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That thing could be dangerous. Ino, meanwhile, spoke gibberish underneath her breath. Kikushita had been dropping hints all the time at the facility! He said it before we left, weren't you listening? This reality was beyond her wildest imaginings, so, Naruto understood her reaction. How does Kikushita know? Did you blab it to her? Most of the time she's right. Naruto, I haven't even met the woman. He knocked on the door and sound quickly reached his ears of someone approaching. When the door swung open, he was relieved to see Hatsue's youngest sister, Saiko, standing at the threshold with her eyes glued to his face in surprise.

The older woman appeared from the other room with a mug in her hands and her thick, black hair twisted into a knot at the top of her head. She shot him a suspicious look. Saiko, go finish your breakfast. Mirai sauntered to the doorway, standing with her hands on the frame.

She eyed Ino with the same suspicion before finally turning to Naruto. Where the hell have you been? They say all the prisoners they had there turned the island into another Atlantis. Hundreds of people drowned. Ino, this is Hatsue's aunt, Arishima Mirai. She leaned forward while Ino remained out of earshot.

Naruto could see the kitchen through the adjacent door and Saiko as well, who was eating at the square table. You see…" Naruto began to tell Mirai the truth about everything starting with the destruction of the first facility and ending with the events they had recently escaped.

Mirai's expression changed from a shocked one to a blank stare as his story progressed and once he finished talking, she punched him square in the nose.

Naruto barely flinched, despite the blood dripping from his nose. She was still processing the information. Her head was in chaos. He's the last of his kind. He's a higher tier demon.

The kind of power he possesses is something the rest of the Otherworld community wished to protect against the facility-owners. We are all just trying to protect ourselves from them. We couldn't risk exposure…not until now. I don't think we'll be able to stay hidden long. Someone took Hatsue out of the facility before we staged our escape. We don't know how, but we have our ideas as to why…and we need to find her.

She might be in danger. She's been—" "Been what? She opened her mouth to elaborate, but seemed to have changed her mind. We need something of hers. Something that can help our friend find her. Once she had finished breakfast, she had made her way to her room on the opposite side of the house. Hatsue took her things seven years ago when she moved, but it's probably too dangerous for you to go to her house. You might have to contact Yue.

If anyone's known her in and out of that facility it's that woman. He completely forgot about Hatsue's best friend.

Let me find my book. You know where it is. The queen-sized bed sat opposite of the door, made up with several pillows and a gray coverlet.

He started his search and found a dresser full of unused clothes and an empty closet. There was nothing in the room of much use. Naruto found her at the entrance, his heart hammering from the fright. She says it's the only lipstick that gives her the perfect red lip.

She didn't leave the house without it, you know, when she was staying here after that gas leak issue at home. She accidentally dropped it once and went crazy looking for it. She didn't go to sleep until she knew she had it in her purse. I think Yue's your best bet. She never liked to talk about Hatsue's imprisonment in the facility; she had been very attached to her growing up and had looked up to her.

In his excitement, he took Saiko by the arms, smiling widely. He started to leave when Saiko called him back. Yue's going to be our only chance at getting something Hatsue's attached to. He dialed quickly and waited as the ringtone droned in his ear. He looked at Mirai's hopeful face and Ino's nervous one and counted the number of rings he heard until he reached a fifth and realized she wouldn't be answering. It's Naruto," Naruto said in a single breath.

In the background he could hear the professional tone of a news anchor delivering the latest news. Have you heard about what happened at the facility? Do you know anything about Hatsue? Is she in danger? Stop keeping me in suspense, Uzumaki, I don't have the heart for this! I'll see you then. I'm sorry about hitting you earlier.

I don't understand much, but I know that if you could have, you would've tried to free Hatsue. Now, I hope that you'll find her and keep her safe. Make sure she comes visit often.

She gave her a hug and smiled. They grow red berries and they can offer you protection. She started to scribble something in the back of it, something that looked like an address. If you tell them I sent you, they'll give you something to protect everyone. So, just get rowan trees planted as soon as you can.

