Kanshi ram and mayawati relationship test

All you wanted to know about Kanshi Ram

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship test

He tested political waters by entering the fray in in a Lok But in June Kanshi Ram and Mayawati brought the government down. BSP govt's rise and fall expose differences between Kanshi Ram and Mayawati. - Issue Date: Nov 15, of Bahujan Samaj Party, Kanshi Ram shared a perfect mentor-disciple relation. teacher, Mayawati was preparing for IAS exam, when she met Kanshi Ram. She worked for the BSP and DS4, the outfits floated by Kanshi Ram, and Here are a few pictures from the past of Mayawati and Kanshi Ram.

Even after his death on late Sunday night, his family approached the courts, pleading that a post mortem be conducted before his cremation. The courts declined to entertain their plea and he was cremated on Monday.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship test

Did he have a unique take on reservations? Kanshi Ram was extremely critical of the institution of reservation in government employment. Citing the high number of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in the civil services, he also said reservations have served their purpose for the SCs and STs and that the backward class people must also be given a share.

What does his death mean to the BSP? As the BSP braces itself to face its first big election without Kanshi Ram, insiders and BSP protagonists strongly feel that the party patriarch's end will lead to a sympathy surge for the party. Critics, though are of the view that the empire that Kanshi Ram built brick by brick will crumble with his departure. The assembly elections, which are just a few months away, may give the answer.

Growing strains - Special Report News - Issue Date: May 31,

What do you think about the story? Read what others have to say: Number of User Comments: This is due to a committed cadre that ensures committed votes — not only to win elections but for the movement of achieving Phule-Ambedkarite ideology.

My book, Civility against Caste, describes and engages with the mobilisation that Bahujan Samaj Party cadres in Marathwada carry out to reach out to marginal groups, and the challenges they face.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship test

It is due to the emphasis on ideology by committed cadres that the party continues to have a national appeal. The cadre is not limited to Dalits. Bhobade, over the age of 70, from the Mali caste, has been with the Bahujan Samaj Party since Bhobade moved from communist leanings to the party and emphasised that it was as important for members of the Other Backward Classes to convert to Buddhism as it was to gain political power.

On the other hand, the parties that emerged from Lohiaite ethics in North India became regional and family centered. Over time, Lohiaite parties, particularly the Samajwadi Party, vernacularised democracy and consolidated a goonda political style, which depends on force, in Uttar Pradesh, suggested the anthropologist Lucia Michelutti.

The Bihar Yadavs did not emulate upper-caste values suggests anthropologist Jeffery Witsoe.

Relations between BSP leader Kanshi Ram and Mayawati Shivpal Yadav- Daily Bhaskar

Instead, they revelled in their newfound status of empowered subalterns. It is the persistent exclusions of untouchables and the layered nature of caste hierarchy that Kanshi Ram sought to reverse by placing Dalits and Phule-Ambekdarism the core of his Bahujan project.

  • BSP government's rise and fall exposes differences between Kanshi Ram and Mayawati
  • SP and BSP alliance shows distinct signs of strain as Mulayam Singh and Kanshi Ram drift apart

That an autonomous party of lower castes could organise marginalised groups and gain political power was unimaginable before the Bahujan Samaj Party. On the other hand, Kanshi Ram also emphasised the universals in the ethics of Ambedkar. He made Ambedkarism work both in political and social form. The Dalit Leader, is in various ways a misnomer.

Day after UP bypoll win, Akhilesh says SP has the best relationship with Mayawati

The maya of Dalit movements? Some suggested that the Bahujan Samaj Party had reached a plateau and its decline was inevitable.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship test

Similar predictions have already been made about Mayawati for — that if she loses the Uttar Pradesh election, she will be ruined. Her government went on to complete its term. Mobilising support for the Bahujan Samaj Party invariably involves engaging with social relations from below — which in itself is an exercise in democratisation. Party cadres frame those Brahmins and other so-called upper castes who vote for the party, or contest elections on its ticket, as people who understand Phule-Ambedkarism.

If the new joiners turned out to be opportunists or one-time cadres, they would term them as seedhee, a ladder, that the Bahujan Samaj Party could use to climb.


And later the same month, after Mayavati's remarks about Gandhi raised a nation-wide furore, Mulayam had to wait for more than three weeks before Kanshi Ram agreed to meet him to straighten out matters. Chowdhry, both non-members of either houses, should not contest the Vidhan Sabha elections and instead vie for the indirect elections to the Upper House, Kanshi Ram shot down the proposal.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship test

Sources close to Mulayam reveal that he had suggested this move because the by-elections could prove dicey for the ruling alliance. They play a key role in the constituencies of Manjhanpur and Hastinapur, from where the two BSP ministers were initially slated to seek election.

Now one of them, Bahadur, is contesting from Ghazipur instead of Hastinapur. And the chief minister evidently did not want to raise the stakes in these elections as defeats of his ministers could lead to major setbacks for his government. But predictably such arguments cut no ice with the BSP leadership. But a spirited Mulayam shows no signs of being affected by such hiccups, which most would consider major, but by his standards are negligible.

He knows that his campaign on behalf of secular forces has earned for him a rapidly expanding constituency, soliciting significant responses wherever he makes an appearance. At the moment, he is concentrating on consolidating his party at the national level and is touring the country, campaigning for the assembly elections in 10 states later this year.

Rama Rao and Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi of the Muslim Majlis lent credence to rumours that he was looking for alliances in Andhra Pradesh where elections are due in November this year. Encouraged by the response he drew in Hyderabad, Mulayam has scheduled another visit this month to the city to address a backward castes conference and to formally set up his party unit in the state.

kanshi ram and mayawati relationship test

And the decision by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy to announce sops amounting to Rs 50 crore for Yadavs and Kurmis in his state in an elaborately organised public meeting of these two castes in Hyderabad when Mulayam was visiting the city may not be just a coincidence.