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Why Not with Captain Janeway?: A Rejoinder to Jeri Ryan

How refusing to sexualize Janeway led to the casting of Jeri Ryan Publicity photo of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine pilot and again discussed the issues that came with being the first female captain in the franchise. her entire philosophy in the course of those two episodes and I vote for him to end his life. Creative decisions for the series caused several issues. Janeway and Seven of Nine were one of the defining relationships of the series, but. at Fedcon 7 denying that Janeway and Seven would ever have a romantic relationship. between her character, Seven of Nine, and Kate Mulgrew's Kathryn Janeway. I'm not homosexual but I have no problem with people who are.".

It's not going to be an ongoing theme for Star Trek to come out and be gay. But Seven is the logical character for that to come up. Because she has no pre-conceived sexuality. And she is exploring every aspect of humanity. So, it wouldn't surprise me if we had an episode or two. But not with Captain Janeway. It's not going to be Seven and the Captain. Without more of an explanation here, she makes it sound as though such a relationship would be totally ridiculous.

I grant that it is unlikely, but I bristle at the suggestion that this is so far-fetched that it could never happen. If the producers of Voyager seriously are considering "touching on" the subject of homosexuality through Seven's evolving humanity, having Seven fall for Janeway would make Seven's lesbian exploration less ridiculous, more believable, and more poignant.

To offer a counterpoint, in the first-date episode Someone to Watch Over MeSeven arbitrarily chooses one "Lieutenant Chapman" for her date, selecting him from the crew manifest on the basis of "compatible interests" -- interests she didn't even know she had until the Doctor pointed them out! As a result, all the dating episode really accomplishes from the standpoint of Seven's character is a little superficial experimentation with social norms; the bulk of the character development in this episode is really the Doctor's.

By contrast, a relationship with someone Seven clearly already cares for, like Janeway, would contribute to developing the character emotionally.

Seven would be shown developing feelings of love and as a logical outgrowth of the personal interactions she already has with someone she knows, trusts, and respects. So if the producers really were considering a lesbian relationship for Seven, having her fall for Janeway would be the least contrived, most serious, most effective, and most logical way to handle it.

They may simply consider it too radical a departure for such central characters. This is the main reason gay concerns are so often marginalized in the mainstream media. One could think of this hypothetical response as Jeri's payback for all those "I'm thinking of leaving the show" interviews that Kate gave earlier in the year, in which she kept talking about her "loyalty" to her "original crew" and at least once implied that Jeri was "a bad apple.

Kate has said that keeping Janeway single keeps her "noble. Doesn't Kate know that portraying women as asexual is a tired old stereotype? So much for "boldly going The process of writing fan fiction is a kind of happy anarchy, in which fans textually "poach" popular characters, mostly from TV shows, and remake them a little by putting them in different kinds of stories: And with so few positive gay portrayals in the mass media, the possibility of remaking characters I love into something I can also relate to is especially important to me as a lesbian which is why I get a little rankled when folks dismiss all this as a joke.

But fan fiction is, at best, a limited anarchy; following canon is important to the success of developing a plausible yet different kind of story for the characters we love. Her hair was muffed up and her eyes were swollen and red. She slouched on the couch looking out at the stars through the window above her. She had a glass with ice and a clear, but golden liquid, probably whiskey or another hard liquor. He almost tripped on something as he walked closer to her. It was her boots he saw after regaining his balance.

He noticed her quarters looked a little more disheveled than normal. PADDs were tossed about on the couch and some on the chair. He even swore he saw one on the floor near her replicator. Chakotay saw her eyes held such bleakness. She saved us all. She frowned not taking much comfort in what he said.

She had only just begun to live when she should have had a lifetime. She should have had more time to enjoy being human, but if she were here right now, I bet she would be thanking you for what she did have because of you.

You gave her back over fours years of her life. We didn't say much to each other, even though I tried. I just couldn't after… " She paused when tears threatened to overwhelm her. Janeway blushed realizing she had said too much so she shifted the topic somewhat. So the rumors were true.

He thought they might have started something, but never realized it went that far. That it was that serious. It took him a few moments to regain his equilibrium. I wish things could be different too, god knows I owe her. I didn't even get a chance to tell her. I never got to say goodbye. He had strong feelings for Kathryn at one point, which turned into a deep friendship after the fourth year onboard Voyager.