Rowan trees offered protection against demons, but one of its more practical uses included absorbing malignant energy like the one seeping through the seal between words. Mirai thanked Ino once more and bade them farewell before shutting the door behind her. Ino joined him again and together, they walked back towards the truck.

I can repair it if we get a chance. I have a feeling that with it she can do much more than we know, but there is absolutely nothing left on the dragon race. We don't have scriptures, we don't have tablets, all we have are stories, and in all of those stories, they've always been the villains. And there has been nothing on the gyoku.

I mean, I never heard of it until you mentioned it. Are you curious about Sasuke? I mean, who can tell with Sasuke. Everything he should have been feeling for Hatsue—the protectiveness, the start of the Equilibrium bond process, he's redirected it to you.

He really likes tomatoes. Knowing this is like holding the key to the universe. Hatsue likes shiny things. You're the Equilibrium Sage.

I don't think you need any help at all. I don't know what to expect. I remember being knocked out. Sasuke was the one that caught me by surprise. We were done in by each other's mates. Then we can hit the supermarket. I think we'll get more done if we split up. No way," she said. You can just meet me there. A part of Hinata's family separated to create a small chain of hidden stores that catered to all demon and Sage needs. Naruto used to frequent the place with Jiraiya when he was younger and started paying his own visits while further developing his Sage powers with his last master.

The owner of that particular shop was Hinata's older cousin, Neji, who was a powerful kitsune demon, and for a great portion of their youth, they didn't get along. He drove to Yue's apartment building. He double checked the area before proceeding inside the modest three-story building and went up to the second floor to her home. Yue opened the door without him knocking and ushered him inside her lavishly decorated home after casting a look down both ends of the hallway.

She locked up behind him and started to shove him further inside into the small living room where the TV was on a news channel showing live images of the island facility's remains. Debris floating on the dark waters with smoke billowing in a spiral up to the sky. The sound was lowered to a quiet hum of updates on the situation.

He caught one of her thoughts. She worried about a person appearing at her doorway, someone she didn't want to see.

She threatened to skin me alive if I lost it. She handed it to him on the way to take a seat. He pocketed it, hoping it would be enough. They haven't released information on the demons inside.

So, I don't have much time to explain things, but here's the short version. Hatsue was taken from the facility before it was destroyed. She should be safe, but there's no knowing for how long. That stupid doctor of hers wouldn't let me.

Startled, Yue squeaked at the sight of the man and stood, using Naruto as a shield. I can fix my bond with Hatsue any time I want," he replied. He had completely forgotten that he had agreed to do anything if Kabuto could fix his Equilibrium bond with Hatsue when they were still stuck in the facility. He wasn't thinking straight at the time, else his instinct would have automatically warned him about saying yes to the mizuchi.

The mizuchi pulled something from inside, it glinted in the light, silver and then pink. Hanging pinched between his thumb and forefinger, spinning restlessly like a toy top on a table surface, was Hatsue's gyoku, the rose diamond. I'm sure it's important.

I can survive there, but I don't have a way inside," said Kabuto. Images of mutants dragging Hatsue's body up a staircase were transported into his head with Kabuto leading the way. If she was taken, she was taken after I left her. I couldn't trace her inside the facility. He didn't need any of that.

There were bigger things to worry about and he prioritized Hatsue over them all. He turned to Yue. You can save her if you help me break the seal. If she were to die—" "I'll find a way! Part VI Hatsue stood in the graveyard facing the invisible Seam to Otherworld, heart beating in trepidation. She held a bouquet of yellow flowers in her arms.

She bought them after walking past a shop. She needed an excuse to visit without any raising eyebrows, except she was starting to suspect someone was keeping an eye on her. She sensed the presence of another, but it was an individual she couldn't see with her eyes, not like the other mutants sent after her. She cast another look around her, surveying the area. She could not see them, but she felt their hostility like a persistent ache.

