical performance and relationship in retailing wholesaling

ethical performance and relationships in retailing. The chapter .. turers and wholesalers must be concerned about the calibre of displays, customer service. research has been conducted on the performance of retail supply chain in Taiwan and . emphasizes personal relationship between the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers and Adaptation," Journal of Business Ethics, 22, A retailer purchases in bulk from the wholesalers and sells the products to the A retailer performs the dual functions of buying and assembling of goods.

Every retailer needs to have a business or marketing strategy for success. Retailer needs to analyze its target market and customers for an in-store promotion and product assortment. Services form a big part of retailing business, so retailers have to finalize level of service. Services include pre-purchase, post purchase and supporting services. With the advent of technology and unprecedented economic growth, retailing has its own share of change in business ways.

Wholesaling The act of purchasing goods for consumer and industry for further resale is referred to as wholesaling. Here, manufactures and farmers are not considered as wholesalers. Wholesaler is an important part of the marketing channel. Wholesaler increase reach of the company products and the risk of selling to the customers.

Wholesaler can store inventory of various assortment of product thus helping cost for company and time for customers. Wholesaler can serve as ears and eyes for the company in understanding competition and customer. Marketing Logistics The supply chain management is essential for companies to improve productivity and reduce costs.

The purpose of marketing logistic is to design and implement infrastructure, which will deliver goods from the point of origin to point of sell in an effective and least cost manner.

Managing Retailing, Wholesaling and Market Logistics

This objective mix of high customer satisfaction and lowest cost possible are asymmetrical. The major decision involved with marketing logistic relate to order processing, warehousing, inventory and transportation.

Companies look forward to shortening order to payment cycle. Companies have to set benchmarks at each level from sales people receiving orders to receiving payment from creditors.

ethical performance and relationship in retailing wholesaling

Warehousing for finished goods is another important hub for companies. There has to be a right balance between sales order and quantity of finished goods. Warehousing at strategic locations increases timely delivery of goods and reducing in inventory. Technology has helped in improving warehousing standards.

Managing Retailing, Wholesaling and Market Logistics

Piled up inventory is not a good sign for the company. The prime focus of a retailer is on maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services both on cash as well as credit basis.

Retailing ethics in the age of artificial intelligence

As a result of which, retailer always runs the risk of accumulating bad debts on account of non-payment of the amount from the consumer.

A retailer needs to have robust risk management capabilities. Various kinds of risks can be involved in a retail business which a retailer should be well prepared with like loss or damage of the products due to deterioration in quality, perishability or spoilage. A retailer performs the crucial function of grading for all those goods which at times are either left ungraded by the wholesalers or manufacturers so that the customers readily accept the goods.

The retailers are the direct point of contact or communication with the customers; hence they gather information regarding the changing tastes and preferences of the consumers, pass on the customer feedback to the manufacturers for continuous improvement in service delivery. Retailers act as a vital channel for the launch of new products in the market as they are the direct interface with the consumers and can communicate directly with the targets consumers about the new product features and advantages.

The retailers are responsible for the product promotion and advertisement by planning the product displays and visual merchandising for attracting the customers. Services Provided by a Retailer To Customers: A Retailer ensures ready stock availability of goods for the customers in sufficient quantities and sells the goods to the customers as per their quantity specifications.

ethical performance and relationship in retailing wholesaling

A retailer ensures availability of a wide variety of choices of products for the customers by keeping different varieties at various prices and also different brands as well. A retailer can provide credit facilities and heavy cash discounts on the purchase of different products to the customers.

Retailers can provide customized services and pay personalized attention to the customers for achieving a higher level of satisfaction with the delivery of product or service.

Retailers introduce new products to the customers and also guide them with the usage of the products.

Characteristics, Functions and Services of a Retailer

Retailers can provide additional services like free home delivery or after sales services. Retailers purchase and maintain a stock of those products which are mostly demanded by the customers.

ethical performance and relationship in retailing wholesaling

They aim at catering to the requirements of all kinds of customers with varied buying capacities. Retailers are a valuable source of information and feedback for the wholesalers who in turn pass on the same information to the producers of the products. Crucial information related to the changes in the buying preferences of the customers, their experience with the usage of the products, feedback on the prices and quality of the products is passed on to the wholesalers.