Izaya and shizuo relationship marketing

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izaya and shizuo relationship marketing

Shizuo. X. Mikado. x. Izaya. Disclaim: I OWN NOTHING! Warning: "I-It's not true, we're n-not in a relationship" to make matters worse, Izaya skipped over to The black market doctor walked with a skip in his step down the. Explore Only The Best Ships's board "Izaya x Shizuo yaoi" on Pinterest. | See more Shizuo and Izaya their relationship is just a big ball of sexual tension. This is the beginning of an end; an end to the relationship these two mortal This is a dream, Shizuo thinks as he mutely watches Izaya getting .. there's some talk about a new drug that's been released on the black market.

He hears it all too clearly— The voice of somebody mocking him. Don't screw with me. Or, to be more precise, smashing them through the piece of furniture. Shizuo looks up, intending to glare directly into Izaya's eyes. He doesn't miss the grimace on Izaya's face, neither is he deaf to flea's breathing that's getting slightly faster, but the significance of it doesn't sink in fully with his temper threatening to flare and skyrocket through the roof.

Shouldn't have trusted you.

izaya and shizuo relationship marketing

I didn't want to jump to conclusions I wanted to give you a chance. I wanted to think you might have had a real, honest, good reason for coming back. Something that could convince you to come back even after I nearly Because you want to make a mess out of it again.

And the moment right after. Then, it is broken when Izaya, who has kept quiet all this while, melts back into his usual demeanor of annoying self-assurance as he begins to snicker. So that's how you react. To think that even you can be disappointed by me. You sure you wanna test that theory of yours? I swear I will. They clearly haven't been expecting to witness Izaya's guest towering above him, looking like he's about to beat Izaya senseless.

Most of the share of the surprise and horror belongs to Haruto, however, who looks like he's about to pass out from the adrenaline rush. Wait wait— What are you trying to do to Izaya-san, Uncle Shizuo? I'm going to threaten I mean, beat this pest up and hurl him across the room.

To such a declaration, Haruto's jaw drops as he lets out a horrified gasp. It's a very, very bad thing to do, Uncle Shizuo! Please don't bully Izaya-san like that! Don't get yourself confused. I'm still in the middle of a conversation with Uncle Shizuo. Go on, back to the other room. We're not having any goddamn conversation.

And stop calling me by that stupid-sounding nickname or I'll hurt you for real," Shizuo cuts in.


Does that mean you were bluffing when you said you were gonna throw me? C'mon Himari-chan, do something! Nice timing, you say I say I have most probably picked the worst possible timing to return here, and I am seriously considering taking my leave once again. Knowing you, Izaya-dono, you most likely got yourself into this situation.

Please learn how to handle this yourself. Sorry, but, who the hell are you? The older man, Sozoro, harrumphs. That is the very same question I would like to ask of you, young man. Haruto skips over towards him. They were supposed to be talking about something important, so Himari-chan and I went to one of our rooms but then we heard some noise and so we got out and now Uncle Shizuo keeps saying he's gonna hurt Izaya-san real bad.

Thank you very much, Haruto-kun. Shizuo watches as the elderly man glances in his and Izaya's direction, before he pulls a tight frown and his shoulders sink as he gives a quiet sigh.

Right then, he says— "For you, Haruto-kun, only this once. His phone buzzes almost immediately after. So he really is alive I sure hope he's not here to stir up trouble again That damn, slippery flea Wait, you met with him? But precisely because it had been Celty who said that, Shizuo is able to continue texting her calmly. It might have been a few years since then, but I still remember what you once said to me about Izaya, after you met Yahiro-kun and Kuon-kun He knows exactly what she's referring to, of course.

You don't have to worry about me, I know how to handle the flea. Lately there's been a few rumours going around town, and they're making me a bit concerned.

izaya and shizuo relationship marketing

And now that you just told me that Izaya's back, I can't help but feel that it's probably all connected What kind of rumours? Apparently there's some talk about a new drug that's been released on the black market. Nobody really knows where it came from, or how it was made. But it's being sold at an obscenely high price, and people are actually willing to pay for it What's so special about it? I asked Shinra about it, but all I could understand from his gibberish is that it's a mood stabiliser, of some sort, but it's different from the other kinds of mood stabilisers that are used in the legal drug market.

