Eve and roarke relationship quotes

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eve and roarke relationship quotes

Divided in Death Eve talks to Rourke about Mavis and the baby are still sniping at one another (before they start their relationship), and. It's when Eve starts to feel guilty about her side of her relationship with Roarke after everyone around her talked about the special things he does for her. "As for Roarke and Summerset, Eve and Feeney and so on, you'll see little bits and pieces of these personal relationship as the series continues. They books.

Recently I received a very articulate, intelligently written and thoughtful letter from a reader. She's a big fan of the series. However, she feels I've been softening up my main characters too much in the last couple of books. She wants them to have more of an edge--this is part of what appeals to her, and has from the start of the series.

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She's right, in that I do feel Eve and Roarke have softened somewhat--they've evolved that way due to, imo, their relationship and feelings for each other. I don't agree that they've lost their edge, but they are more married, we could say. More used to each other's rhythm, and therefore, yes, a bit softer. Other letters will state how much they enjoy watching this softening, this exposure of layers, both emotional and external.

So which view has it right? Both, because both take what they take from the story and want what they want. But I can't possibly please both views. I can only write the story and the characters as I write them.

Edit "The In Deaths move slowly. We're not moving through a year in book time over a year in real time. This is a deliberate writer's choice. And while I realize some readers may very well become bored or impatient, I have to remain true to my own vision for the series. From my own viewpoint there have been a number of big changes, and a lot of small ones that may or may not build to big ones. But the basic pattern--continuing characters in a police procedural with strong romantic elements--remains.

We've seen the main characters evolve, and their marriage evolve--while each of them has dealt with difficult emotional blows. We've watched a fairly green uniform cop develop into a smart, fairly confident woman--with her own romantic relationship. New characters have been introduced, and either play important parts in the series, or in single books. We nudge into sub-characters' personal lives from time to time--if it has a part in the story, or adds something to the series.

But overall, it's as I said before. There won't be major disasters or changes or personal upheavals in every book. Just won't work that way for me, and I get last call.

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She promised she'd get him to give me perpetual absolution if I dedicated an In Death to her. Hey, good deal for me. I don't, of haven't, done dedications there as a rule first because we were keeping a low profile initially, then because I have so many books out there anyway. You start to run out of friends and family after awhile--even a popular Irish Catholic girl such as myself.

MacGregor--even have the first cover flap with that name. Right before publication, it was discovered that T.

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MacGregor was writing romantic suspense. So I had to make a quick change. Switched the initials and went to Robb. She just looked cool. It's such a beautiful area, and I liked thinking Roarke's ancesters sprang from there.

eve and roarke relationship quotes

Edit "I'm waiting for my editor to let me know if I need to revise Relations In Death--which will need a new title, I'm told. Edit "If the Olympics fit into a story line, we'll see them.

eve and roarke relationship quotes

Edit "Marketing has a large play in how a book's marketed. And my books, whatever the content, have a large Romance following. While some will say Fiction on the spine, you're going to find them in the Romance section of most bookstores. That's a bookseller's choice--because the biggest chunk of my audience will look there first.

Edit "The decision to stop--or at least postpone--publication of the In Death backlist in hardcover simply comes down to sales. Apparently they weren't selling very well, making it difficult for the publisher. I'm really sorry, as is the publisher, to disappoint those readers who wanted and bought the books in that form. I just wish there'd been more of you. Oh God, my eyes, my eyes! Then, I just had to laugh. Edit "I did use ST's Mr. I always thought it was a cool name.

Too bad about the kidthough. Edit "I dunno, I'd think an icee is flavored i. Roarke probably knows the plain ice is better for him, but would likely buy a cherry icee for Eve. If someone shouted out, hey J. Edit "I just write Nora.

Some people just don't go for it, and that's okay. If it helps you can think, smugly: Edit "Nope, not Eve. I learn more about them all the time. Initially, Eve was more detailed in my head. The ass-kicking, troubled loner murder cop with a dark past. Then Roarke walked across the page.

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The Irish gazillionaire with a murky past and a talent for getting what he wanted. Edit "I have to say no, I never expected the sort of response and devotion to Eve and Roarke the series has caused. In me or the readers.

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The springboards for the stories are murder and mystery, not business. Edit "I can't imagine Roarke would ever go behind Eve's back and put security on her. There's too much respect for that. If the story or situation within the story calls for Roarke to be ill or injured, then that'll be what happens. Otherwise, he'll stay healthy. Edit "Can't say what Roarke line or policy might be regarding Eve when it comes to media. Hasn't played in to a book yet. I would think, as she does, he keeps most of his private life private.

Edit "No, I probably won't add the minute details of Eve's and Roarke's life, because minute details are usually boring and rarely move the story along or add any real interest to character.

Eve And Roarke Quotes

WHEN those details do either or both, their addition is a natural flow. But I figure by the middle of the century, there'll be simple, long term options for contraception, and that Eve would use what suited her. They are who they are.

Edit "I don't know that we'll get into Birthday In Death unless it plays some part in a plot. I've thought about it, but just haven't felt it worked it well as yet. I guess Eve and Roarke generally don't end their 'link conversations with I love you because it's just not part of their dynamic. Eve and Roarke might find themselves at the Derby eventually. Edit "We'll probably see Eve and Roarke in his shooting gallery again.

It was a fun scene to write back in the day. Edit "I think I did say I didn't detail Eve and Roarke's wedding because it didn't move the story along. Because, well, it didn't. At the end of Immortalthe case was closed, the story was wrapped.