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Momo on the other hand constantly calling Toshiro, Shiro in a sort of cooled down some so the relationship on his side has backed down to. Tite Kubo Momo Hinamori (雛森 桃, Hinamori Momo) is the lieutenant of the 5th She has a strong friendship with Tōshirō Hitsugaya, whom she grew up with. Hitsugaya Taichou, what exactly is your relationship with Hinamori? Are there a few sparks of romance or? - Mello-chan. I'm staying out of this.

She was hiccupping, laughing and crying all at the same time- and wondering why Rangiku-san, Kira-kun and Abarai-kun had felt it necessary to inform her of the situation. She'd been happy in blissful ignorance, and now she felt like her whole world was falling apart. She felt kind of guilty that Hitsugaya-kun had been pining away because of his feelings for her according to Rangiku-san and she'd not realised; and guilty that she'd been so happy and he'd been so unhappy.

She couldn't stop crying now that she'd started, and with the worst possible timing Hitsugaya-kun entered his office. Part of her was annoyed with him for coming in now, except that another part of her realised that it had been inevitable that he would eventually enter his own office- he was a workaholic.

She felt guiltier than ever because she could tell that she had obviously alarmed him. She drew her hand back from him and panicked again, only this was worse than before. She was still terribly scared by the thought of losing someone so close to her, and hurt by the fact that he'd betrayed her by falling in love with her. How could he pretend to be a friend- when he was in love with her?

How could her friends have betrayed her by telling her this? How could they have betrayed her by NOT mentioning this sooner? He cut her off, hand over her mouth, suddenly very close, "Hinamori, listen to me, I love you, and that won't change," he said, green eyes intense, and then he kissed her firmly.

She froze, her mind trying to come to terms with this. He was her best friend He was doing quite a good job too… There was absolutely nothing immature or unsatisfying about this kiss… He released her, and the look in his eyes was… content… satisfied- like a dragon that'd just defeated a powerful rival, or consumed a good meal.

He seemed so predatory in that moment that for once, she was actually scared of him- and not of losing him. She leapt off the couch and bolted from his arms and his office. She finally stopped when she reached her room, she slammed the door shut behind her and then she collapsed onto the floor. She began crying again- she'd only just begun to recover from Aizen's betrayal, and now Rangiku-san and the others dumped this on her!

She had not needed to know this, she'd been so happy, and yet she was still angry that they'd waited so long to tell her. It was a strange emotion- to be angry for two completely conflicting reasons. Momo belatedly remembered that she'd promised to take Nemu-chan out for desert- it was the other woman's birthday.

To be exact- it was Nemu-chan's creation day, but the SWA mainly Yachiru-chan had decided to call it her birthday, simply for the sake of consistency. Momo wiped her face, and opened the door. Nemu-chan looked very pretty in a full length lavender kimono, patterned with feathers, which reappeared on the black and sky blue obi around her waist. Her hair was pulled into a tight French knot, with several pretty hair clips, and she even had a little makeup.

Momo didn't think she could compare to Nemu-chan in terms of beauty, especially not today, and besides, it was Nemu-chan's day, so she shouldn't even try.

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She pulled out a leaf patterned grass-green kimono, and a flower patterned orange and yellow obi. She washed her face, but didn't bother with makeup, and simply patted her hair back into place, so it looked neat.

Even if her life was falling apart, she would still try her best to give Nemu-chan a fantastic birthday. The other girl was in a much worse situation than Momo was. At least Momo wasn't constantly abused or bullied, and at least Momo was allowed to have a life and friends.

Even if a best friend betrayed you by falling in love with you, not telling you- letting someone else do that and then kissed you. She still felt that it was a horrible betrayal for Hitsugaya-kun to have fallen in love with her.

His friendship with her, once based on a sturdy foundation of childhood, was now based on lies- he was as bad as Aizen. She refused to be in a relationship with someone like that. In fact; she planned to avoid him altogether. Toshiro was still wondering if this was a good idea- Matsumoto was sublimely confident, while he was on the point of heart failure.

