Kakai bautista and mario maurer relationship advice

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kakai bautista and mario maurer relationship advice

Thai superstar Mario Maurer was recently rumored of sharing a romantic relationship with singer-comedienne Kakai Bautista. The two met. Mario Maurer; Erich Gonzales; Joross Gamboa; Cacai Bautista; Guji Lorenzana Genres But their relationship is tested by conflicts from their worlds. .. DJ Heidee gives love advice to those who are having trouble with their relationships. Kakai Bautista spilled the beans on her past 'relationship' with Mario Maurer.

Is Cacai Bautista The New Girl of Mario Maurer After His Break-up to Gubgib Sumontip?!

Regardless I feel upset. We still can go to one another for advice just like before. Not just break it off altogether. As friends we can associate with each other for much longer.

Did you come to a resolution together?

kakai bautista and mario maurer relationship advice

That way we can still talk and consult one another. Suppose that there was someone new coming into your life and hers, you can study the other person? My focus right now is on work. From the news it is said that Gubgib secretly has a fling, personally how do feel about this?

This allegation is purely rumour, I know for sure. To be sad little or a lot is another story. In the future is there a possibility the relationship gets upgraded to the same as before? I was only due to speak on stage because I have to come to this event right away. I would like to apologized. Oh called me after the interview last time. Did you ask him why your relationship is downgraded?

I think that for such a long time relationship, sometimes we want to take a break and search ourselves if this is right or not. Have you met him after talking to him?

kakai bautista and mario maurer relationship advice

He has to fly out for modeling oversea and is promoting Jan Dara. So, Mario asked for a breakup?

kakai bautista and mario maurer relationship advice

No one dump anyone. It was a compromise from us 2 to stop right here. Like Oh said, we still love each other but we want to yield and focus on our work. We want to spend our time alone. Is there any other reason that causes your distance? I sympathize the other person. Are you sad over the situation? Of course, I am sad but Oh for me has always been a friend and it will be our 10 years. We have good feelings for each other and we still have that.

We still love each other. Do I regret all those time? We want to stop to focus on our work so we can think more. I want you to listen to me and Oh since there is a lot of news flying about. Do you still love Mario? Of course, I love him. We are friends for a long time. We work hard and there is time people want to search what they really want.

I am not a kid, so for us to have good feelings for one another is not trying to hold back to reconcile because we dated for years.

From always having Mario by your side to not having him.

Cacai Bautista Admits Having Cried Over Mario Maurer | PINOYSTOP

He is still here. We can still talk. I will always have him because we have been friend since we were years old. How do you heal your heart? This time I am working. Then just let time be the proof of everything. She runs away from her guard, and accidentally comes across with Alex, a jeepney driver.

Cacai Bautista banned para makita si Mario Maurer

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kakai bautista and mario maurer relationship advice

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Alleged Showbiz Love Affairs Part 2: Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer ~ Online Diary of AlRitch

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