Harshita gaur and param singh relationship

Is Ghulaam actor Param Singh dating co actress Harshita Gaur? | ABP News Videos

harshita gaur and param singh relationship

Param Singh and Harshita Gaur to Mouni Roy and Mohit Raina, a host of telly couple have been calling it quits of late. Take a look. Harshita Gaur talks about her web show Black Coffee. The show traces the relationship between a successful novel writer (Sadda Haq co star Param Singh), who is going through a writer's block and what happens when he. (Source: Tanvi Trivedi)m Singh, who was dating his co-star Harshita Gaur for the past four years, 1/23Srishty Rode and Manish Naggdev end their relationship.

But whenever I go out of Mumbai, I get mobbed! Recently, it happened in Panchgani and Pune. But honestly, I get embarrassed.

harshita gaur and param singh relationship

I feel happy and flattered but I will be happier if people comment about my acting rather than my looks. There was this girl from Calcutta who once touched my feet! She had come to see me at my place all the way from there. I was very embarrassed because she was with her father. Then, I have heard that there is one girl who has tattooed my name on her arm. I work 12 hours a day, 27 to 28 days a month! It is hectic but this is the field I have chosen, so no complaints.

I get up between 5. I shoot from 7am to 7pm.

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I come home at 8pm. I go to the gym at 8. If I have an off next day, I meet my friends and we go pubbing. If I have an off, I play with my dogs Pogo and Pogi, go to the gym, chill with my friends, watch a film or spend time with family.

You post a lot of pictures of your dogs on Twitter… Yes, one is eight and the other is two. They are my babies.

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The younger one is a female so I call her my beti! Sometimes, they are like my siblings and sometimes they are my kids. They are pampered a lot.

What else are you passionate about? I like to travel. Goa is my favourite. I have been there times. I like to do martial arts and adventure-related sports.

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I love practising outdoor yoga. How do you use social media to connect with your fans? I am only on Twitter 8paramsinghbut not on Facebook and Instagram. Being on social media is important because fans want to know about Param and not Randhir.

harshita gaur and param singh relationship

I like to interact with them whenever I get time. What kind of a diet and exercise regimen do you follow? I work out four to five days a week for an hour. Laughs I try to eat healthy, but I cheat here and there. Green tea helps a lot. Veggies and fruits help to flush out toxins.

That I have a good sense of humour. Even when we were shooting, I have positive about it.

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The show has been shot differently and looks fresh. So, I was sanguine about it doing well. When we tell him this, he says, "Is it? My fans are sweet, I am blessed to have them. They do whatever I do onscreen. Param Singh and Harshita Gaur of Sadda Haq fame are a couple The young man who quotes Aamir Khan as an inspiration is fast gaining reputation as a method actor. His earlier show had him as a chauvinistic mechanical engineering genius driven by ambition and tormented by a broken home.

Rangeela, on the other hand, is a tame lion laced with street-smartness and a bit of heart. Param says that getting into the character was easy but smoking a chillum wasn't. Slipping into a character has a lot to do with imagination. I did this acting workshop where the writers helped me understand Rangeela, his walk and talk.

It is a joint effort. I made a sketch of him in mind. Yes, I did some action scenes, mastered the segway and smoked up a chillum, which was tough. I did not do drugs. But I am a non-smoker, so the tobacco was harsh on my throat.

Smoking a chillum is no joke," he clarifies. While Ghulaam is gaining appreciation for its performances and pace, the extreme violence shown towards women is quite revolting at times. At a time, when TV bahus are beating all kinds of supernatural powers, such atrocities are ghastly in a more real way.

harshita gaur and param singh relationship

Sadda Haq was also rooted in reality and Ghulaam is also supposed to reflect certain parts of India where women are treated badly.

Param says that doing real subjects is not a conscious decision. I should feel challenged as an actor. We have taken cinematic liberties. We are trying to show something but in an exaggerated way," he says. When we said that the brutality against women has reminded some of Game of Thrones, he says he has not seen the international series and would not like to comment.

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There was a lot of buzz that Niti Taylor was chosen for the show because of her tremendous social media following. TV stars have crazy following online and popularity is a factor whether it is a film or TV show. If she is selected for her social media following it is very sad. If online fans made an actor hit or flop those with over one million followers would never go through a bad phase.

It all depends on your product whether it will do good or not," he says. He further adds, "Social media can be used to publicise your show or product and at times, yourself.