She returned her eyes forward to the entrance and thought about what Kabuto told her. Since she moved in with her grandmother after transferring schools, she always found her way to the graveyard where she spent hours walking up and down its vast green grounds. She found peace sitting in the shade of the oak trees and silence among the dead.

She stopped dropping by after her friendship with Naruto developed into him walking her home and staying over to study. Naruto provided her the comfort this place once did.

Without him, she came back seeking solace. She understood her actions a little better with an explanation. She stopped wobbling before Hatsue walked up to steady her and help her uncork her heels. I did it often. She would need to watch what she said. When she glanced down, she read the name Uzumaki on the tombstone, but with Yue rushing her, she hoped it looked as much an accident as it was. However, suspicion washed over her and her heart clenched.

She took Yue's arm and folded it over hers. Who put you in a pea coat? A couple of men passing by gawked at her and she smiled. Hatsue glared at them and they both turned away startled, whispering beneath their breath. She caught one of their comments in which she was referred to as the "scary one. They need all the protection they can get once the cold starts rolling in.

You are giving me nothing to work with. She left her friend's side to slip into the driver's seat, quick to realize that whoever had been watching her earlier was no longer there, the hostility vanishing with them. She lost the tension in her shoulders and sighed deeply. You get all tense and start being extra frowny. Your jokes and cynicism also start to suffer, the quantity starts increasing but the quality drops exponentially.

The less you know the better. If you did, I support it. Well, did you have a fight? It was getting annoyingly distracting and Hatsue couldn't concentrate enough to shut it away. I know you're hiding something. When my stupid doctor was inside the bar. The bar was packed. I swear I was seeing things. I think there was a point I got drunk on everyone else's drunkenness. My guard wasn't that strong.

We were talking and one thing led to another—" Yue gasped.

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I can feel your shock. She couldn't drive while arguing with her friend and simultaneously absorbing all of Yue's emotions. Yue stared at her awkwardly, asking without really speaking why they suddenly stopped. We have at least an hour before the movie starts. And then you have to answer my questions.

I can't talk to him for long. I can't control myself near him. I just want to…I want to—" "Hatsue! You look like you'd like to sink your teeth into the poor guy. I mean, how many people actually get the privileged of being with their soul mate?

Why don't you have some faith that it could work out for you both? That maybe if you took a chance to be together, everything would work out in the end? Hatsue wanted to be as hopeful as Yue suggested. Her friend made it sound so easy—taking a leap of faith sounded incredible, but it came with consequences.

She was being realistic. Take a chance and go get him! The gray skin and red scales were gone. She leaned over and embraced Yue, thanking her for the suggestion. I mean, Uzumaki really grew up nicely, I mean, from what you showed me in high school, he really, really, really grew up nice and sturdy. Hatsue glowered at her, and upon realizing, Yue apologized. I can't control my power with him! We should get going. You should be with him. Uchiha Sasuke went to him in the hopes of gaining an object of Hatsue's attachment to locate her, but Naruto blanked as soon as he asked for it.

Naruto snapped out of his reverie and shoved a hand into his pants' pocket to retrieve something that shone brilliantly against the opaque lighting of an old lamp. Dangling from his closed fist was a rose diamond on a silver chain.

He gave it to me," Naruto replied nonchalantly.

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Wherever Hatsue was concerned, Kabuto's involvement always filled him with doubt. The man always seemed too interested in her actions, performance, wellbeing—everything concerning Hatsue was his top priority and Sasuke believed it was odd. He didn't like the idea of Kabuto holding onto the Kikushita heirloom. He just gave it to me.

Said I might find it useful. Yakushi Kabuto was as resourceful as he was shady and the divide between his loyalty for the Lotus Facility and to them, as higher tier dragon demons, was blurred by his own hidden agenda. Sasuke left to sit after glaring at Naruto. He caught sight of Ino walking down the staircase and hurrying into the kitchen.

