Ice and water shield in roof valleys meet

ice and water shield in roof valleys meet

2. Valleys - It now very common to line the valleys (where two different slopes come together) with ice and water shield. Shingles in a valley on. In our OPINION -DF, while roll roofing (or peel and stick ice and water shield Where two roof valleys meet, for example above a gable dormer, a soldered joint . Valleys are created where two roof slopes meet. Because of the Open valleys are protected by a combination of ice and water shield and metal. In a proper.

Be sure to ask what kind of metal is being used and how it is applied when comparing quotations. If the price points provided for a metal valley option seem drastically different, there is usually a reason why.

ice and water shield in roof valleys meet

Closed Valleys Closed valleys are covered over using the shingles or other primary roofing material. In a proper closed valley application: Woven style - where shingles are overlapped across the valley on alternative slopes Closed cut - where shingles are first installed on the lower adjoining roof slope through the valley line, followed by the shingle installation on the higher slope through the valley line.

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The shingles on the higher slope are then cut in a straight line through the valley. This ensures that the water from the higher slope falls onto the shingles of the lower slope vs. As with all the detailed areas of your roof, it is important to know the details of each valley style in order to make an educated decision for your roofing system. If you are looking to save money, closed cut valleys are the way to go.

However, if you are looking for a valley that will outlast most roofing systems, open style valleys should be installed. What type of valley application is the best? Closed cut valleys have been created for cost savings purposes, but the open style metal valley is a proven valley application that will match the life expectancy of any roofing warranty. Closed cut valleys are certainly cheaper, but are often the first area of your roof that will break down due to the high volume of water carried through the valley.

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Drip flashing at eaves: An optional metal flashing used at the eaves to support to the overhanging shingles and to help direct rain water into the eavestroughing. Gutter clean is a product that is screwed on over top of you eavestrough to keep out leaves and other debris. It also strengthens the trough. Convert plumbing stack to ABS: Old plumbing stacks consist of a cast pipe and a lead mat.

New plumbing stacks consist of ABS pipe and a neoprene mat. Through previous roofing jobs the old lead mat may have become damaged. A proper repair consists of cutting the cast pipe below the roof line, installing an ABS coupler and an ABS extension pipe and a neoprene mat.

This must be done carefully to ensure sewer gasses do not leak into the attic space. Some contractors simply jam a pipe extension in the existing stack which is unacceptable.

ice and water shield in roof valleys meet

Reflash and counter flash chimney: If the existing flashing is not adequate then new flashing may be required. Areas on a roof where a wall and the shingles intersect require proper flashing to keep the water out. On some homes the flashing is non-existent or damaged and this area may have been sealed up with tar.

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The installation of new flashing may be required and the extra cost of completing this work would depend on the existing materials on the wall surface i. A surface flashing and counter flashing may be required to complete the job properly.

Or the removal of siding may be required to install flashings behind the siding. Install new B Vent flashing kit: Many homes still have metal chimney housings on their roofs.

These housings often leak and the plywood around them is often rotten. These old housings should not be reinstalled unless they are in very good condition, which is rarely the case.

ice and water shield in roof valleys meet