What does it do?

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What the heck would people even want that for? It's not as if it's all that pleasant a drug, either. Shinra says that a drug of that nature and potency can easily be incredibly addictive and even lethal to some people, especially if they overdose on it which isn't all that unlikely. But rumour has it that it's being sold even among high school and college students under the guise of it being a stress reliever drug or something along those lines Even students are getting their hands on this And you think it's related to the flea?

But still, I can't shake the feeling that he's connected to this, somehow. Maybe he's just being employed by a drug company or something to look into this. He is an informant, after all. Shizuo feels his phone vibrate in his hand. He looks back down at the screen.

I mean, after what happened with Izaya and everything, and how it's been so long since you two last met Do you wanna talk about it? Ah,] he writes, [that'd be great. If it's not too much trouble. And so he tells her. He tells her about everything he's seen, everything he's done, ever since Tom brought to his attention Izaya's return to Ikebukuro that day. He doesn't bother hiding anything, and reveals to Celty every single detail, right down, even, to the different expressions he's seen on Izaya's face that day.

It's the first time he's managed to talk this extensively about a person he ought to be hating without flying into a rage, even after the flea tried to pull such a horrid prank on him.

izaya and shizuo relationship marketing

Leaning against the wall of the vacant smoking room erected along the corner of South Ikebukuro Park, Shizuo watches the sky melt from blue to a blend of purple and orange while chewing on one end of his lit cigarette. Phewwwww— He breathes out a huge puff of smoke. It rises towards the ceiling like a worm crawling up a wall, bending and swaying with the cool evening breeze. He tilts his head back, watching the movement of the smoke as he ponders about something. For once today those thoughts are not occupied by a certain information broker who has made his surprise return to the city.

No, Shizuo refuses to let the detestable flea ruin this peaceful evening, especially not when the day is already shaping up to be Orihara Izaya Day with the flea having taken up so much of Shizuo's time.

Instead, he is thinking about something else for a change, an observation he has made since entering the compact room with transparent walls. Shizuo brings the cigarette to his lips again, a motion he's so used to doing that he doesn't realise he's doing it.

Indeed, there's barely anybody in sight, even though he's in a public area in one of Tokyo's major cities. Though he wouldn't call it deserted, it's still a little bit odd not seeing a huge crowd of people walking around Ikebukuro at this time. Shizuo figures it probably has something to do with the fact that he himself is there. While he would say that things have been a lot better after the flea left Ikebukuro, there're still a considerably significant part of the population that's terrified of him, and so people usually steer clear from his path whenever they can.

When he was a kid, this sort of thing used to sting more than the broken bones he often afflicted upon himself, but over time he learnt to accept it and soon enough he was the one who wanted people to get away from him, instead.

Now it's kind of like a balance between the two extremes, so he still does get instances when people wouldn't want to be caught in the vicinity of wherever he's at, and he can understand why perfectly. As he continues pondering about that, while taking a deep whiff from his cigarette— The door to the smoking room slides open.

I knew that was your back I saw. Tut tut, that's no good, that's no good at all, Shizuo-san. You're going to end up with lung cancer or something down the road if you keep doing that. If you die then who will be there to help us get first row tickets to Yuuhei-san's movies and all his limited edition merchandise? Isn't she with you? The names belonging to a pair of identical twins who can't get any more vastly different in personality. They also happen to be Izaya's younger sisters.

It shows, Shizuo thinks, the family resemblance. For one thing, they all seem to have a penchant for pestering him, although for very different reasons. The twins have an understandable reason for trying to use Shizuo in order to get closer to their idol, who happens to be Shizuo's younger brother. Izaya, on the other hand, just annoys him only because he can. Although it sounds like the Orihara twins frequently come and bug him for all things Hanejima Yuuhei-related, Shizuo doesn't, in fact, see them around all that often.

