In the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

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in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

A re-telling of events in the super-market, from Jem's point of view. Fill for a drabble challenge ( words) for the prompt: In the Flesh, Kieran Kieren Walker's life is derailed when his best friend Rick dies in Afghanistan. Canon- Typical Mental Health Issues · Recovery · Relationship Problems · weird zombie sex. As shown throughout Series 1, Rick has a very close relationship with Kieren, they say they're best friends and it is heavily implied that the two had a romantic. Comments & replies; Public profile · Account details · Emails & marketing In the Flesh box set review: a thrillingly original take on the whole zombie three years ago, distraught at the death of his best friend Rick, a soldier in Afghanistan. Later, we see Kieren embarking on a relationship with cult leader.

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Very touchy feely those artistic types. Could yer pass me the marg, please? It seemed silly, but neither Simon nor himself could bring themselves to clear her things out, even if she was not going to be coming back from the grave for a second time.

The Second Rising had not happened and although the dead now could never again be considered as gone for good, it seemed too much to hope to see his BDFF again. Simon is helping him set up his new Smart TV, after an accident involving Jem and their cordless phone had sent the last flat screen to television heaven.

Taking one last look around to satisfy himself his job is complete; Kieren picks up his suitcase and carries it down the stairs. Placing it by the front door, he makes his way into the living room to check on how Simon and his dad are getting on.

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The room is dark with the curtains drawn, despite the fact it is barely two in the afternoon. Both men turn to look at Kieren as he enters and he instantly has to stifle a laugh. They are both wearing dark glasses. Never have guessed that, dad. Thought the new flat screen yer got was just faulty.

Clearly he is itching to hurry this conversation along so they can leave as soon as possible. There is, after all, only so much Blu-ray talk a person can handle as Kieren knows only too well from past experience.

Both men watch him leave before turning their attention back to the marvel of 3D technology. Kieren does his best to pay attention, but he is distracted, consumed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards Simon for his continued patient indulgence of his family.

Not to mention his valiant effort in sticking it out all morning with his dad as Kieren begins to wonder if he will even make it through so much as five minutes of this.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

He turns to find Simon slouching against the doorframe. Simon walks fully into the room, looking about him in silence. His pale eyes survey the space around him like a detective looking for clues.

He gestures towards the numerous artworks on the wall, which Kieren painted before he died. Simon has been subtle, but they both knew his question only refers to one painting in particular; the portrait of Rick Macy. The fact that he purposely is not making eye contact does not go unnoticed by the younger man. This is slightly awkward.

Kieren tries to think of the best way to explain without making anything sound too heavy or a big deal. Even though, in the grand scheme of things it is, in fact, a very big deal indeed for him. Only seconds pass as he considers what the right words are to use. He needs to try and convey several important things that they have never really discussed before.

The most important being the way he feels and how things have changed for him now Simon is in his life sorry, second lifebut the silence stretches out between them as if it were hours until finally, he just purses his lips in determination and tries to make his next sentences sound as casual as possible.

His parents are downstairs so it is not breaking their self-imposed rule.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

That was not so difficult. And it was true. Rick had meant everything to Kieren back then, more than his own life.

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So much so that he had ended it all when he heard Rick had been killed in Afghanistan. He still loved Rick and still missed him every day. He visited his grave often in the new cemetery and told him the things that were going on in Roarton.

He passed on all the local gossip regarding people they knew; who was up to what and even sometimes with whom, and generally rambled on about all the new developments in his life now. He had even told Rick about Simon.

In the Flesh - Kieren/Rick

Or rather, him and Simon. If Rick had still been around, what would he have thought about that? Kieren could not help but wonder, but then felt guilty because of it. There did not seem any point wasting time thinking about it. Rick was dead, and just like Amy, it was for good this time. But Simon was not. He might be registered as partially deceased, but as far as Kieren was concerned, he was very much alive.

And most important of all, he made Kieren feel alive too. But there was one other big difference between Rick and Simon. Something that clearly separated one man from the other as individuals, regardless of the strong emotional bond Kieren had come to share with each of them. The thing about Simon was he was not afraid of who he was and what he wanted.

It had surprised Kieren at first, not to mention deeply touched him, that Simon was prepared to do anything within his power to make him happy. Spending all those meals and nights in with his family and agreeing to do things like help out his dad with the stupid telly, demonstrated how hard he was trying. Only Simon had sacrificed a lot more than just his time to be with him.

He had turned his back on the Undead Liberation Army for Kieren. The people who had taken him in, given him friendship and love, but most importantly, something to live for.

He had found them at a time when he was at his lowest and most desperate. While all other doors had been closed to him, only they had welcomed him in from the cold loneliness of his isolation, accepted him for who he was and showed him there was another way.

The ULA stood for everything Simon believed in and what he had come to hold most dear, but now he was considered a traitor to the cause, because when it came down to it, there was what he believed and then there was Kieren. He could not have both, and when he was finally forced to make a choice between the two, he followed his heart. It was choice that had given them some problems, to put it mildly, with the devout redeemed of Roarton.

