Guts and casca relationship questions

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guts and casca relationship questions

From the beginning, Guts and Casca seemed as if the chances of forming a relationship, with each other, was extremely low. He killed some of. I see everyone convinced that Caska and Guts are (or were) in love with each other. However, I just don't understand how this could be true. I don't know what relationships between boys these days are like, but back in the I actually hadn't planned for Guts and Casca to get together, you know — it just . I have a few more questions on Berserk's mysteries, now.

Farnese and Schierke suddenly become extremely interested in the men's conversation, eager to hear Guts' answer. The instant before Guts reveals the nature of their relationship, Farnese's luminous body disappears, and she reawakens in her physical body in her room.

She is confused as to why she was forced back into her body. Schierke also awakens and Serpico steps into the room, both knowing that something is wrong with Farnese. While Farnese questions why she returned to her body, Schierke turns away and grips her staff tightly.

guts and casca relationship questions

Guts cannot save Casca with his prosthetic arm. Casca has begun to climb out onto the ship's bowsprit.

guts and casca relationship questions

Worried, Guts leaps from the deck onto the bowsprit, but this only serves to aggravate the situation - Casca does not like Guts and is compelled to avoid him. She continues to climb further onto the bowsprit, Guts following close behind, until the ship its a large wave, and the resulting jostle knocks Casca off the bowsprit.

Guts reaches out to her, but he takes her hand with his prosthetic one, which is incapable of gripping anything that isn't magnetic. Casca falls into the sea. In her subconscious she clearly sees Griffith as a monster, or at the very least Femto as a monster. She may be understanding of Griffith, more than Guts, knowing what Griffith's dream meant to him, but on an emotional level; betrayal, hatred, sorrow, confusion. Whether she decides she never wants to hear his name again, or makes it her mission to kill him is up in the air, but I seriously doubt after everything she'll want to go serve under him again.

The rest of the group she might just have passing intuition, but nothing deep enough for her to have clear feelings towards them. After all its Guts, and Farness that spent the most time with her. Now onto the last bit, how she views herself going forward.

She was a proud warrior her entire adult life, no doubt she'll still remember how to use a sword, might even give Serpico a run for his money, but being like how she was for the past 2 years, her muscles are almost entirely gone, and that means muscle memory too. If her intention is to pick up a sword again she'll need to train herself harder than ever, which she might do if only to run away from her memories of the eclipse and use the physical exercise as sort of a release of her frustration and anger.

But more than a proud warrior she saw herself as a hawk first and foremost. Her feelings on them? Now the final thing to factor in about her, her maternal instincts. She instinctively knew the moon child was her baby from the moment she first saw him. Will she still know it in her heart now that she's sane? I think at some level she'll know, but may not be overtly aware. First I just want to say I love this character, she has one of the best character arcs in the story.

Now up to this point she's been Casca's caretaker, and protector.

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That was her defined role in the group, what she felt she contributed. Now this is probably going to cause her to gain even more confidence, which is good for her.

Now how is she going to interact with Casca? Like I said before I think Casca and her will become fast friends. Farness is still, of course, going to hold feelings for Guts though. Should Casca reject the idea of continuing her romantic relationship with Guts this will lead Farness to having conflicting feelings I think. Before, she knew Guts was off limits romantically since he loved Casca, so she built him up as a savior in her mind instead.

Similar to the relationship Casca originally had with Griffith. I still think Farness is going to be apprehensive about confessing to Guts, but, I think actually think she will, and Guts is going to be left with a choice about how to respond to her feelings the fanboy side of me ships GutsXFarness hard! On the inside, though — and maybe manga artists tend to idealize themselves, but — I would have Guts-like thoughts, or Griffith-like thoughts.

Manga is a funny thing: So, for example, in terms of manga, I was head and shoulders above everyone in terms of drawing, but at the same time, I looked up to the guy who used to act as the leader.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He was very much like Griffith in terms of ability: He was a wonder. So in order to keep up with him I felt like I needed some sort of trick of my own, and I decided to work hard on drawing manga. Later on, though, I would find out that he apparently used to act violently the way he did because he was amazed by my ability at manga. And he manages to pull it off. But then from there he falls and re-examines what it is he really wants to do, and so in that sense, that makes him Guts, right?

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Maybe Griffith and Guts are symptoms that affect boys. When a boy seriously tries to do something, he could become either one. When things start going well, Griffith starts sprouting up. Anyone trying to build up something experiences both sides, I suspect. This is something I only realized talking about it now.

guts and casca relationship questions

I heard that he was created out of empathy for hikikomori or the uncool kids or something like that. Do you watch the news much? Yes, I like watching the news, I like documentaries.

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I mean, I myself am currently living the life of the uncool, after all. I heard that you came up with the idea for them from when refugees in Yugoslavia or somewhere like that were in the news.

The idea was to expand upon the bad aspects of groups in the present day. Things from outside Japan do go into the manga on a superficial level, but the Berserk world is, in terms of the way it feels, essentially Japan. It started from a pretty core Japanese place right from the start. Something like that, yeah. I think of myself more as pretty much just an ordinary person. I suppose I do make more use of what I look at, though.

Basically, people live their lives taking the stuff happening around them and breaking it down into something that makes sense to them, and for me, manga is where I talk about that stuff. But what I think is unique to me is that I can connect everything together in my mind, and I can mull it over long and hard.

Persistence, I guess you call it.

Hence my haunting obsession with not letting anything go to waste. The relationship between Griffith and Guts is about to start for real, though. Surprising, but also exciting. I basically see it as the beginning of the relationship between the two of them having become adults.