Jeet and koel relationship quotes

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jeet and koel relationship quotes

Koel: He is extremely helpful as a co-actor. The best part is that Jeet keeps his cool at all times. He is level-headed and patient which, in turn. Explore and download Instagram posts for tag #JEET | Instagub. With Jeet, Koyel Mallick, Tapas Pal, Abdur Razzak. Shubhankar They attacked him and Puja (Koyel Mallik) took him to the hospital. Trailers and Videos. DID YOU KNOW? Trivia · Goofs · Crazy Credits · Quotes .. Puja also fell in love with Shubho, Indrajit did not accept their relation and tried to kill Shubho at any cost.

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He soon realises that Anu is a short-tempered young woman. Once, Rahul accompanies her, along with two other colleagues to Australiawhere he reveals his feelings for her. She refuses him saying that she comes from an orthodox family and her marriage is set for next month. A depressed Rahul returns to India. Unable to bear seeing his son so despondent, his father meets Anu. She abuses him for recommending his son's love and accidentally slaps both Rahul and his father.

That night, Rahul's father dies of a heart attack and after cremation of his father, Rahul gets shattered and blames himself for his father's death, thinking that the death caused due to sharing his feelings to Anu.

jeet and koel relationship quotes

In order to help lighten Rahul's mood, Abhi takes him to his village to his marriage. Anu happens to be the girl Abhi is to marry, so Rahul learns that his colleague is marrying his friend. Though Rahul and Anu pretended to be unknown to each other for the slapping incident and therefore, Rahul starts avoiding Anu.

Jeet-Koel pair up again

A few years ago, their grandfather's Biswajit Chakraborty thought of getting them married early, but was put aside because Abhi and Anu left the house to seek their own identities.

This had aggravated the grandfather. After a couple of years, the parents of Anu and Abhi decide to have them marry to appease their grandfather. Rahul feels at home with Abhi's loving family and feels happy. But suddenly Soniya, Abhi's little sister, falls in love with Rahul. Anu gets jealous and realises that she does indeed love Rahul. When Rahul saves the family from a bunch of goons, Abhi and Anu's grandfather accepts him into the family.

Anu asks Rahul to forgive her as she feels guilty about slapping Rahul's father. Eventually, Rahul does, and they start talking. The day before the wedding, Anu runs to Rahul. Much later, we worked in Love and our chemistry clicked.

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Bor Ashbe Ekhuni was our second outing together and we had as much fun. After that, we worked together in Neel Akashe Chandni.


Hiran and I were paired together for his first film Nabab Nandini and so I am like a teacher to him! He has acted with my father in many films as a child artiste and as a kid I used to be extremely jealous of him because my father would cuddle and love him a lot. But, of course, things were different when I grew up. As a child, though, he was my biggest enemy! Kushali Nag Which hero looks best opposite Koel? Paglu is your twelfth film.

jeet and koel relationship quotes

How different is your role here from the other 11 films? How the director treats the story is what makes it different.

In Paglu, I play Dev, who is an orphan and lives in a bustee. He goes to college and falls in love with Rimi Koelwho studies in another college. She is a no-nonsense girl from a rich family in America. Her father is a politician there. Yet Dev is head over heels in love and tries to convince her till one day she leaves for America.

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Her father Rajatava Dutta tells Dev to stay away from her but he swears that he would marry his daughter some day. Yes, you can say that it has some resemblance with Challenge. But only the father-lover face-off, the rest is different I learnt Nunchaku martial art for the film. This form needs you to fight with two sticks tied with a chain.

jeet and koel relationship quotes

I had hired two experts from Dunlop who taught me Nunchaku. There are two fight sequences in the film where I do Nunchaku. I have tried to do my best. Of your 12 films, which character do you identify with the most?

jeet and koel relationship quotes

I loved my role in Dui Prithibi — Shibu, the thief. It was different and performance-oriented. I am also emotionally attached to my role in my first film I Love You, where I played lover-boy Rahul. I play Jitu, a Casanova.

He is wild but he changes for the better in the last minutes of the film. I can identify with the changed Jitu. The way he behaves with his mother and his father is very close to what I am in real life.