Hinamori had actually run away from him- in no scenario had he ever envisioned that. He'd actually had her pegged for slapping him, not being frightened by him. He was sitting beside Matsumoto, who was chatting madly to Ise-san and Unohana-taicho. The other SWA members were all chatting quietly, and regarding him curiously.

He still wasn't sure if it was safe for one man to be alone with the SWA, they were a dangerous force. Hinamori met his eyes briefly and then looked away; he knew what tactic she planned to take now. He also had an idea of how to beat it- and how to annoy her. Matsumoto also- inadvertently, helped.

But, considering this was Matsumoto, perhaps his devious fukutaicho was making quite deliberate strategy, and perhaps she wasn't as ditzy as she seemed.

He then watched her breasts almost fall out of her top, and the way she laughed about it, and he reconsidered his last statement.

There was no way Hinamori could ignore Matsumoto's command, without being questioned. They were best friends after all.

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So she reluctantly sat beside him, and he inwardly smirked. She shrank as close to Kurotsuchei, and as far away from him, as her chair would allow- but it wasn't enough. He ignored her, instead he focused on Kurotsuchei, "Happy birthday Kurotsuchei-san," he offered politely. Toshiro's mind shuddered away from that statement, and he noticed that the rest of the SWA were quite creeped out by it as well.

There were some smiles exchanged around the table at this. But Momo wasn't surprised, she was one of the few who knew that Hitsugaya-kun had a sense of humour beneath his exterior- it was rare for him to show it though.

He was caught up in a constant struggle to make everyone look past his childish exterior, and respect him for his abilities. Nanao-san often says that out of all the taicho, you are the only one who knows how to treat a woman respectfully, which means that you are very welcome here," Nemu-chan said without a trace of irony or embarrassment.

Nanao-san had turned a deep shade of red, and Hitsugaya-kun raised an eyebrow, "arigato for the complement," he said wryly.

They all burst out laughing, except for Momo, she was trying not to cry. The entire afternoon was torture.

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Also, I once tripped and kissed Ikkaku Madarame's bare feet. I thought I was going to die but he just laughed so hard he fell over. Whenever Captain Ukitake gives me candy I feel like sinking into the floor.

I don't like sweets and I'm not a child. If not, what is your ideal pet? I have a collection of turtles and lizards in my room because it's not big enough for larger animals but I'd love a cocktail, a kitten, or one of those tiny dogs that you can carry around in a backpack. Toshiro, do you get birthday or Christmas presents?

And Hanataro, are you pretty much pranked all the time on your birthday? It's actually like a holiday in Squad 4; everyone tries to out do each other. I'm sure it's all in good fun but sometimes it's embarrassing to get so much attention. I don't care though; I don't like celebrating birthdays really. I do like Christmas time just because it's usually cold and snowy, and I do enjoy the lights.

You and Hinamori-fukutaichou are like siblings, can you give me some advice? Trust me, you'll just get an earful and you really don't want to hear about how great so and so is every minute of the day. Say something vaguely supportive like "follow your heart" and "I'll be there for you" and don't ask for any details. Unless the guy is mean to her, then kick his ass.

I want to ask Hanataro something! Will he be my boyfriend? That's sure a funny joke! I'm going to hide in the corner for awhile. Every time I see my friend, it goes pretty wild. Am I having a heart attack?

What's Toshiro relationship with Momo?

It might be that you really like them but you just can't admit it yet. Maybe they like you. The only way to know is to bring it up to them slowly so it doesn't frighten them! Figure it out and leave the rest of us out of it. Do you really do anything to provoke them? Maybe people just don't like small people. Or people who are a little odd. I don't know, but I try to not let it get to me or else I'd never go out. Think of how many things I would have missed if I never had gone out and meet Rukia, or Ichigo, or Ganju?

He needs to act more distant and angry and people will leave him alone more often than not. Go find a better hobby. At least we got him to answer some things though, I'm almost surprised he agreed to do this in the first place! Thanks for helping us our, Hanataro and Captain Hitsugaya.