Did you ever learn to make elixirs? Why don't you go out there and help Sasuke-kun? He pictured her as he last saw her being ushered out of Block G where he had been scheduled to fight against Naruto for one of Orochimaru's experiments. Naruto trudged out of the kitchen and stopped at the foot of the staircase. He abandoned his seat, pocketing Hatsue's necklace, fighting against his instinct to do everything in his power to find her. Naruto and Kiba were wasting time in front of the kitchen door.

He stopped behind them. Ino stared at him wide-eyed. You're going to help? Sasuke glanced at Naruto as the blond grinned back at him while shoving Kiba into the other room. He didn't trust that smile and he didn't like Ino's sudden change in behavior. It was almost like she knew something. A glass jar smashed behind him and panicked, Ino apologized to him and grabbed a broom nearby to sweep up her mess. He eyed her suspiciously and noticed her ears turned a bright red.

He had a theory and it involved a certain yellow-haired blabbermouth saying something he shouldn't have. Sasuke stared at her. Can you find me a bowl? I'm going to need a large container and water, lots of water.

I'm making a tea. He reached for a rag from the sink. She caught it and wrapped the damp cloth around her finger. He walked to her and she once again, stared at him awkwardly. He pressed his thumb against the end of the bleeding cut, and using his own life energy, he started to move his finger over the surface. Once he pulled his hand away from hers, she marveled at her healed finger and looked up at him. Powers of the mind, eyes, and heart are the basic principles of Sage abilities.

My ancestors are the Originators. They created Otherworld and paved way for the rest of the demons and Sages. Your base abilities came from us. We could use a good detox. I suppose a bond is a bond whether or not it was artificially created. Naruto was never this calm without Hatsue around. So that was that. After years of not missing one? ETTA It was the war. Sent off to the camps. With all the other Japs.

Carl smooths out a poster which Zenichi has brought. Carl lights his pipe. Compassion in the broad weathered face.

Etta watches by the stove. Otherwise, they just rot. Zenichi produces a neat stack of bills. Puts them on the table. I'm not gonna take your savings at a time like this.

Zenichi spreads the bills out. One hundred and twenty- five dollars. Then, I send more from where I'm going. If not enough, you sell my seven acre berries, and keep the money. ETTA Thought you was givin' us those. ETTA Didn't you come in here givin' them away? Now you want to make up the other half in berries you expect us to tend and pick. Is that what you come here hopin' on? Zenichi keeps his anger within.

His face is set. ETTA You want more coffee? But Carl is staring at his wife. She stares right back. Carl turns, slides the money toward Zenichi. You keep this money, and those payments will work out fine. Somewhere down the road. I couldn't run the farm by myself, so I sold all thirty acres to Ole Jurgensen. Got a fair price, this time. To deliver the clincher Which I didn't have to do.

As if drinking this in. But Nels' attention is drawn to Kazuo as he stares at Etta. And that was that. Or did you hear from the defendant's family again? She points to Kazuo who stares back at her with eyes as hard as her own.

ETTA He just showed up at my door. No one is inviting him inside. What is it you want? He looks her squarely in the eye, fearlessly. Etta is a little unnerved. ETTA It isn't yours. It's Ole Jurgensen's now. Got talk to him about it. She goes to shut the door. Kazuo stops it with his foot. He didn't know it was our land. You didn't tell him Mr. Heine promised my fath ETTA I was s'posed to tell him there's some illegal contract muddling things up?

You folks didn't make your payments. In America, bank comes in and repossesses your land. I didn't do anything wrong. Wrong is a different mat ETTA Get out of here. You took advantage of the fact that we were gone. The door has closed in his face. And Kazuo stands there.

Whether to break it down. He stops, momentarily unsteady. He holds the handrail as if to brace himself. The droning of bees It's Kazuo, his eyes searching ahead. A burst of machine gun fire rips the air.

