Honduras relationship with the us

How US policy in Honduras set the stage for today's migration

honduras relationship with the us

The US has been all but silent about the unrest engulfing its ally but one analyst warns: 'Americans should care about the chaos because of. Honduras – United States relations are bilateral relations between Honduras and the United During the s, Honduras supported U.S. policy opposing governments in Nicaragua and opposing an active insurgency in El Salvador. In June. Will Trump own the role of US foreign policy in creating these problems? the history of relations between Honduras and the United States is a prime example U.S. military presence in Honduras and the roots of Honduran.

During the s, Honduras supported U. The Honduran Government also played a key role in negotiations that culminated in the Nicaraguan elections. Honduras continues to participate in the UN observer mission in the Western Sahara, contributed troops for stabilization in Iraq, and remains interested in participating in other UN peacekeeping missions. Government strongly supports the professionalization of the civilian police force as an important element in strengthening the rule of law in Honduras.

honduras relationship with the us

The American Embassy in Tegucigalpa provides specialized training to police officers. Congress opened an investigation into U.

Life in Honduras

With major protests in the backdrop last year, the U. These activities resumed once constitutional government was restored.

U.S. Department of State

Inthe United States signed the U. The legislatures of all signatories except Costa Rica ratified CAFTA inand the agreement entered into force in the first half of CAFTA eliminates tariffs and other barriers to trade in goods, services, agricultural products, and investments.

Additionally, CAFTA is expected to solidify democracy, encourage greater regional integration, and provide safeguards for environmental protection and labor rights. The United States is Honduras' chief trading partner and the largest investor in Honduras.

Government programs are aimed at promoting a healthy and more open economy capable of sustainable growth, improving the climate for business and investment while protecting U. The United States also works with Honduras to meet transnational challenges--including the fight against terrorism, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, illegal migration, and trafficking in persons--and encourages and supports Honduran efforts to protect the environment.

These decades of U. In the post-Reagan era, Honduras remained a country scarred by a heavy-handed military, significant human rights abuses and pervasive poverty. Still, liberalizing tendencies of successive governments and grassroots pressure provided openings for democratic forces.

honduras relationship with the us

They contributedfor example, to the election of Manuel Zelaya, a liberal reformist, as president in He led on progressive measures such as raising the minimum wage. Post-coup Honduras The coup, more than any other development, explains the increase in Honduran migration across the southern U.

History of the U.S. and Honduras

The Obama administration has played an important role in these developments. This was contrary to the wishes of the Organization of American States, the leading hemispheric political forum composed of the 35 member-countries of the Americas, including the Caribbean.

honduras relationship with the us

Several months after the coup, Clinton supported a highly questionable election aimed at legitimating the post-coup government. Strong military ties between the U.

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The frequent politically motivated killings are rarely punished. Although its once sky-high murder rate has declined over the last few years, the continuing exodus of many youth demonstrates that violent gangs still plague urban neighborhoods.

Government spending on health and education, for example, has declined in Honduras. These contribute to the growing pressures that push many people to migrate.

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What will happen to the thousands of people now moving northward? If the recent past is any indicationmany will likely stay in Mexico. What the Trump administration will ultimately do with those who arrive at the U. Regardless, the role played by the United States in shaping the causes of this migration raises ethical questions about its responsibility toward those now fleeing from the ravages its policies have helped to produce.

honduras relationship with the us