How to dress like serena van der woodsen wikihow flirt

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how to dress like serena van der woodsen wikihow flirt

Not written by me - from this website - wikiHow. Or something. Sorry. Serena Van Der Woodsen is the blonde beauty characterized in the popular Serena is famous for her style of "new clothes looking perfectly worn and thoughtless. Totally enjoy urself, dance on tabletops, flirt with cute guys and dance your kilos off. Serena, for me anyway, was by far the most fashionable. Played by the beautiful actress Blake Lively, Serena van der Woodsen has to go down. Yikes: How To Be Like Serena Van Der Woodsen From Gossip Girl of makeup, and the trendiest purses and clothes. try brand name, like D&G, or Chanel, etc. Serena is not a slut. Do not flirt with everyone you see. Anyway, if you're still trying to become Serena Van Der Woodsen, WikiHow also has a.

Serena wasn't fazed by the constant gossip and controversy over her alleged drug usage and promiscuous ways. Simply turn a deaf ear to your classmates when they decide to spotlight your negatives because secretly, you know you're flawless!

After all, all this trash they talk about you is just making you famous! We all know her name now, don't we? You do not need to spend a fortune on clothes! Yes, Serena is blessed with great financial wealth and therefore can afford Fifth Avenue name-brands, but remember, it's not what label you wear but how you wear it and in general how it looks! Serena is famous for her style of "new clothes looking perfectly worn and thoughtless. The less make up, the better!

You don't hear about Serena caking on face powder, eyeliner and concealers! Serena wears the bare minimal of make up, just a touch of sparkly lip gloss Urban Decay lip gloss in Gash, Chapsticks in Cherry and pale pink Vincent Longo gloss have all been mentioned.

Serena Van Der Woodsen Hair, Makeup & Outfits - Back To School - Jackie Wyers

Visit the dermatologist stat to clear up any issues. Always moisturize with non-scented creams i. If there's one thing Serena rocks at, it's partying! Totally enjoy urself, dance on tabletopsflirt with cute guys and dance your kilos off. Try to develop Serena's awesome personality. Serena is super sweet to everybody.

She never brushes people away, even if they are annoying. With this character all you need to do is smile dazzingly at every guy, and they will all fall in love with you guaranteed. Serena is super confident which is why people are attracted to her. This doesn't mean bragging. Say something more like, "Oops! People will like someone who is comfortable in their own skin, especially guys.

Confidence is key if you want to be like Serena. I really was not at peace with the fact that others whom I liked so much did not reciprocate my feelings, while others whom I hated seemed to like me.

I was mad and cursing out my fate. I brutally coped with this situation by being very mean to this person to pressure him into disliking me. My Mom told me, "Instead of aggressively pursuing someone disliking you, why don't you aggressively pursue someone liking you? Someone disliking you; that you leave to God. I really repent that and hope that I will treat every single person with compassion from now onwards, no matter the non-rapport between us.

Posted by BlueLotusDreamer at 4: My dissertation dealt with the matter of the way in which people look to stories on living out their lives. I have been thinking for the past few days on past "loves" of my life and pondering over the way in which I fell under their spell. There was this cute little boy in the second grade, whom I had a crush on, based partly on a decision I made to have a crush on him. He was so very adorable, with black hair and a curl at the back of his head.

I had fun in my crush on him throughout the year. I would tell my family every day about whatever interactions I had with him. I remember that one day, my Dad even told me a story about him! There was also this time during recess when we were playing the jump rope game, "Down by the valley, where the green grass grows. Unfortunately, the bell rang for the end of recess, before they could name a boy for me Another metafictional romance for me was during the eighth grade in boarding school in India.

I had come from one world in the United States where tweens dated for a day and then split to a world in India in which boys and girls did not even talk to each other. However, their form of romancing was fictitiously pairing a boy with one girl and teasing them about their "romance. At first, people told me, "You're so lucky that no one is teasing you, Padmini.

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I was then delighted when people started to tease me with the very boy that I crushed on! I was quite surprised to find that when I came back to high school in the United States, my classmates there--in the US, at that! One guy in my class and I were teased together for supposedly "liking" each other.

I do not have much of an idea of where that came from. It was the highlight of my high school days. Then there was another guy who was everything that I dreamed of.

