Husband and wife relationship issues

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husband and wife relationship issues

All couples run into relationship issues. Hear what experts have to say about resolving them and keeping your love life on track. No one likes problems, but handled correctly, they create an opportunity for a closer marriage. Time spent together, male ego, conflicts and the attitude of not compromising are a few of the relationship problems that crop up between husband and wife.

Dating Have you ever thought what it would be like if your wife is the boss? Dating Is your wife nagging you every now and then? Is she becoming a menace for you? Find out ways to deal with your nagging wife! Snr To keep the spark alive in marital relationship, physical intimacy plays an important role. Instead marry someone who perfectly fits to your expectations. Latest Behind every fit man is a nagging woman!

Latest Metro-sexual man might be an attractive ideal for a few unconventional ones but the ubiquitous image of the Indian society by and large is still the omnipotent masculine man.

Snr Sex problems - Fertility in women falls steadily as they age, especially after thirty-five even though they might be healthy and fit. Mental Health Midlife crisis in a woman can make her feel old and boring but what can make it more stressful is non-acceptance of the fact that it is natural to be ageing and it is to be taken on your stride.

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Snr As women age various sexual related problems occur with time. Snr As men age various sexual related problems occur with time.

Pregnancy Work issues can crop up for pregnant owmen if they continue working in their condition. Tips for Parent Children grow at a rapid pace, learning various aspects and going through several development phases in a short span. Snr Type 1 diabetes poses numerous sexual issues in both men and women. Keeping the blood glucose level in control is a way to avoid any sexual complication. Snr Some common female sexual dysfunction issues are inhibited sexual desire, arousal disorders, vaginal pain disorder and lack of orgasm.

Tips for Parent A child's psyche is a difficult one to deduce, and they have many behavioural issues related to them. Pregnancy Most Teenage mothers go through psychological issues in the form of denial, guilt and narcissism. Read about them in detail to cope with them better. Weight Management Throughout the history of stardom, celebrities have been working with their weight issues.

Take a look at these super celebs who defied all odds of weight management.

Relationship Problems between Husband and Wife | Dating

Diabetes Health care issues with diabetes: The health care issues with diabetes include eye problems, diabetic nephropathy, bladder control problems in women, erectile dysfunction in men, and others. Women's Health There are several health issues specific to the female anatomy. Learn about the common health issues women have to cope and should prevent to esure healthy living. Latest A recent study has found a co-relation between higher stress levels and fertility in women.

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Mental Health Mental illness can affect anyone, but women seem to be more affected by mental health issues. The issues seem to be treated more easily in women because of their readiness to talk about it. Pregnancy In order to take care of your pregnant wife, you need to be aware of the various problems she is likely to endure during pregnancy and help her deal with them with confidence. Snr There are many health issues that afflict young people.

Try to avoid keeping your expectations too high. Conflicts— Do not jump into conclusions about the relationship every time you have a conflict. There are ways to resolve it, and the best of which is allowing time to pass.

husband and wife relationship issues

Time will heal, and of course the having good positive conversation too. If you always felt that you were right, that is just the proof to show that you were wrong. Your spouse may have been responsible to start a fight, but you are responsible for your reaction. Not willing to compromise is one of the most prominent causes of conflicts between husband and wife.

It affects the relationship in a major way. The distance men can create by this often turns out to be irresolvable.

husband and wife relationship issues

Time spent together— This is one of the critical factors in the success of a husband-wife relationship. You need to balance between the time spent with your partner, and the time you need to spend alone. If your partner enjoys more time with you, make sure you give him or her that.

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