Kazuo signals a fellow soldier, also Japanese. A flurry of action. Half a dozen men run from cover to cover up a hill. Across the valley more bursts of firing. Others drag them to cover. Now alone, Kazuo inches around a tree. He continues cautiously up the slope. Now we see his objective: Carefully, Kazuo approaches the machine-gun nest. Taking out a grenade, he draws the pin. He holds it briefly, then suddenly stands and tosses it into the opening.

He throws himself down behind a fallen tree. Clods of earth rain down on Kazuo. Legs visible inside, lying on the ground. Not a hint of movement. Cautiously, Kazuo maneuvers for a better sightline. Now he can see three German soldiers inside, clearly dead. The fourth is just a boy, barely sixteen, and already badly wounded.

He sees Kazuo, and his hand reaches with difficulty behind some rubble. Swiftly, Kazuo steps on the boy's wrist to stop him. Then sees the boy's left arm moving in the darkness near the booted feet of one of his dead companions. In a reflex action, Kazuo smashes his rifle butt to the side of the boy's head.

A lightning quick coup de grace. From the boy's hand drops: Remaining seated, Nels slouches back a little in his chair. Gazing benignly into Etta's hostile glare. NELS Just three questions. Defaulted on their payments. What did Ole Jurgensen pay you per acre?

ETTA Is that your third question? ETTA You done your math right. The old man wears a thin, cold smile. As he watches Etta rise from the box. Judge Lew Fielding leans his frame toward the jurors I do hope you'll be reasonably comfortable in the hotel tonight. And one more thing And turns directly to the press balcony.

To make sure they are listening. Which is why I mention it. People hurry across the street. Cars pull away from the curb. Through the lamplight, Ishmael sees Nels, shoulders hunched against the cold.

Walking away from the courthouse. It's busy around the gas pumps. DAVE Let it snow, let it snow! DAVE Where were you in '29? Now that was a snowstorm. DAVE Don't believe me! Go check the coastguard weather records if you want proof. DAVE Scribble, scribble, scribble! While the rest of us have to work for a living! Ishmael smiles, tolerating the usual jibe.

Brooding over the remnants of his meal. He looks out the window, assessing the weather. Coming to a decision, he reaches for his coat. By the door, he hesitates a moment. The Chrysler pulls up. Ishmael gets out and trudges towards the concrete tower Weather reports, month by month. That's how we do things - by dates mainly. Radio transmissions, shipping logs, weather reports, the whole nine yards.

The young Coast Guard radioman indicates the crates and boxes stacked floor to ceiling in the cramped room. Not that anyone ever pays them any mind.

Ishmael nods, contemplating the mountain of information. A thought occurs to him. Fishermen, that sort of thing? Anything significant that is. Some of those guys don't know when to shut up. He heads for the door. Ishmael considers the drawer open at "December. The sound of a key in the lock. He sits up, as Abel Martinson steps in, followed by Nels. Abel leaves, locking the door. Nels opens the cigar box, takes out a cigar. Offers one to Kazuo. NELS I should've thought of this weeks ago.

I've been looking for someone with the free time to play chess for fifty years. My guess is you play a mean game. He sets up the board. NELS White or black? NELS Most players prefer to open. Why is that anyway? NELS And you don't? Kazuo takes a pawn in each hand. NELS If we're going to leave it to chance, left is as good as right.

Kazuo looks at him. Which will it be? Nels taps one hand. Kazuo opens it, black. Open on the table. Finds what he's looking for. He puts the notebook next to the open report on file. His finger compares two details. Puts away the notebook. Ishmael and Levant lean over a map. Any freighter off-course can dogleg back through here. They get the hell out of there. He looks up at Ishmael. Just curious that's all.

Levant goes to return the file to its drawer. As he returns the file to the drawer, he deftly removes the radio report and pockets it.

More black pieces than white. Kazuo studies the board silently. He gently topples his king on its side. Nels puts it to his cigar. Kazuo puts his aside.

I see a guilty man. Ask the men I killed in the war. NELS But that was war. Nels takes a puff. To kill Carl Heine. Well, first there's the land itself.

