Grandma and grandson relationship with god

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grandma and grandson relationship with god

The role of godly mothers and grandmothers is to communicate their faith in and grandchildren say, “I want to have a relationship with the Lord like my mother . What part do grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren? The first marriage ceremony ever given and by God Himself said that a man Titus Older men are to be sober-minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love. The relationship between a grandchild and a grandparent is an irreplaceable and "Sometimes our grandmas and grandpas are like grand-angels. " Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old.

Sandy December 27, at I have a problem though that I would appreciate your insight on. Our friends are missionaries and have been in South Asia for the last 8 years. They left behind 3 adult children and took 2 teenagers with them. All are grown now with one living with us.

The others are married and have children of there own. They want their parents to come home and have a relationship with them and the grandchildren.

grandma and grandson relationship with god

At first it was noble of them, serving Christ, but now after 8 years, there is much anger as the kids feel their children are left out as the grandparents play with missions kids and families on the otherside of the world.

The mission parents are very busy there so Skype time is limited to biweekly or monthly. Their adult child that lives with us is frustrated that the6 have been gone so long.

I have prayed for this fam8ly and guidance as I too am a grandma and have a great relationship with my kids and especially my grandkids.

I feel it is so important to be a role model for m6 daughter and granddaughters. Jack Wellman December 28, at 9: The children of the missionaries are angry that their parents are dedicating their life to the Lord and to saving souls.


The parents missionaries are not doing this out of selfishness and their and our purpose is to go into all the world, as you know, so saving souls is what God has called them too, so should they focus on being grandparents or going into all the world.

I think you and I both know the answer to that.

grandma and grandson relationship with god

Jesus once said whoever does not hate his own mother, father, brother or sister cannot be His disciple, so it is unfair to the missionary parents to be placed in a situation where they must choose….

I myself am a grandfather but I have a large prison ministry and sometimes this takes me from my family, including my grandchildren, who I miss terribly bad but we must put God above all. Take the opportunity to talk to them about how God made the stars and the world and everything in it.

grandma and grandson relationship with god

Do you have bird feeders outside? Do you cook or bake with your grandchildren? Your grandchildren will get the message, I promise. Provide faith connections with your grandchildren during key transition moments in their lives.


The same is true of graduation, or the birth of a new grandchild. Ceremonies can also be valuable with your grandchildren when they experience hard times. Be there for them when they are anxious, lose a pet, or have to deal with the hard current events stories they are sometimes faced with. Think creatively about spiritual practices that you can teach your grandchildren. Often when we think about spiritual practices to practice with our grandchildren, we remember prayers and meals or bedtime.

There are also plenty of ancient spiritual practices that speak to children today. Things like the daily examen, the labyrinth and lectio divina can all be used with your grandchildren. A lot of times people ask me some variation of this question: Considered to be a step higher than that of the child's parents, you take on the role of mediator, confidante, and most-trusted friend.

Being a grandparent is one task that is filled with love, light moments of laughter, and another chance to relive the good old days of childhood. It is amazing to see grandparents and grandchildren form strong bonds despite the age difference between them. Needless to say, the feelings are reciprocated by the grandchildren who tend to value, love, and cherish the relationship they share with their grandparents.

From Grandparents to Grandchildren You are the child of my child, and your life is a joy to me.

grandma and grandson relationship with god

I am grateful to have you in my life. As I watch through the generations, I am reminded that the bonds we form Are as everlasting as the spirit. Your smile bridges the years between us I am young again, discovering the world through your eyes.

What Is The Role of a Christian Grandfather or Grandmother? A Bible Study

You have the time to listen and I have the time to spend, Delighted to gaze at familiar, loved features made new in you again. Through you, I see the future. Through me, you'll see the past. In the present, we'll love one another as long as these moments last. A reminder of the childhood That's still a part of you The wonder of a miracle From which this love began There is so much found in the touch Of holding a grandchild's hand. God blended a pinch of mischief with two parts of love and joy; He added a special sparkle to each special boy.

God made grandsons to keep us energetic, and always on our toes. To bless our lives with laughter, and hold our memories close. To lighten our days, and brighten our ways. God made granddaughters to give our lives variety, and to keep our hearts young. God draped each morning with sunshine, and sprinkled each night with song.