Girlfriend and past relationship

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girlfriend and past relationship

From these people you will hear that if you care about a girl's past you are Past sexual dalliances and relationship problems generally predict a future of the. Dear Dr. NerdLove,. I'm currently in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend . We've been together for about three months and I've been. It's time to stop your jealousy from sabotaging a good relationship. My girlfriend's sexual past bothers me, what am I supposed to do?.

Been reading these type of blogs for virtually all of the 4 years of my current relationship, looking for the magic answer. Women will almost always have more partners. My wife now calls me a bad person because of my past behavior. That is how I keep my relationship going. Her views and ways to see things are different than yours. I like it raw, the bare truth.

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So yeah, I will treat past as reasonable estimator of how seriously should a woman be taken. But he slept with her the most. After marriage she carried on seeing him brought me to his house, brought him to our house with his wife and kids, cooked him dinner, took a job off him.

girlfriend and past relationship

We have three little kids. I see no way back.

girlfriend and past relationship

Just found out my wife let some dude go down on her when I thought I was the only one who had ever done it. If a dog bites once, it can bite again. If you asked and she lied in the past, what else could she be holding? The clock is ticking and you are not getting younger.

Its a very trite and simple thing to say to someone hurting….

10 Ways to Deal With Your Partner’s Sexual Past (Because You Have To)

Share via Email The dilemma I've been in a relationship for two years and my girlfriend and I are both still madly in love. We both think we are the perfect match and have plans to marry. This whole experience of being in love for so long is a totally new experience for both of us.

girlfriend and past relationship

The problem I just cannot get out of my head is that my girlfriend has had multiple lovers in the past - about 15 to 20 - including married men and current friends.

I've spoken to my girlfriend about it several times and she thinks I'm being totally unreasonable. I agree with her, I think am being unreasonable - after all, we can't change it, can we? Plus, what my girlfriend did in her past has made her into the woman I love today.

girlfriend and past relationship

She says she never loved any of these men and that I am 'the one' for her. These men were just fun to be with at the time. But I still continue to dwell on her many past lovers. Will she get bored with me? Will she miss playing the field? Will she miss the intellectual stimulation some of these men gave her? And, worst of all, I ask myself the question: So many worries, so little to actually worry about. You may be confusing me with Mystic Meg, who's allegedly blessed with visions of the future.

Counting her ex lovers in at fewer than 20 makes your girlfriend virtually a virgin in these licentious times. If anything, the fact that she's had so few lovers should be increased grounds for jealousy.

It suggests that she has been quite selective and made informed decisions when it came to her choice of lovers.

I wonder how she could have gone so wrong with you. That was a joke, but quite seriously, I'm hoping you're under If you're any older and this is the kind of issue that's preoccupying you, then I'm staggered. There you are, enjoying the sort of relationship that most people write to me in desperation of ever finding, and instead of celebrating, you are sitting around inflicting self-harm as you conjure up your lover's romantic past.

Usually when it comes to dilemmas, the blame and resolution tend to involve both parties. I'm afraid on this occasion it's all down to you.