Kazuo says not a word. NELS Then there's prejudice. Your people locked in a concentration camp. Your father never returns. You go off to fight the Nazis. Come back to this. Nels leans back against the wall. NELS Then there's fairness and honor. You were cheated by that old bitch. Boy, she is something. NELS You're right there. Nels shakes his head. Hooks has missed the one reason.

You coulda done it. Behind the defendant's eyes. And you weren't thinking about her. No, it wasn't you she dishonored. NELS Your father was a man of honor. He chose his own death rather than There is a silence. In the first degree. And unless you want to hang The word sits between them. Kazuo's face shows nothing. That jury will be looking at the evidence with one eye. And at you with the other. You'd better show them an innocent man. Would have wanted you to return to your family.

There's no shame or dishonor in that. Kazuo draws himself up. His face returning to its neutral mask. He gets up to leave. NELS The courageous can also be fools. Her head on a pillow. Through the gauze curtains, snow falls softly outside. A candle flickers at the bedside. Candles, offerings of fruit. Kazuo, now in U. Army uniform, and Hatsue, her best dress.

Our young couple and their wedding party tumble out into the windy night, laughing. Running to escape the dust. Dust blowing through gaps in the flimsy walls. Kazuo, on a box, unscrewing the lightbulb to turn it off. Now the newlyweds stand at a window in their wedding clothes. Until she whispers into his ear And her young husband turns. Speaks to the curtain.

And in a moment. A wind-up 78 gramophone. He takes her hand, places it on his top button. Encourages her to undo his shirt. We can't hear so good in here! The girl laughs soundlessly. He kisses her face and unclasps her dress. On the other side of the curtain, Sumiko lies in bed. Below the curtain she glimpses Hatsue's dress fall to the floor.

Naked and hungry for each other. As he enters her. She holds him close with all her strength. And with whispered intensity Her eye catches a newspaper beside the bed. Ishmael with his friends. The FBI's in Seattle right now His eyes moving from one Japanese face to the next. There'll be a blackout tonight, so make sure you paper up your windows. So the Japs can't find us. You get the message? Until, from across the bus The driver's eyes snap around.

Hatsue and most of the others have turned to look at him. For a brief, rare moment their eyes lock. Ishmael comes into his apartment. He shrugs off his coat. He takes the lighthouse report notes out of his pocket. Spreads them on the desk in the window. Outside the snow falls in endless cascades on main street.

Ishmael considers the information he's found. Turning it over in his mind. His hand idly tapping his antiquated typewriter. Arthur paces around him, shirtsleeves rolled. Composing the day's editorial aloud to his son. Let us live that, when it is over, we can look each other in the eye. And know we have acted honorably. He leans across and RIPS the page out. Reads it swiftly, then hands it to Ishmael. He leaves the office, polishing his spectacles. Ishmael reads the copy aloud, dramatically.

A politician on his soapbox. He looks up to see Arthur watching him from the doorway. His deadpan look doesn't fool Ishmael. Arthur's face doesn't change. Just a wrinkle of humor gives the game away.

Fujiko hangs a blanket to blackout the windows. Hisao takes down a shotgun, placing it on the table next to a box of shells. Ishmael tries to calm her. Shirasaki, and his family can't leave their house. They say he planted his strawberry rows like an arrow to guide bombers to some navy base. He wants to lighten her. Leans in and kisses her. See, that's what makes you people so cunning.

She pushes him away. It's the face of the people who bombed Pearl Harbor. We're in bad trouble, you have to see that. He puts a finger on her lips. Brushes aside a strand of her hair. She reaches out and touches his face gently. A black car approaches the house. Two men in suits get out. Chatting, oblivious to Hatsue. They put on their hats and go to the front door. It is for our defense. Hatsue and her sisters side by side, staring at the table.