They never pressed each other to start one and protocol got in the way. That's why the situation with Seven was so surprising to him. Seven must have had a strong influence on Kathryn for her to give in to a sexual relationship and disregard her no fraternization policy.

He didn't know what to say. He had no words that would take away this kind of pain so he did the only thing he could. He sat down next to her and hugged her gently.

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Would she be able to comeback from this? Chakotay had the sinking feeling that it would take a long time for Kathryn to heal from this particular loss. She had been moping about in self-pity and had neglected her duties, even though Chakotay understood completely after their talk.

She walked the hallways quietly checking on her crew and saying quick hellos before heading for the Cargo Bay.

How come Janeway never had a serious love interest - in SEVEN seasons?

Janeway did not attend the gathering before the funeral in the Mess Hall and didn't plan on attending the meeting in the Mess Hall afterwards either.

Neelix did the simple decorations and prepared the food choices that were to be served. He wanted it to be a celebration of her life. Neelix insisted to Commander Chakotay to make it an all day event, which he agreed on. There was food and drink available and Neelix went out of his way to make it a positive experience in light of the situation. The funeral was to be broadcast throughout the ship and to the Kreytor. Janeway also allowed Captain Kree to attend, since he requested it.

Janeway arrived in the Cargo bay in her Starfleet dress uniform fifteen minutes early and fidgeted impatiently for her remaining off duty crewmen to appear.

Once everyone who could attend was gathered, she proceeded to say a few words on Seven's behalf. Swallowing down her sorrow, she continued. But we know now, that she was much more than that. Her human name was Annika Hansen. A little girl, who was assimilated at six years of age by the borg until fate brought us to the Delta Quadrant, where our paths would eventually cross.

I know some of you would disagree. I know that not all of you, appreciated her unique way of doing things and I'll be first to admit that she could be down right stubborn. She got emotional, but her crew had already seen her moping around the ship, so that told them how deeply she cared for the ex-borg drone. It didn't come as a surprise to them as she expected it would.

More so than most of you realize. I know for a fact that she can cry, laugh and feel emotional pain just like the rest of us. She was only passive and indifferent on the outside, because she didn't know how to be any different. My only regret was that she didn't have a chance for a longer life as an individual. She would have given her life for anyone of you without hesitation and in the end, she died for us all, to save this ship and its crew.

She kept her chin up as the saline droplets came down. Many crewmen and women paid their respects by putting a flower on Seven's casket before leaving and others mumbled a few words to themselves as they stood before the casket. Everyone had an opportunity to say goodbye in whatever way they wanted to. The senior staff and her closest friends stayed the latest to pay their respects to the Starfleet honored casket that withheld Seven's still form.

The Captain waited for everyone to leave before she would visit the casket containing Seven's body. It hadn't been sealed yet and she wanted to open it and gaze upon her lover's features one more time before saying goodbye.

Looking timid, Kree handed her a small metal box. She closed her eyes to fight the tears away. Finally everyone filed out, except Chakotay and the Captain. When he asked her if she was all right, Janeway told him she needed a moment alone with Seven. She walked over to the casket, her footsteps resounding on the metallic floor to echo around the room.

Reaching the casket, she sighed deeply and opened the top half slowly to peer inside tentatively, her heart in her throat. Once the hood was opened, all her fear dropped away, replaced by warmth in her heart - by love for this amazing woman. As hard as she tried, the tears still came, at what she would never share. A life that she now considered empty, but for duty. Seven was gorgeous even after death. The Doctor did an astounding job on the young woman's appearance taking care of all the necessary procedures per the Captain's instructions.

What season was this? This was the beginning of Season Four. Everything was top secret about the character.

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They were very successful in getting the mainstream media to pay attention to it with the addition of the character. What were the other stories? It is so far in the past. Pick the one that you feel comfortable sharing. It was understandably tough for an existing cast that had been together for three years already. Star Trek, traditionally — because this was like the fourth incarnation of Star Trek at the time — was always the Captain, or the Captain and First Officer.

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So all of a sudden, all of that shifted drastically in Season Four and now the writers, who have been writing for the same seven characters for three years, are salivating for something new to write with. Consequently, all the scripts revolved around Seven of Nine and her relationship with the other characters, of course — which actually ended up leading to some really rich storylines for the other characters.

There was probably more diversity in terms of storyline for everybody. That was tough, and it was particularly tough for some more than others, which was not real fun.

Janeway questions her relationship with Seven

It really made it an unpleasant work experience.