Gray and erza relationship trust

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gray and erza relationship trust

Erza stated that him, Gray and her even used to shower together. Erza trusts Natsu to the point that she relied on him to defeat Laxus in the Fighting Festival. Their relationship is similar to the one between Erza and Natsu: Gray is shown to Gray and Erza have learned to listen to each other's instincts and trust one. If I did, it would showed that Erza, Gray and Lucy was trying to go on missions with As for Natsu and Erza relationship, a few readers suggested some Now if he was to gain his trust back, he had to think on how to do so.

She landed carefully as she looked around to see Lucy being held by Loke Leo the Lion. Ruby growls as Loke sets Lucy down. Now, want me to take care of her? Ruby, felt uncertain, but shook the uncertainty away. She got ready to face off against Loke. Elsewhere, Wendy and Carla are in a fight of their own. They are currently facing off against a wizard name Brogue. I really don't like to fight children," Brogue said. Brogue sighs, as he shifted his position.

He should've known she wasn't going to give up. She is part of Fairy Tail, and they aren't known to give up easily. Wendy rolled out the way to avoid the attack. She then charged him shouting: Brogue lifted his arm and blocked the kick, though the wind blew him back.

He struck the wall, which caused him to grunt. He looked up and saw that Wendy was gathering energy for another attack. The Dragon Roar connected, but the barricade wouldn't budge.

No matter how much more power Wendy put into the attack, the defense would not be deny its purpose. So Wendy had no choice but to cut off the attack.

The battle then continued on between the two. Sword clangs could be heard between two opponents. Erza is fighting an opponent who matches her swing for swing. Not many people can go toe-to-toe with Erza in a sword fight, but her opponent is doing just that. Erza jumped back, to avoid a downward slash from her opponent. She landed and charged back, slashing horizontal.

Blue moved his stomach back, then blocked a downward slash from Erza as she Requipped another sword in her other hand. This gave Erza the opportunity to kick Blue away, knocking the wind from him. Blue pupils retreated into his eyes as blood shot from his mouth. He hit the ground as Erza turned around. You increase your speed of your slashes when you swing with magic. And right before contact, put the magic energy used for the swing into the blade increasing the force," Erza looked around her to the broken swords she had used earlier in the battle.

Due to not knowing back then, she lost a total of four swords. She then continued explaining. And I figured this, since you most likely defeated most enemies like this, you don't have much defense. So I waited for the perfect moment to strike. You would become a greater swordsman if you work on your flaws. And join a legal guild as well when you get out of prison. She then continued through the path.

To Lucy and Loke and their fight, its coming to a close.

gray and erza relationship trust

She sent another wave of plants toward Loke, though he dodged them again. Once the blast died down, it showed Ruby unconscious. Lucy went up to Loke and hugs him. He then returned to the Celestial Spirit World. Another attack passed through Juvia again, which irritated Krator some. I don't have anything but physical attacks. And ever since her expression became neutral, its tough getting under her skin. She knows that she will end up slipping during the battle, and lose.

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So she chose to become neutral to not let his words get to her. After a moment, they formed a helix pushing against Krator with huge force and dealing massive damage.

She then continue to move toward the dark guild. She is breathing mildly, with scratches and bruises. But otherwise, is alright. Brogue is strong, especially when it comes to defensive measures. None of her attacks got through, which explains why Brogue don't have many scratches on him. Wendy and Carla could also tell that he held back when he attacked Wendy, meaning he really doesn't like to fight children. You are strong, and will grow even stronger.

So till we meet again. It was too late, Brogue was gone. Wendy wondered what that was about, and what did he mean when he said three have fallen to their opponent? Did her friends lose? And even if they did, how could he know? The only way to know is to go to the dark guild and hope the others are there.

gray and erza relationship trust

She stood in front of Gray, who had blood running down the side of his face. Valkyrie did a lot of damage to him during their fight, while Gray only managed to get a few hits in against her. But all in all, she was okay. She looked toward Gray with a smirk. Next time, you won't be so lucky at all. I don't lose to the same person twice Well, I really wouldn't call this a win since you're alive, but I will let you believe that.

Till we meet again. Gray let out a breath, as he fell to his knees. He stood, and ran toward the dark guild. Elsewhere, Natsu and Happy had just clashed and jumped away from their opponent, Zee.

Zee then looked off, with a slight frown. After a moment, he sighs. He also had a few burn marks and cuts about him, but was okay. Its not over yet! They had a few bruises and cuts about them.

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Natsu's clothes were messed up and torn as Happy's jacket was torn. And with that, Zee vanished in darkness. Get back here and take your beating like a man! We need to find the others. He grabbed Natsu's collar and off they went to the dark guild.

gray and erza relationship trust

A few minutes later, the two arrived to the clearing just as the team arrives. Happy let Natsu go which let him drop to ground. Natsu landed just as the team ran over to them "I see you all got into fights. He said three had fell to their opponent, and left. I hope it wasn't any of you, so I came here as fast as I could," Wendy explains. Natsu nods as he turned toward the dark guild with the others.