The more that I got to know him, the more that I found that he was everything that I dreamed of, which built up my love for him. Just like me, he wished that life could be like fiction and was always living in a fantasy world! In one acting workshop that I attended, I had a scene partner with whom I did several romantic scenes. It actually turns out that in acting, you really have to feel the emotions that you enact, rather than faking them.

So I eventually got to feeling real feelings for this guy through the scenes that we enacted together. I eventually got past that, however.

I was having a discussion with someone who mentioned that she thinks that actors should not marry because of these complications that arise when blurring the boundary between life and art. I hope, however, to overcome those complications to do the right thing at the right time. There are also wonderful examples in fiction of metafictional love turning into real love. In Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, two "enemies," Benedick and Beatrice fall in love with one another when they are manipulated to think that the other is in love with them.

The Before movie trilogy is a perfect example of a love that is a balance between spontaneity and self-conscious construction. Metafictional influence also plays a significant role in real life.

Sometimes, there are two people that look to be perfect for one another. Then they are influenced to date or even marry because everyone says that they should be together. The relationship may or may not work out.

I remember that there was this one girl, whom I really admired. I will call her Priscilla. She was the most beautiful girl in one social circle that I was involved in. She and this other guy, whom I will call Ray, were placed together in many same categories and so everyone thought that they should date.

They did date, but the relationship just lasted for a very short period of time. As I admired Priscilla, I tried to think of whom she would be paired best with in that social circle and came up with a nice guy, whom I will call Sam.

I even mentioned to Sam and Priscilla to date each other since they would go well together. It turns out that they did end up dating I am not implying that it is or is not due to my suggestion and even marrying! I am all for utilizing imagination and fiction for romance. I have written to Juliet to seek answers to romantic questions. I always joke that I will make the perfect guy for myself out of gingerbread, but only if he would not run away from me As the lyrics from the Hindi song, "Meri Mehbooba" translate, please step out of the picture from my mind and come to real life!

Posted by BlueLotusDreamer at Kanamaan suffered a stroke on April 19th, was hospitalized in the ICU for several days, and finally passed away on Tuesday, May 2nd at 2: I am right now in the emotional grieving stage, but hope to eventually look upon the situation compassionately, logically, and rationally. When I first heard the news that Kanamaan had a stroke and was in critical condition, I was shocked. Tears would not come out, and my sorrow was bottled up.

However, five days ago, tears finally came out, and I spent the day crying.

how to dress like serena van der woodsen wikihow flirt

It has been two days since Kanamaan has passed away, and I am still shedding tears, but hopefully will move on eventually. As I am writing this blog entry, tears are flowing out of my eyes.

Kanamaan was my father's younger brother. He was a very tender, loving, and optimistic person. My father was relating stories to me of how he saved Kanamaan's life a few times when he was a small child. My father at times still sees Kanamaan as the small child he started off seeing him as.

The first time, Kanamaan fell into the river by my family's house, and my father jumped in and saved him. The second time, a cow was chasing Kanamaan and about to attack him when my father picked him up and took him away.

how to dress like serena van der woodsen wikihow flirt

Kanamaan was very loving towards his family, friends, and associates, and very lovable and popular as well. He was one person that was actually demonstrative and uninhibited in love.

I remember spending time with him in when we went to India for my cousin's wedding. Kanamaan made sure to spend time with me and said, "If no one is there for Pappikutty, I am there" or something along those lines.

He always sees me as the baby that he first saw me as. I felt bad that I was never as demonstrative in my love towards him, but hope that he is reading this blog entry now to know how much I love him. Kanamaan was also very optimistic. At some point in his life, he had to spend his life in Dubai away from his family in India. However, Kanamaan remarked, "I do not see it that way. It is right now just twelve months since I can go to India and see everyone.

how to dress like serena van der woodsen wikihow flirt

In three months, it will be nine months. Then in six months, it will be six months. In another three months, it will be just three months. Then in another three months, I am there! So I would like to comfort myself and others by adopting the belief that since Kanamaan would be completely shattered by another family member's death, God arranged for the order that his death be one of the first in the family. God has faith that his loved ones would have the strength to deal with Kanamaan's passing.

I have come to learn a lot through this past week. As I have been in the world for a number of years, I have had several tragedies and deaths occur. There have been deaths of other people that people would have expected me to care for, but I was not sad by those deaths since I did not on the whole care for those people. However, I have cried over and grieved certain other tragedies and deaths, such as Kanamaan's.

