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The country star is known for his work with Gillian Welch but now he's happy David Rawlings takes a step towards Bob Dylan and Neil Young . I talked to him a couple days later and said 'We should finish that song we. Gillian Welch's "Revival" is bound to show up on a lot of best album Welch's musical partner, David Rawlings, who echoed Welch's high, Headlining the show was Kevin Welch (no relation), a regular visitor to our area. “Well this is a chipper song,” announces Gillian Welch, a couple of numbers into her set. “It starts off slow and then fizzles out,” quips her partner.

It helps if you have a hook, a convenient "this sounds like this thing you already like. More specifically, the Welch-Rawlings axis has become a sort of shorthand for gal-guy duos who play acoustic guitars and write songs together. It makes sense that young bands would want to hitch their wagons to two of their field's best-known names, and arguably, two of the United States' most skilled living songwriters.

The harrowing truth

But what this comparison ignores is the unique relationship between Rawlings, Welch, and their music. Though they have discrete bodies of work, both Rawlings and Welch make essential contributions to each other's songs. Rawlings's songs wouldn't be the same without Welch's keen harmonies, and his own vocals and guitar playing lend Welch's material even more haunting heft. They're two halves of the same beating heart. When they first started playing together, Rawlings and Welch were inspired by tightly harmonized acoustic duos of the s.

You know, you can sort of hear the room breathe a little. You know the space is part of the sound. How does the songwriting process work between the two of you? Do you go to each other for feedback?

You know, we trust those initial reactions. Normally, we have to go into separate rooms to work.

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Yeah, I just started singing a melody — partially just to mock us. I though most of what we did was sort of slow and boring. And I started spitting out nonsense words, kind of like Miss Ohio. Like just say words, see what comes out. But that is how it started. You know, pretty much every way.

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Gillian, I read that you were in a punk band in college. Do you ever feel like trying out a completely different genre — just for a couple weeks? I do like all kinds of music.

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That was me wilding out and using organ, electric guitar and drums. It seems unlikely that we would write a punk record at this point. Yeah, I have too much respect for punk music to try and write it. Were there any songs that surprised you? They really changed and came back around.

And late, afternoon, in the studio, Dave pretty substantially rewrote the music to the chorus part.

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To the verses too. Yeah, that was the record. The music she and her partner, virtuoso guitarist David Rawlings, have been making for almost 20 years is about as truthful - and the closest thing to a musical home-cooked meal - as a fan could wish for; a combination of bluegrass twang and breeziness, country winsomeness and harmonies and Appalachian yearning that has earned them fans of the calibre of Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson and even Robert Plant.

Musical and life partners Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings plan to return to Australia, their first trip here since their successful jaunt in Jesse Marlow Truth in what they do has always stood these musicians apart. It's also why their new album The Harrow and the Harvest took eight years to arrive. Advertisement Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. Even Bob Dylan has put out bad albums.

But Welch and Rawlings set high standards; little wonder for a couple who met as music students at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she a songwriting major, he guitar. From their debut Revival, through to Hell Among the YearlingsTime the Revelator and 's Soul Journey, every one of them has been a sublime triumph. They refused to do anything less with the follow-up. You know, if someone said our music is boring, I can't really fault them.

You have to be listening. No, truly,'' she says in response to my laughter. For Dave and I, it's this incredibly rich, intricate, almost ecstatic panorama. But if you don't enter into the world, then you could easily just dismiss it.