On it rests the shotgun, four boxes of shells, a ceremonial sword. He wears an insincere smile. Fujiko at her husband's side. She is quietly indignant. It's nothing to worry about. And walks over to the tansu, a chest of drawers, and begins to remove items From the old country, it appears. The flute Ishmael had once watched Hatsue play through the window. They'll take special care of 'em. Then, his eyes cut playfully to Hatsue.

Hatsue won't give him the satisfaction of reacting. Hisao's face masks fear and anger And sees on the sofa, an open album. Doesn't see Hatsue stiffen with revulsion, as he wanders, thumbing through it, toward the doorway Stop pawing through the underwear! He knows they appreciate a joke. It means there's nothing to be afraid of. Stops turning pages now.

Looks up, his eyes moving until they find Hatsue. You musta been flattered by that. A screen door slams. Just beside the kimono. The agent's smile fades now. But this is still bad, y'see. Fujiko slips her hand into her husband's. To give him strength. Have to take you to Seattle.

One of the daughters whimpers. Wilson unhooks a pair of handcuffs from his belt, but Mister Eee-ma- da-san here is a class act, a real gentleman. The younger girls are crying now, clinging to their sisters.

He's done nothing wrong. Fujiko gestures to Hatsue for silence. He'll be back soon. They gather up the confiscated goods and escort Hisao to the door. Tell him I am arrested. We've got him too. Wilson's hat bumps into the wind chimes. He glances at them, then reaches up and takes them down.

The family watches from the doorway. The younger girls sobbing. The oddly soothing tinkle of the chimes accompanies the men out to the waiting black car. A pile of dirt. Zenichi jabs a shovel into it. Kazuo watches as he kneels down, removing objects from a burlap sack. Places them into an open strongbox The father never looks at the son. Only at his work. The young man knows this. Yet his entire being is focused on every word.

Knowing what honor required. Its curved blade gleaming in the lantern light. But he knew what what honor required. A separate sack, just for this. It goes into the ground. In which our worth. And if it ends dishonored. It is as if Arthur reaches over and picks it up.

A shrill squawking voice penetrates the room. Expressionless, Arthur hangs up. Helen, at Arthur's huge, cherrywood desk, recording advertising receipts in a ledger. Opposite her, Ishmael reads their paper.

Here's twenty-three ladies honored by the PTA and Dad singles out three names. And they're all Japanese. Helen glances at her husband. Is just the facts. You can't print them all. Journalism is making choices. Culling out what's important. The phone rings again. This time Arthur holds the receiver toward them: Jap lovers get their balls cut off and stuffed down their She hands him one.

Your newspaper is an insult to all white Americans. Please cancel my subscription Ishmael flicks through the paper. Arthur thinks for a moment. Cross-legged on a bunk bed. I am folding and ironing clothing in the laundry The effect is soulless and demeaning. Some lines have been blacked out by the censors. Fujiko reading aloud in English Do not forget to spread the weevil bait and cut the runners on the yearling plants Sumiko goes to comfort her mother.

They're no better than animals. A moment of eye contact between the sisters. Her voice so loud, so insistent. Her sisters are afraid for her.

To have shown such disrespect. They look down at their hands. Or away, as if not hearing. The words fly from your mouth. Do you hear me? I don't want to be Japanese! She rushes from the room. The room is still as the grave. Nobody knows who they are. She does not mean what she says. The mother's eyes burn silently. Fujiko puts away some clothing, trying to hide her agitation.

Your life is yours. I hope you will carry your purity with you always. And remember the truth of who you are. Their bodies touching, not moving. Their faces inches apart, so that every word is a murmur What you do is write to my house, with Kenny Yamashita's name on the return address. No one will suspect a thing. It's one lie after another. He's never seen her this fragile, this scared. He knows he has to be strong for her.

It's what we have to do. He unties her hair. He slips the hairpin into a crevice in the cedar. Tries to keep his smile calm, steady He brings his face to her hair. Her eyes are wide. They move over his face. It's your smell I'll miss as much as anything. He looks in her eyes. And words come from his heart, before he can stop them Her face so still.