I have found that my grievance brings to surface that all in all, I really love and care for those people involved in those tragedies or deaths. So I would really from now onwards, like to let the people that I love know that I love them while I have the opportunity. I have come to realize that despite the differences we may have between each other, I do still love those people from the bottom of the heart.

So I would like to let go of my ego and patch up with fall-outs that I have had. Kanamaan may have had differences, as did everyone, but he never held any grudges and always tried to patch up. I have also epiphanized that it is more essential to treat the people well while they are still in your association than grieving them when they have passed.

Life is too short to hold onto grudges. Kanamaan has advanced from a material to a spiritual existence in the universe.

Kanamaan was really such a loving and giving individual that he had reached the stage early on where it was time for him to advance to this dimension of existence. Kanamaan may not be physically present in the earth, but he will eternally be spiritually present. He will be an angel watching over his loved ones and protecting them and guiding them to their ideals. The world is not a lesser place, but rather a purified place with Kanamaan's spiritual existence taking over.

Posted by BlueLotusDreamer at 7: The Modern Day Fairy Tale! I became enchanted by Gossip Girl when I first started to watch it last May. I finally finished the series a few days ago.

So now I can finally do justice to dedicating a blog entry to this beloved show! Gossip Girl ended up being very different from what I thought it would be about.

However, Gossip Girl turned out to be a preppy, old-fashioned, yet modern, complicated fairy tale! I love all of the latter so it goes without saying that I ended up loving Gossip Girl! Gossip Girl is a masterpiece of the screen! I will first discuss the characters and then proceed to the multi-dimensional themes: Blair is a very complicated character that cannot be described in one word.

However, I really do not think that her character fits that description.

Here's How You Can Recreate Serena’s Style From Gossip Girl On A Budget

She credited herself as originating the doe-eyed look to hide the true cunningness within. Blair is much like that. She is quite self-serving, selfish, and spoiled and really makes her enemies suffer. I am torn between liking and disliking Blair's character. I admire that she has high standards and strives for nothing short of the best. Sometimes I admire the way that she really puts her enemies in their place!

However, I really hated her when she victimized her pure English teacher, Rachael Carr, when she did not get her way with her. Blair really showed herself to be arrogant and spoiled there. Some say that Blair would do anything for her friends. However, I do not see it that way. I think that she is nice to her friends, as long as it does not interfere with what she wants, and she tends to forgo friendship for her selfish needs and use friends at times.

One thing is for sure, though! I love Blair's fashion sense! I am all for preppy, girly, and schoolgirl! I have emulated Blair's style. Chuck is another such complicated character. He would fit into the dark hero category, the homme fatale, of the romance. It is interesting to note that in the beginning, Chuck is shown as a forceful attempted date rapist.

I was shocked that such a character would turn into the hero of the show, when rape is condemned the most out of all crimes in society. However, he grows into a kind, decent human being as the show progresses. I forgive him for that lapse at the beginning of the series.

I think that Dan is the protagonist of the series, the outsider from Brooklyn looking inside the elite Upper East Side life. Dan has the typical writerly nature: It is revealed in the end that Dan Humphrey is the anonymous Gossip Girl! That says a lot about his character--that he is a writer whose writing the show revolves around and that he is very much in touch with his feminine side.

Dan is just the kind of guy that I am looking for--a feminine, artsy guy. I love that he has a Cabbage Patch doll named Cedric! It would be my wildest dream to be romantically involved with a guy that liked to play with dolls. Dan is rightly called, "Lonely Boy from Brooklyn. Serena has been textualized by Dan as the princess that is beautiful and unattainable. That would make her fall into the princesse lointaine category!

How to be like Serena van der Woodsen - Serena Van Der Woodsen - Fanpop

It is true that Serena is perceived that way by Dan since she is his lifelong crush that he puts on a pedestal, as she herself notes. However, I do not think that she is really that unattainable since she has dated so many guys in the show. On the other hand, even though she is shown as a party girl out of control, she appears so serene like her name and at ease. I like kindness most out of all Serena's qualities.

It is interesting to note that although Nate is portrayed as the gentleman, he has engaged in a lot of reckless behavior. For example, he cheated on his virgin girlfriend by sleeping with her best friend. Dan and Vanessa were shocked at the way that "Nate Archibald is a gigolo.

I have a weak spot for preppy guys and pretty boys! Vanessa is portrayed as the artsy girl of the show. I really liked how Vanessa was genuine and honest in the beginning. I felt sad when the writers turned her character into deceitful, scheming, and manipulative.

