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gale sayers and brian piccolo relationship

Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers rubbed each other the wrong way and relations by becoming roommates with Piccolo, Sayers said: "Really. Brian Piccolo was a Football player for the Chicago Bears. He played as a running back. He died of lung cancer at the age of He had a wife. Get an answer for 'In the book Brian's Song, what are the differences, for example , Billie Dee Williams as Gale Sayers and James Caan as Brian Piccolo. Brian's Song tells the true story of the relationship of two football players from different.

Piccolo didn't make the team in ; he was on the taxi squad. Inhe made the regular roster. Sayers and Piccolo are, by all appearances, best friends. Sayers says they came to like each other very much, were good friends, and did hang out together. Gale and Brian, that was such a small part of Brian's life. They exaggerated Brian and Gale's friendship, but they didn't abuse the story I think Brian was a lot more important to Gale than Gale was to Brian.

But in terms of how close they were to Piccolo, and their presence during Piccolo's illness, Kurek and McCaskey get short shrift in the film. When Sayers injures his knee, Piccolo replaces him as starting halfback. Piccolo started his first NFL game the week after Sayers was injured, and did a good job the rest of the season. Inhe ended the season with yards in carries, adding 28 receptions for yards.

He was back on the bench when the season started. About midway through the season, he replaced injured fullback Ronnie Bull. He only started a few games after that before falling ill. Piccolo sets up a leg-lift weight bench in Sayers' basement. Sayers began his recovery by lifting weights on what he calls, in "I Am Third," a knee machine, which was loaned to him by the Bears.

When he started, he was doing 50 reps of five pounds, twice a day. He maxed out, in the end, at 60 pounds. Piccolo brags about how, in his senior year in college, he led the nation in rushing and scoring. You could look it up. Piccolo ran times for Wake Forest inpiling up 1, yards, tops in the country.

He also led the nation with points, scoring 17 TDs and kicking nine extra points. Much emphasis is placed on how Piccolo works with Sayers to rehabilitate his knee.

gale sayers and brian piccolo relationship

Piccolo encouraged Sayers and worked out with him occasionally during this period, but Sayers, in "I Am Third," dedicates the chapter about recovering from his knee injury to Tommy Dare. To get the knee back into playing shape, he and Dare worked out at Chicago's Lawson Y, under a brutal regime directed by former Lions running back Dick Woit.

Sayers, on the road to recovery, is walking through a Chicago park listening to a transistor radio. The running game was ably manned by Brian Piccolo, who gained yards in 14 carries.

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Piccolo rushed for plus yards once in his career, running for yards in 21 carries as the Bears beat the Saints on Dec. On the following Sunday, the Bears beat the Rams in L. Gale Sayers was about 60 pounds heavier than little Billy Dee Williams. After the surgery, Sayers wraps his knee.

Sayers requested that this be changed in the Disney remake of the movie, which came out in He said he never wrapped his knee, "because I didn't want any crutch. InHalas is still head coach. Halas retired as Bears head coach on May 27, Jim Dooley replaced him.

gale sayers and brian piccolo relationship

Halas tells Piccolo he's going to be starting fullback. Piccolo had been a backup halfback starting inmostly substituting for Sayers. But, he said, it had been "my dream to run in the same backfield with Gale; and that would put me right back at fullback, where I had been in college, and where I felt I belonged.

Gibron weighs his players: Skinniest fullback in the league. Caan and Williams were thrown into a real lineup of real Bears getting weighed. Glen Holloway, the offensive guard who steps on the scale right before Caan, didn't begin his pro career untiland thus never played with Piccolo. Caan weighed when the movie was made. Piccolo was 6-foot and pounds, according to Total Football. There was an even bigger weight disparity between Sayers and Billy Dee Williams.

I was around pounds. Sayers goes in to see Halas before the next game, against the Colts.

gale sayers and brian piccolo relationship

Halas called Sayers on Friday, two nights before the game, to let him know Piccolo had a malignant tumor and would be going to New York for an operation the following Monday. Halas again called Sayers on Saturday night, and asked him to say something to the team before the game.

Sayers delivered the speech about dedicating the game to Piccolo, but McCaskey David Huddlestona good friend of both Sayers and Piccolo, wrote it. Halas tells Sayers that "the doctors don't have any explanation. What the doctors did know was that Piccolo had little chance of survival. He had embryonal cell carcinoma, a rare disease related to testicular cancer that, at the time, was almost incurable.

Now, it has a cure rate of more than 50 percent. Sayers Williams visits Piccolo's Caan's bedside Piccolo is in the hospital. He also was treated in Illinois. Sayers didn't like the way Williams portrayed him in this scene, believing he looks like an awkward, uncomfortable public speaker. In the hospital, Piccolo tells Joy to take Gale downstairs to give a little girl an autograph. They find out when they get down there that the girl has died.

The girl, described by Sayers in "I Am Third," was a year-old who had broken her neck in a diving accident. Sayers, Kurek, Jack Concannon, and many of the other Bears who visited Piccolo also went to visit the girl. Piccolo took a liking to her, and left her an autographed photo the last time he saw her. Sayers, on the phone, says he'll be there tomorrow.

Sayers wasn't there in the end, because he couldn't be. He had been tending to his parents, who had been in a bad car accident, and, when Piccolo died, Sayers was in a Chicago hospital with pneumonia. There's a long scene where Sayers visits Piccolo' bedside. But in his senior season, he blossomed into a star, running for 1, yards on carries a 4.

gale sayers and brian piccolo relationship

Piccolo had been talking with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Colts, but chose the Bears because owner George Halas offered him the most money. The Bears had finished the season last in rushing.

When he practiced, he was ineffective. After clearing waivers, he was signed to the Bears' taxi squad; he could practice with the team, but wasn't in uniform for games. Piccolo hoped to become the team's starting fullback, in the same backfield with Sayers, in Halas had other ideas, and Piccolo spent the season playing on special teams, running from scrimmage only three times.

But Piccolo's playing time increased the next season, in which he gained yards rushing and averaged 4. The two became the first white and black men to room together in the NFL at a time the civil-rights movement was at its height. He truly liked people. Piccolo became the starter.

Brian Piccolo

In late November against the Dallas Cowboys, he sprained an ankle, but after spending his career as a backup, Piccolo was determined to remain in the lineup. He took shots of a Novocain and cortisone to dull the pain. In the next game, Piccolo had the only yard rushing performance of his career, carrying 21 times for yards in the Bears' victory over the New Orleans Saints.

gale sayers and brian piccolo relationship

In six games as a starter, Piccolo gained yards. Sayers returned inand Piccolo was again relegated to being his backup. He began coughing early in the season. On November 16 in Atlanta, after scoring a fourth-quarter touchdown in a loss to the Falcons, he removed himself from the game, bothered by chest pains and that persistent cough. Two days later, Piccolo took a chest X-ray. He underwent surgery to remove the malignant tumor on November 28, at which time his doctor determined the cancer had spread.

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Two weeks later, the Bears organized a press conference at his home and Piccolo announced his intent to continue playing football. Piccolo began chemotherapy treatments and spent Christmas at home with his wife and three young daughters. On April 9,his left lung and left breast were removed. Six weeks later, Sayers, who had recovered from his injuries to win the NFL rushing title, was honored with the George Halas Award as the league's most courageous player for the season.

At a ceremony in New York, Sayers gave an emotional speech saying there was somebody more deserving of the award. I love Brian Piccolo, and I'd like all of you to love him, too. Tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.