Godric and eric relationship tips

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godric and eric relationship tips

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Eric N., Sookie S., Godric his lack of adjustment into their relationship seemed to only be the tip of the. Being a Maker creates the strongest bond of all among (TB) vampires. If a Maker summons, the one Made is powerless to refuse or resist their. This season finale just sucked in so many ways that is impossible to say it in .. But his tears from Godric, for Nora and the gulp he did just before he .. I agree with you Eric and Sookie's relationship is so much more than sex.

Someone in her financial situation could only dream of being allowed to step foot in a hotel with a five star rating, let alone spend a night in one. Yet here she was, in luxury, and miserable.

Why did Eric Northman love Godric So much in true blood?

Hotel Camilla, the only hotel in Dallas that had undergone the extensive renovation necessary to safely accommodate a vampire, was the hotspot of the Dallas area. Highly paid professional staff, an extensively packed winery, in addition to rooms dedicated to whatever mood a guest may find themselves in.

They even had blood donors on tap! It wasn't difficult to understand Eric's interest in the hotel. Still, she didn't belong here. Expensive objects were carefully positioned around the room for artistic and design purposes, leaving her too afraid to touch for fear of breaking something she wouldn't be able to afford to replace.

She highly doubted her expenses for the trip stretched that far. It made her Walmart clothing look even cheaper in comparison.

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She didn't doubt even one of the floral potted plants cost more than her entire suitcase along with her belongings inside combined. The wide screen TV mounted on the wall had her hesitating to turn it on, a mini fridge filled to the brim with both delicious treats and small expensive bottles of alcohol that she didn't dare touch - Jason had forewarned her the hotel charged extra - not to mention the clearly costly shutters surrounding the substantial room.

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She should have been relaxing, basking in the surrounding luxury as the other hotel guests were, and yet she would rather been anywhere else. It wasn't simply down to the fact she hadn't felt as comfortable around Bill lately, her gut screaming at her that something wasn't right. His personality had not changed considerably, but his lack of adjustment into their relationship seemed to only be the tip of the iceberg.

But Bill loved her, right? He told her he did, yet she was very much aware that what was spoken didn't necessarily show true intent the majority of the time. Her gift had taught her as much. He doted on her, but then again he barely allowed her out of his sight. What Sookie had previously thought of as romantic and sweet, had turned into feeling as if smothered by an overprotective lover.

It made her doubt herself. It made her doubt them as a couple. Someone who loved you shouldn't look at you with consideration. Sitting herself on the edge of the incredibly soft hotel bed she chewed her bottom lip in thought. The meeting with Nan Flanagan from the AVL had been a disaster, and she felt disgusted at the way the female vampire had spoken to Godric.

He was a gentle soul. Flanagan should be relieved that someone like him was fighting for their side when he could just as easily be fighting against them instead! What was — had been — an asset had been cast away as if nothing. It made her feel disgust. The vile woman had tried to strip him from his position. Gran had ingrained it into her from as far back as she could remember the importance of respecting your elders.

Sookie may not be a hundred percent sure of just how old Eric's maker was, but she figured from how both Pam and Eric had spoken that he had to be ancient considering he changed Eric who was just over 1, He could teach them so much.

Vampires, Nan Flanagan included, were children in comparison. It brought her to her current situation. While she was sitting in the hotel suite with an irritated Bill, Godric was attempting to meet the sun all the while her instincts screamed at her that it was a mistake.

godric and eric relationship tips

She had always been taught that suicide was the cowards' way out, that giving up instead of staying and fighting through the pain was the easy option. But was it her place to interfere? She may have been taught such values, but for all she knew Godric had his own beliefs on the matter. She wasn't a religion pusher, she may believe in her God but she respected the fact that not everyone held the same or similar beliefs.

Everyone was entitled to their own opinions, their own views. But what if Godric was simply confused? He may have had time to think it over, she had no idea how long he had centred his thoughts on the option of meeting the sun, but had he even considered the possibility of staying on this earth for another 2, years?

She had to ask herself; would she be a bad Christian if she sat back and ignored a man obviously in torment? He may have the body of a teenager, but it was his eyes that gave him away.

Even if she couldn't identify with the fact he was no longer living, his soft gaze gave the impression that he had been through so much, seen so many things, and experienced more than anyone should have in his long and impressive life.

godric and eric relationship tips

Why would he throw it all away? Someone didn't walk the earth for two thousand years and not grow fond of a few pastimes, without a reason to stay linked with the living. Eric needed him, and while Sookie had only known Godric for little more than a day she couldn't help but already find herself attached to the gentle soul. The guards that dropped them off throw them a set of car keys and drive off.

Bill and Eric discuss who could have freed Russell Edgington. Eric says only four people knew where he was, him and Bill included. Bill hits the key's alarm to locate the car and tells Eric that he'll drive. They go to Fangtasia and close the bar early to wait for Pam.

When she arrives Pam shakes with relief seeing her Maker back. She says that no apologies are necessary between them and asks if they can let bygones be bygones. Pam notices that Bill is also present and explains that Tara is her progeny. She tells Eric that he is a grandfather.

godric and eric relationship tips

Disinterested, Eric asks Bill a moment alone with Pam. Bill takes Tara with him to the offices. Eric interrogates Pam, calling her a liar and demanding to know where Russell is. Pam assures him that she would die a thousand times before betraying him. Eric calls her a fool, saying he trusts no one and that she shouldn't either. Pam asks why he keeps her around if she means so little to him. Pam demands that Eric release her if he trusts Bill and Alcide over her. Eric walks into his office, and Tara calmly leaves.

He tells Bill that Pam is innocent. Bill asks if Eric told anyone else about Russell, including his sister, offending Eric. Bill tells him that Russell is a great martyr for the Sanguinistas and if Nora is behind this, then Russell would be very useful to her cause.

Eric says if she was planning something he would've known about it and even then he wouldn't give her Russell.

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That is a rare quality in humans. Ep To Sookie: I never lost hope. A vampire or a politician. I always knew you were alive, and if I owned the house, I would own you. Must be fairy Sookie talking. I like when she comes out.

You all looking for a dead body? Come, play with me. I'll just kill all the sea monsters. Feel the heat on my skin. Never see the daylight in your hair. Eric's first encounter with Sookie, Episode Eric agrees to let a female tourist take his picture. Then afterwards, Long Shadow crushes her camera phone, Eric tells her he did not say she could keep it.