I never felt any deep feelings for her, however. Jenny is, by far, my least favorite character. She is a bad imitation Blair Waldorf. I hate all of the sins she engages in, lying, stealing, dealing drugs, betraying, etc. I was so happy when her annoying character was written out of the show! She really did nothing for the show except be annoying. She does not deserve the sweet Dan as her brother. Now I will discuss the fairy tale element of the show: Throughout the show, there are allusions to the fairy tales that the characters are living--particularly Blair.

Blair comments often on the complication of the fairy tale. If we were to classify the characters, Blair would be the princess, Chuck would be the villain turned hero, Jenny would be the villain, and Dan would be the writer of the fairy tale! It is interesting to note that she thinks that she finally has the fairy tale that she has dreamed of when she marries Prince Louis. Prince Louis, on the other hand, turns out to be the foil that is the prince on the outside, but dark and false on the inside.

This scene signifies that Blair's perspective of a fairy tale marriage that she has dreamed of is not real, but rather just a vision, as she cannot have the "happily ever after" that she has dreamed of in a loveless marriage.

An intriguing part of the show is when Dan and Blair discuss how both their fairy tales are separate, rather than one and the same. The screen focuses on Serena when Blair mentions Dan's true princess, and the screen focuses on Prince Louis as Blair's prince.

Serena does end up being Dan's one and only princess. However, Louis does not end up being Blair's "prince" in actuality. I will now discuss the schoolgirl dimension of the show: I love how the characters go to a prep school with school uniforms! I really love wearing school uniforms. It is quite fascinating that Blair suggests that her mother's fashion line emulate from the school uniform.

I really love that! I love bows, frills, ruffles, etc. After watching the show, I started buying a lot of headbands to emulate Blair's headband trademark.

I love that Blair wears headbands in the beginning, abandons them for an extended period of time, then wears them again by the end of the show. I think that shows that the headband is an indispensable part of Blair's persona! Blair wears the headband as a tiara--to represent her wish to be a princess. Here are some of my favorites of Blair's outfits: I actually have a version of the above style! I love Blair's elegant, model pose. In my opinion, the show revolves around the Dan and Serena relationship.

how to dress like serena van der woodsen wikihow flirt

It is quite literary and metafictional. The whole show is founded upon Dan's attempt to win Serena's heart by literalizing her life as the anonymous Gossip Girl! Dan writes a story in which he is the hero to win the hand of the princesse-lointaine, Serena, after many trials and tribulations. Dan often puts his romance for Serena into his fiction writing, such as in the first story that Vanessa publishes of his; the one on his first encounter and later love with Serena. There is also his book with the character, Sabrina.

I think that Dan and Serena's romance matures and blossoms as he learns to know and accept Serena for who she is--the good and the bad--rather than just placing her on a pedestal as a flawless princess. He could not have done that without his writing, however.

I love how Serena is portrayed as Dan's princess in the above mentioned scene with Blair! Dan and Serena's romance is my favorite in the show! I love how the show ends with Dan and Serena's wedding. I think that proves that the show is not complete without the culmination of Dan and Serena's romance! Chuck and Blair's romance is described by Wikipedia as "the heart of the show. Both are dark, scheming, manipulative, selfish, and spoiled, yet confident and strong.

I also love the beginning of their romance. It is quite appropriate that their chemistry starts when Blair copulates with Chuck when she is afraid that Nate no longer loves her.

Their affair brings out Blair's sexuality--an important element of the show--Blair and Chuck's duplicitous natures, and Chuck's hypersexual, seductive nature. Blair answers Muffy later that her first time was with someone she loved. I also like how Chuck, for the first time, develops butterflies in his stomach after sleeping with Blair to which Blair replies, "You know I love all God's creatures and the metaphors they inspire.

You can read my above thoughts on the fairy tale of their affair. I think that it is really sweet that it is revealed that Chuck is the one that pays Blair's dowry to free her from the bounds of her marriage to Louis. I really love that Chuck and Blair end up marrying--in such an unconventional fashion--and raising a sweet son! I really wish that Nate and Vanessa ended up together.

They were sweet and brought out the best in each other. It is cute the way that Nate gets jealous when he thinks that Vanessa is flirting with the director of the Age of Innocence production.

I will now discuss the metafiction of the show:

how to dress like serena van der woodsen wikihow flirt