Jerry hall and mick jagger relationship

jerry hall and mick jagger relationship

Mick Jagger pictured with his long-suffering wife Jerry Hall She is vague on how the romantic aspect of her relationship with Jagger ended. Her relationship with Mick Jagger famously led to the end of his Lucas being born and led to the end of Mick's marriage to Jerry Hall in Mick Jagger's First Wives Club gathered to celebrate Jerry Hall's new to say: 'I don't care what Mick says his relationship is with Jerry Hall.

jerry hall and mick jagger relationship

They want to marry you and pay for everything. Then Mick Jagger, an even bigger rock star, stole her away.

jerry hall and mick jagger relationship

He married her eventually but by then Jerry had learned that even her kind of breathtaking, smack-you-in-theface gorgeousness has its limitations. Her beauty did not protect her from Jagger's almost pathological unfaithfulness, nor from the pain it caused her, right from the early days of her relationship. She would come home from modelling assignments to find things lying around which did not belong to her.

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The death knell finally sounded on her marriage in when it emerged that Jagger, with whom she'd had four children, had fathered a child by another woman. Then in the divorce proceedings he argued that the Balinese wedding ceremony in had never been valid. Beauty makes life easier Jerry Hall His reasons appeared to have a financial rather than an emotional basis.

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  • Why Jerry Hall's marriage to Mick Jagger wasn't really a marriage

Jagger's reputation for being shrewd with money can sometimes spill over into tight-fistedness. But the court agreed and the marriage was annulled rather than dissolved.

jerry hall and mick jagger relationship

Getty Marianne in June Image: Mirrorpix Singer Marianne had become famous in her own right by the time she and Mick started seeing each other she'd been 'discovered' at the Rolling Stones' launch party in early Having married John Dunbar and given birth to their first child Nicholas inMarianne left shortly afterwards to be with Mick. The power couple quickly became known in the Swinging Sixties party scene for their wild hedonism — Marianne was once caught wearing nothing but a fur coat during a police drugs raid on Keith Richards' home.

Why Jerry Hall's marriage to Mick Jagger wasn't really a marriage

Doreen Spooner She would later turn to heroin and alcohol to deal with her personal problems, and went on to develop anorexia after a miscarriage. After ending her relationship with Jagger inMarianne lost custody of her son and became homeless, living on the streets of Soho with her addictions.

Marianne eventually rallied and went on to release more music - her latest, announced in Januaryis a live album of her 50th anniversary tour. During her time with Mick, she found out he had allegedly slept with Anita Pallenberg - the then-partner of Keith Richards.

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Marianne made sure she took revenge on Mick by bedding Keith in return. REX Black magic-obsessed Anita had romantic involvement with three members of the Stones - first with guitarist Brian Jones, then between and with Keith Richards with a brief fling - which she later denied - with Mick himself. Marsha Hunt Marsha Hunt Image: Rex The American actress met Jagger in and had an affair with him, leading to the birth of her only child, Karis Jagger.

Marsha claimed the controversial Stones hit Brown Sugar was written about her.

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Getty Bianca later said that her marriage "ended on my wedding day" Image: They married just six months later when Bianca was four months' pregnant with their daughter Jade, who was born in October Bianca would later say, "My marriage ended on my wedding day", thought to refer to Mick's promiscuous ways.

She filed for divorce on the grounds of his adultery induring his affair with Jerry Hall. Despite Eric's protests, he managed, and the two would go on to have an affair behind the rocker's back.