How to make the spark come back in your relationship

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how to make the spark come back in your relationship

No one ever said marriage was going to be plain sailing, and even the happiest of couples have to work to keep things rosy – but sometimes it. 18 Ways To Put The Spark Back In Your Sexless Marriage. Elizabeth If a couple lacks intimacy, they may never be able to take the risks and. Here are the top 13 ways to put some spark back into your relationship that don't take a lot of time or money but can be rather powerful when.

25 Ways to Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship

The key is to listen to the other person, but also to think realistically about what commitments you can make. By going through this exercise, you become more intimate with one another. It allows you to express your own desires to your partner, and it gives you the very important opportunity to learn how to better support them.

how to make the spark come back in your relationship

The more intimacy there is in a relationship, the stronger the bond of the couple. And what better way to recharge your relationship than feeling safe enough to express your wants and needs? If you both go in with an open mind and an honest intent, the relationship can really grow and strengthen through this exercise.

how to make the spark come back in your relationship

Small Gestures of Appreciation An unexpected gesture to make your partner smile can go a long way in keeping the energy alive in your relationship. For example, once or twice a week, I send an afternoon e-mail to my partner, telling him how I feel about him.

how to make the spark come back in your relationship

Thank you for doing the dishes, thank you for listening, thank you for giving stellar hugs. Telling your partner one thing you like about them during the day: The more we ask ourselves what we can do to appreciate our partners throughout the day, the more present we are in our relationship and the better equipped we are to keep it light and loving.

How to get the spark back into your relationship

Making eyes at one another, maybe sparking a bit of competition, smiling and laughing at witty comebacks. Flirting is what most people crave because it makes us feel alive. Simply put, flirting feels good. Sure, sometimes we have to remind each other of it, and maybe the flirtatious interaction only lasts for dinner, but a little is better than none.

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It can be daunting to reassess your relationship and perspective full-time, so go easy on yourself and start with one day a week. Laughter Remember to have a giggle together Image: Getty In the early days of a relationship, humour can play an important part in attracting one another and diffusing any awkwardness that getting to know each other may bring.

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But how often do you and your partner laugh now? In fact, humour can help you form a stronger bond, as well as putting things into perspective and smoothing over any difficulties. Instead of criticising your other half, try making light of your complaints — and avoid mean-spirited snideness or sarcasm at all costs.

how to make the spark come back in your relationship

Conflict A bit of conflict is healthy in a relationship Image: Getty All couples argue from time to time, and our experts agree that a bit of conflict is healthy.

Without some conflict, a relationship can fail to move forward and you can end up avoiding discussing the issues that matter most to you. Talk about it If you are rowing on a regular basis, however, you need to think about the reasons behind this. Try talking to each other calmly, being as open and honest as possible. Christine Northam is a counsellor with Relate.