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Reaching out to a girl who's “just a friend” for a recommendation or advice Going out of his way to tell a woman he met or ran into the night before of the perfume his crush wears so she'll smell like his latest fantasy chick. Marzia: How I actually met Felix was one of my best friend (DAIZO). She email me one day and she had the sweetest words About him that I just. These are for the amazing stories of ChaoticMonki or PewDiePie:3 they Genre : All, Adventure, Angst, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Friendship Meet-Up and a Gaming Convention, the nightmares become unbearable. our well known Youtuber, Pewdiepie and his equally known friend Cry(aotic) Hope you enjoy!.

If I ask for help, they reply, but that's all the contact we have.

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We'll see what happens. His relationship with Maker developed into the network establishing an official PewDiePie website, app, and online store to sell merchandise, while PewDiePie promoted Maker's media interests and gave the network a share of his YouTube ad revenue.

I'm lucky to be in a situation where losing ad revenue on a few videos won't matter. However, many people on YouTube are not in that situation. We've done an extensive review and found there have been no decreases in creators subscriber numbers beyond what normally happens when viewers either unsubscribe from a creator's channel or when YouTube removes spammed subscribers".

The publication's Mathew Ingram opined, "this is just a temper tantrum by a man-baby who makes millions of dollars playing video games," adding, "at first glance, the video in which he threatens to delete his channel seems like the whining of a rich, entitled celebrity who has noticed that his videos aren't getting as many views as they used to, and blames the platform for not supporting him as much as he thinks they should.

According to International Business Timesone of the videos "appeared to show" him using the racial slur " nigger ", [] which caused PewdiepieIsOverParty to trend worldwide on Twitter. I didn't think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible," adding "I'm not anti-Semitic[ It was a funny memeand I didn't think it would work, okay. And you know what? If people don't like my jokes, I fully respect that.

I fully understand that. I acknowledge that I took things too far, and that's something I definitely will keep in mind moving forward, but the reaction and the outrage has been nothing but insanity.

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I'm disappointed in myself because it seems like I've learned nothing from all these past controversies, [using the slur] was not okay. I'm really sorry if I offended, hurt or disappointed anyone with all of this. Being in the position that I am, I should know better. It makes me wonder maybe this is why women are so underrepresented on Twitch in general.

As a result, he received criticism from online users, including fans of Lovato and others struggling with addiction. I didnt mean anything with it and I didnt fully know about the situation.

I realize now it was insensitive, sorry! I don't even know why PewDiePie is taking this so seriously. He's getting his people to push him, promote him.

We are not competing with him. Aja Romano of Vox stated that racial slurs were used in the video description of one. He is also very sarcastic and wisecracking.

Fans often argue as to whether Stephano is a Bad Dragon or a Fantasy Elite; he is most likely the latter, since he wears some sort of Arabic attire, with a light turban and a robe.

He also carries a scimitar, a curved sword popular in the Middle East. Of all of Pewdie's friends, Stephano is indeed the most well trusted and Pewdie will immediately take him over anyone. If enemies are lurking, Stephano will warn Pewdie "not to make noises.

Pewdie always makes a point of going back and attempting to find him and will do so even when being attacked by monsters, showing that Pewdie treasures his guidance and wisdom.


When Pewdie has to enter a door that will initiate a loading screen, he will try to give a heartfelt farewell if there are no enemies around but Stephano will pressure him to leave. Due to Stephano being in almost every Amnesia episode, many fan-made Happy Wheels levels also feature him, together with Piggeh, Mr.

33 Ways Your Boyfriend Is Micro-Cheating (And Totally Getting Away With It)

Chair and the Bro. Skills and Abilities A known veteran of many wars in his time, Stephano is an expert hand to hand combat. As well as an expert in edged weapons, he is also the main source of Pewdie's knowledge in the forbidden art of Chopnese. Stephano also has a very strategic mind and is able to assist PewDie in out-thinking enemies before they can take the both of them by surprise.

Allegiance Some fans speculate that Stephano may be with the Untrusted Statues. He is a statue, after all, and exhibits some suspicious behavior. This includes lying to Pewdie about the safety of certain hallways, telling him to do things that often nearly get him killed, and in general enjoys pranking him.