Jesus and his disciples relationship

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jesus and his disciples relationship

It is significant that Jesus tells Peter of his new role so early in their master– disciple relationship. He wants Peter to be clear about the nature of their relationship. Why did Jesus invest so much of his life in his 12 disciples? And within that group , why did he repeatedly invest in a deeper way in an inner. Jesus knew how to win the trust, confidence and love from His disciples because He chose men who were committed to the goals of the.

They receive teaching along with Andrew about the end of the age. Peter also has a one-to-one question-and-answer session with Jesus about the Temple Tax and has the privilege, apparently unique among the disciples, of hosting Jesus. Jesus has prayed to the Father, who has given Peter insight to understand that Jesus is the Messiah.

The confession that Peter makes, as spokesman for the disciples, is a significant one.

jesus and his disciples relationship

As a result, Jesus appoints Peter to a key role in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus reaffirms Peter as the rock because he understands who Jesus is; it is the quality of his relationship with Jesus, based on the knowledge revealed to him, that makes him suitable for this role.

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One possible explanation is that Jesus is himself struggling with this aspect of his vocation as we see clearly in Gethsemane and needs to be decisive in resisting the temptation that Peter offers, just as he was when directly tempted by Satan. Any lesser or gentler rebuke to Peter would have been a disservice to him, underplaying the seriousness of his actions. In this incident, recorded by Matthew, Peter and the other disciples have spent a busy period of ministry with Jesus. They have tried to take rest together in a solitary place, but the crowds have continued to pursue them.

Jesus then involves the disciples in an amazing miracle when he feeds over 5, people, before dismissing them to cross the lake in a boat. The disciples have encountered a storm and have been battling the weather for many hours.

When Jesus approaches them it is between 3 a.


They must have been physically exhausted, not only from their ministry, but also from their fight with the storm. Jesus chose to establish His base and a new team in Capernaum, a beautiful town nearby, on the edge of the Sea of Galilee. The prophet, Isaiah, had prophesied that Jesus would live in Capernaum.

The selection of the Twelve demanded the utmost deliberation as well as sacrifice.

jesus and his disciples relationship

Prior to Jesus choosing these men, He fervently sought to fulfill the will of God, the Father. These men would not only be His followers, but individuals who would be closest to Him. In every way, the Son of God chose to be vulnerable to these individuals. Still these men were the sort of people God has always desired—the humble. Despite their faults, the Twelve were teachable. Jesus wanted men who could understand the struggles of the broken-hearted, the poor, and the afflicted.

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The 12 Disciples — Before and After Jesus could not have picked a more diverse group of men to accomplish His divine purpose. They argued among themselves about which disciple would be the greatest Luke 9: Though something is lose, it is better gone than to keep it and end up in hell. By such trials we are then preserved. Salt as a preservative is good, if it is effective. Instead of being a cause for stumbling and falling away in others, we should be seeking the preservation of ourselves and those around us Galatians 6: Parable of the Lost Sheep Matthew When a sheep is lost, a shepherd is willing to leave his flock to find that one lost sheep.

Even though he has ninety-nine safely in his care, that one sheep matters to the shepherd.

jesus and his disciples relationship

We tend to rate people as to who is important and who is not. God sees each person as equally important. Settling Disagreements Matthew If two brethren are in a dispute, they need to settle their problem in a way that involves the least number of people. Ideally, two Christians ought to be able to settle their own dispute, but too often disagreements are left to fester Ephesians 4: We have to deal with problems without personal hatred Leviticus Only if an attempt was made to resolve the problem and it proved unsuccessful, then two or three others should be asked to help resolve the problem.

The primary purpose of these additional people is to provide witnesses to what is being said. This keeps the dispute from decaying into accusations of what someone did or did not say.

jesus and his disciples relationship

It also shows the importance of having hard factual evidence from which to work. Yet even in their role of witness, the goal is to bring about a resolution to the problem.

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Only if the first two attempts fail is the matter to be brought before the church to be settled. If the church is unable to bring about a resolution to the dispute then the brother in the wrong is to be withdrawn from. A major effect of this method for settling problems is that the number of people involved in a dispute is kept to a minimum James 5: This can be seen in the dealing with false teachers in Acts The apostles and elders tried the case Acts It is not stating that the church has the right to create its own laws and that God would go along with whatever they decide.

When two or three are gathered under the authority of Christ that is, in his namethen Christ would be there with them. The decisions they make will be upheld by God.

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Again, this is not a blank check to make their own laws. It is the assurance of the king that when his people uphold his laws, the king would back them up with his authority.

Forgiving a Personal Wrong Matthew Sometimes a matter is settled, but it is then repeated. If a problem keeps resurfacing, how long must you keep forgiving someone who has wronged you?