Harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship

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harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Lieutenant Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie USMC, is a fictional character played by Catherine She and Captain Harmon "Harm" Rabb become engaged during the show's final episode, flipping a coin to see who will resign their commission. David James Elliott as Captain Harmon 'Harm' Rabb, Jr. answers about crimes committed in the Navy along with Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie. Mattie and Harm have a close, father-daughter like relationship and he briefly acts.

Her father, Joseph MacKenzie, was physically abusive towards her mother, and emotionally and verbally abusive to Mac. As a partial result of this, Mac became an alcoholic in her mid-to-late teens and had no contact with her mother until she reappeared at her father's deathbed. Mackenzie ran away from home when she was 17 her junior year of high schooland apparently married Christopher Ragle a year later.

They were both drunk for much of their married life. He was later arrested and sent to prison for motor vehicle theft. At some point, Mac finished high school.

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On the night of her graduation, she was traveling in a car with her friend Eddie. They were both drunk, and were involved in a car accident that killed Eddie.

harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship

Mac later repaid the debt owed to him by making sure he did not get killed during an incident where he and a group of rogue Marines hijacked a van transporting the Declaration of Independence. Unbeknownst to Mac, Chris Ragle followed her to Okinawa and discovered the affair.

As a major, she was subsequently assigned to JAG headquarters when she was pulled off a double homicide to work on a case involving her uncle Matthew O'Hara her uncle's involvement was unknown to Mac until later in the episode and the stolen Declaration of Independence. She wanted to talk about it but Harm merely brushes her off saying 'This is not a marriage. Again in Season 5, Mac tries to make Harm connect the dots.

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On a ship sailing the Sydney Harbour. I think TPTB gave the shippers an answer. It seems eternity is how long they have to wait. Thus from there began the decline and the breaking up of the partnership.

harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship

There was Mic Brumby who apparently pulled all stops to get Lt. Col Sarah Mackenzie's love and Renee Peterson who saw something in the charming grin of the handsome flyboy.

harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship

Thank god it all ended. No Mic and no Renee.

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Mic realized that he is Mac's second choice, packs his bags and returns to Australia. Renee left Harm too. Who wouldn't, seeing how commitment-phobe Harm is? But most of all, I like to thank the writers for redeeming Mac Harm has obviously thought that Mac would wait for him Believe me, at this point of time, even the most die-hard shippers would think twice of whether Harm is the right one for Mac.

Harmon Rabb

I am not a shipper per se, some say a shipper in denial. Viewers are also sick of the dance. I really hope by the time JAG ends the two of them will get together.