Eugenides and attolia relationship

The Queen of Attolia – Reads 4 Tweens

eugenides and attolia relationship

Kristy said: Quick question: I am re-reading The King of Attolia and I want to know equal in their relationship and makes her love for him kind of questionable. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Eugenides has a very complicated relationship with his family. Both Eugenides and Attolia are willing to do what they think is necessary to.

He and his father have a long standing feud that still colours their relationship. Politics There is a lot of variety in the politics that the various rulers use. Eddis is surrounded by her family who back her out of love and respect.

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Attolia is an island, cruel and cold because she feels that she only rules because her nobles fear her and the military that she built. Love and Relationships The main love plot is incredibly complicated, because Eugenides is still very deeply in love with Attolia despite the fact that she cut off his hand.

Both Eugenides and Attolia are willing to do what they think is necessary to further the best interest of their kingdoms. Recommendation If you liked The Thief then you should continue to read The Queen of Attolia if you think your tween can handle it.

Because of my initial feelings about The Queen of Attolia, I decided I needed to go back and read it again. Gen losing his hand so brutally definitely colored by point of view. I can see clues that Queen Attolia is not what she appears to be and has taken the action she saw to be necessary to solidify her reign.

I am still baffled over Gen falling in love with Attolia. His feelings seem to be based on a time when he spied her dancing alone in the garden and a compassion for the decisions she was forced to make.

eugenides and attolia relationship

Each nation is distinguished from the others and necessary to the plot. Gen makes a couple of bold strategic moves to help Eddis, and change the politics in each nation. I love how Gen is always under appreciated. Don't get me wrong, I love unconventional relationships. I am especially amazed when an author has the ability to make me like a character that I had previously despised. But by the end of The Queen of Attolia, we had seen very little interaction between Gen and Irene, and every second of it was strained.

I know you can't always choose who you love, but I thought Gen made a particularly poor match in the queen.

Eugenides (Thief of Eddis, King of Attolia)

However, that's also one of my favorite things about Eugenides' character, the fact that people are constantly underestimating him and questioning his decisions. He proves them wrong every time. You win again, Eugenides.

eugenides and attolia relationship

The King of Attolia is told in rotating third person limited perspective. This time, instead of focusing on Gen's thoughts, most of the book is told to us by a palace guard named Costis. At first I was put out by this choice. I wanted to be in Eugenides' head, and find out from him how he was handling his new role as king.