Then lets g-" "What the hell?! Natsu and Happy looked on in shock at what is happening. The guild hall began to crumble down and burn to ash. Someone is down there! Natsu looked, and saw someone stumble from the flames.

They seem to be badly hurt, so he took off toward them with Happy and the others right behind him. Natsu slid to a stop next to the person, and knelt down to him.

She went over, and began healing the guy with her Dragon Slayer magic. After a couple moments, the guy began to come to. The guy looked at Natsu and knew instantly he wasn't a member of his guild. He looked around and saw his guild being turned to ash. He looked around again, and saw no one from his guild.

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He looked down, depressed that he is most likely the only surviving member of his guild. And that's when he began explaining what happened. That yes, they did attack the village. But three people joined them, saying mages are on their way to stop them. So they chose three of the strongest and told them to wait at various points as they did also. The guy wasn't sure what happened to them, but the next thing he knew the guild hall blew up all around them. The Fairy Tail mages looked at one another when he finished, all thinking the same thing: What are they dealing with?

They called the Rune Knights, and handed the guy over to them. After a brief discussion about what happen, they are preparing to head back to Magnolia after obtaining their reward.

We can't waste no more time and must let Master know what happened. Natsu vanished in flames as he teleported to the guild.

gray and erza relationship trust

I mean, he been training for the pass three years, he probably picked up more things than just teleporting. Don't forget, this mission was also a way to regain our trust with him. They knew that if they didn't split up, it would've been easier to work on regaining their trust.

Guess they have to hope he goes on another mission with them. Suddenly, they all felt a light burning sensation on their chest.

Remembering quickly what Natsu said, they braced themselves in time just as they erupted into flames. When they opened their eyes, as they had closed them, they saw they were in front of the guild hall. What took you so long? This surprised everyone there that Gray indeed shut it.

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Natsu and Happy then walked into the guild with the team following. Makarov listened intently to the explanation as everyone else was shocked. We won't know what dastardly plans they will have, after destroying a dark guild they supposedly aligned themselves with. Fairy Tail, we must keep a constant watch. If anything suspicious pops up while out on missions, report in for instructions on what to do! You're not going to stay and hang around the guild for a bit?

Natsu walks out the guild with his hands behind his head as Happy flew over him. The team watched him leave with sad eyes. Right off the bat, we had to split up during the mission. Erza and Lucy nods as Wendy, Carla, and Juvia didn't know what to feel. They're happy that Natsu and Happy trusts them, but sad that they doesn't trust the others.

They want to help, but they doesn't know where to begin. But I told her that he went out on a mission. Gray, Erza and Lucy already knew who three of those people were.

He said that you would be able to find him through scent, but not to show them unless he wants them to come visit him," Gajeel adds, munching on some bolts. Erza's, Gray's and Lucy's mouths dropped at how many people knows Natsu's new home location. And Wendy and Carla are going to be included in that.

And some girl they don't even know will know his location. Gray sat next to her, looking down. Erza never left her spot, as she looked down. How can kicking him off the team cause such bad consequences. But she will regain his trust They stopped in front of the large wooden doors.

After a moment or two, the doors began to open. Once they were fully opened, the three walks inside.

The doors closed behind them as they continued. After a few minutes, they came to another set of doors. Those doors opened as well as they passed through them. Upon entering, three others were in the room, one was sitting in a throne looking chair. And luckily for us, it was the guild Fairy Tail. She blushed when he pat her but its Lucy! Gray pats Lucy Ex: When Gemini transformed to Gray and got in tell on Lucy,Gray thought Lucy was a newcomer to the guild,pretty damn cute,and somewhat interested.

Gray and Lucy appear to be on some manga chapters just with Happy Most people don't consider manga cover stuff a moment but it could be Hiro hinting us with a clue! Finally, Gray saved Lucy in Edolas from their enemy when Natsu could have saved her as well.

Gray thinks Erza's cute when sleeping This is a ship that I'm honestly fine with! Gray clearly cares about Erza and their relationship would make the most sense. Gray and Erza knew each other since kids and the day Erza arrived was supposed to be Gray's lucky day. So that sort of says something. They ship is nice and all but I ship Jerza so ya. Gray seems to would have really good relationship because unlike Natsu, Gray stands up to Erza. Erza listens to him that means she respects him. Gray blushes when reminded of taking a bath with Erza Ex: In Tenrou Island after fighting Ultear Gray was walking NY himself and was about to fall from having no energy left,but Erza came and catches him from falling.

While sleeping together on floor, Gray stares at Erza while Shes asleep and calls her cute. Lastlywhen Erza fell into a trap,twice,Gray called her little Kya! So which girl shall gray take as his crush!? Please don't just pick a girl because you ship him with her!!!

Actually think what Gray wants!