Even if he does, Shizuo tries not to approach them if he can.

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It's hard to do so, admittedly, when the first thing he wants to ask, instinctively and naturally considering their relation to the flea, is always about how they have been doing since their brother's disappearance.

They may seem bouncy and perfectly fine and energetic on the surface, but Shizuo can never be certain with the two of them, and it's never wise to ask such an insensitive question anyways when he's the one who probably drove their brother away in the first place.

Most of the time, it would be the twins themselves who pounce on him, and it's during those occasions that he finds it easier to sit down and talk to them. Probably because all they really want from him is tickets to Kasuka's meet-and-greet event or things with Kasuka's face on them that most normal people can't get anywhere else.

Just like what Mairu is doing right now. However, there is a stark difference about what Shizuo is experiencing now compared to the usual. That is, the glaring absence of Orihara Kururi. So he asks, as it is the most obvious thing to ask about in such a situation: So you haven't seen Kuru-nee either? I wonder where she could've gone We were in the middle of looking for kimonos together this morning It's Kuru-nee, after all.

She probably bumped into one of our past schoolmates and decided to dump me for him and gone off somewhere. I'm sure I'll be able to find her soon. And from the way you're acting, I think she's not. What are you talking about, Shizuo-san? Does it look like I keep in contact with people like former schoolmates? Nay, because the only person I need to keep in close, intimate contact with is Kuru-nee.

Everyone else should just forget about trying to get in-between us. Kuru-nee's fine, I'm sure. I was just checking Raira University or something. In Izaya's novel, a few years have passed since their last fight. Izaya fears Shizuo, but accepts his loss towards him and decides not to come back to Ikebukuro, even though his conflict might be the same or worse than before.

In the introduced chapters of the novel, Shizuo is interviewed about Izaya, though Shizuo just asks the interviewer to tell Izaya never to return to Ikebukuro.

izaya and shizuo relationship marketing

They run a radio show called Dear Girl Stories together. Ryohgo Naritacreator of Durarara!! Narita stated that he was made to re-write it many times by his friend as he was not making it "BL enough.

In the original script, Shizuo was not going to be in the story. However, Narita didn't want Izaya to be "this unstandable, unbeatable overpowered antagonist," so he came up with someone who would be his counter to stop him, and thus, Shizuo was created. Shizuo's hatred of Izaya also extends to anyone who reminds him of Izaya, like Kuon Kotonami. Izaya's nickname for Shizuo, "Shizu-chan", wasn't actually made by Izaya himself. Kyohei, Walker and Saburo all smiled as they reached for their boxes of ordered Sushi and excitedly opened the boxes devouring their lunches.

Before Kyohei even had the chance to eat his lunch he noticed Mikado running past them sobbing away like his life was in jeopardy. It's destiny for us to be together! Get out of Ikebukuro! And if I stop then something BAD might happen to me! At a street way, Celty was busy trying to find Izaya and Shizuo after hearing the news from Shinra, the description really rang a bell and she knew right away that it was Mikado that the doctor was describing.

So she cycled round Ikebukuro for a while and now she was almost about to give up until she saw Mikado running down the path in tears, with a giddy Izaya and raging Shizuo not too far behind.

The Dullahan put her motorcycle into gear as she drove over to Mikado and plucked the boy off the path. Mikado was shocked but then sighed when he realised that it was Celty.

Mikado woke up in a cold sweat but sighed when he saw that he was safe in his own room again. Thank god he thought to himself It was only a dream. Mikado however became alarmed when he noticed that there was something rather big at the end of his bed, something that couldn't be his feet and if they were then how did they get that big. Slowly Mikado pulled on the covers and raised them up to see locks of dark black and blonde. And thus another urban legend is born. My first Durarara fic, I feel as if I kind of made the ending really fast: But I really like the idea of poor little Mikado being the love interest of Izaya and Shizuo it would be so comical!