Although Simon kept it well hidden from Kieren, he was always watching his back. Those faithful followers would never forgive him for not slaughtering Kieren like a sacrificial lamb as the Undead Prophet had instructed him to do in the belief that it would trigger The Second Rising. Kieren tries not to think about it, but it always crosses his mind at the most inopportune moments, as it has now. He has something else to tell Simon that he has been meaning to say for a while and there really is no time like the present.

He seems to be on a roll today and so takes a deep breath and goes for it. Makes sense both of us moving your stuff, rather than ye making two journeys. He is being deliberately obtuse, but it is important he knows how much his efforts are appreciated. But not just that. Simon also tells Kieren that the Scheme is a scam. While talking by a campfire, Simon tells Kieren a story about how he had run away to America because he thought he'd be happier; unfortunately he became miserable again.

Kieren tells Simon that he believes that there's nothing for him in Roarton. Simon comforts Kieren by saying he has his family and Amy. Much to Kieren's surprise, Simon takes Kieren's hand and also says "there's me Episode 3 Edit While Kieren and Simon work together doing the Give-Back-Scheme, the two get into an argument about the treatment of the rabids in the clinic.

Simon wants to break the rabid PDS sufferers out and medicate them himself, while Kieren doesn't want to be involved and believes the treatment center is the best place for them to go. Simon angrily leaves, telling Kieren that he was wrong about him. Later that night, Gary calls the Walker house looking for Jem, wanting to tell her that Freddie Preston had gone rabid and he needs help dealing with him. Immediately, Kieren rushes to find Freddie. He calms Freddie down enough for Kieren to medicate him, and he then bound and carried to Gary's truck to be taken back to Norfolk for treatment.

Gary threatens Kieren by saying that he could get away with doing anything to PDS sufferers. An exhausted Kieren walks away from the scene, realizing the injustice that partially deceased syndrome sufferers face. He then breaks into a run. We see him arrive at Amy's bungalow. He gets greeted at the door by Simon, who is concerned by Kieren's current disheveled state. Kieren opens his mouth to speak, but instead he kisses Simon. Simon is surprised, but kisses him back.

He talks to Simon and voices his distrust of 'brainwashing' other people, saying won't allow Simon to do it to him, which he is then told this is not the case. Kieren tells Simon that he could be better if he acted more like a normal person. Simon tells him he would do anything to convince Kieren that he's serious about him, which leads to his agreement to join his family for lunch. With Simon having covered himself in mousse and put in his contacts he leaves with Kieren, who kisses him in the street before heading to his house, not knowing that Amy was watching.

They at the house and settles down with Simon awkwardly as they try making conversation with each other. This angers Kieren and prompts him to angrily tell his own story of when he rose, revealing details of him rising at midnight where no others had risen yet.

He storms out of the house with Simon following shortly behind. At the bungalow he sits in Simon's room, taking out his contacts before beginning to wipe away his mousse. He then walks over and does the same to Simon. Episode 5 Edit A now "au naturel" Kieren is accused of breaking into the hospital and releasing the untreated PDS sufferers from their cage, and defacing the walls of the hospital with ULA graffiti with Simon.

It was shown to be two of Simon's followers trying to impress him, but the townspeople believe Kieren was the one who is guilty. He is given a tape recorder and told to confess his crimes. After being pressured to confess to crimes he didn't commit, he slams the tape recorder onto the floor after yelling that he didn't do it. He's told that he will be put under house arrest until he can be transported back to the Norfolk treatment center because of his "noncompliance".

Jem locks the gun in her totally unsecure shed — and there she finds the handset of the phone they lost. Jem runs out the house- searching for Kieren. There, Janet comes home and asks him where Rick is. Kieren returns home — and sees Rick slumped against their garage door. He takes the knife out and storms off, crying. Kieren stabs the knife into the chair.

Kieren tells him his real son did come back and showed Bill his real self and Bill killed him for it. Janet looks on in utter horror. Bill says he was an imposter, Kieren says he came back, like him, it was a one shot deal and Bill ruined it.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

Janet grabs the knife from the sofa and attacks Bill screaming that he killed Rick. He holds up his hands, streaming with blood, while Kieren tries to hold Janet back. She collapses to the floor screaming accusations Bill staggers out the back, gasping about Rick and runs into — Ken, with a shotgun. He shoots Bill in the chest. He waklks away, past the zombie cage, inside which is Dean with the sandwich Ken got him.

Dean holds up his hands and says he saw nothing. Ken looks at him and walks way. Janet and Kieren come out and Kieren walks away. Kieren walks away, past another family having PDS painted on their door. And the man painting it saying he was just following orders Kieren walks into the woods, to the cave there.

He thinks Lisa comes from the back of the cave — but it resolves into his mother who was worried. He says he needed to be where he and Rick were together, and he thinks he got Rick killed, sticking up for him.

She tells him her own story of losing someone she loved at college, her only close encounter with suicide — and being saved by his father. Stewart forgives everything, but Kieren says no and talks about the pain he caused by just leaving without telling anyone anything — he wants Stewart to be angry he encourages him to be angry, to rage, to rant about what Kieren did until Stewart finally breaks and his reserve shatters and he starts crying.

Kieren hugs him It ends with the funerals of Rick and Bill Masey. Well, I feel fairly dragged over the coals.