Karen and lip relationship quotes

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karen and lip relationship quotes

35 quotes from Hank Moody: 'people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. You know, I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have. The following is a list of fictional characters from the British comedy-drama Shameless, created . Frank frequently quotes Shakespeare, the Bible, references international current events and uses poetry and soliloquy to express his feelings .. Lip is in a long-term, open relationship with Mandy Maguire ( Samantha Siddall). This is what leads us to her relationship with Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters). . Physically, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Karen (Laura Slade.

She tells him to leave after saying they should be friends and he reluctantly complies, though kisses her. Very soon, he learns of her and Frank becoming angry at her while nearly hurting his father though forgives him after he lets him urinate on him. Karen catches up to Lip and tells him of what really occurred while apologizing for what she did. Season Two She is told of her father's death but does not feel bad about what happened to her father. To get even with him, she urinates on her father's grave.

She is given a party by her mother, being shocked Lip attended and where Frank's mother Peggy Gallagher crashes and she is worried when the latter nearly shoots her mother. However, it was revealed that Karen herself did not know the father of the baby though she assumed it was one of her old teachers.

Karen decided that she was going to sell the baby, going to extreme lengths to find someone interested and willing to pay the most money, despite Lip's pleas for the baby to go to a good home. In the season finale Just Like the Pilgrims IntendedKaren gave birth to the child, and to Lip's surprise, it is not his. The baby is of Asian-American descent, and has Down Syndrome. Lip exited the delivery room and told the would-be adoptive parents the situation, with their reaction suggesting they no longer wanted the child.

At the end of the episode, Sheila abducted the baby from the hospital. Karen returns from the hospital, knowing Shelia had taken the baby, and told Shelia that the baby had to leave. She ended up calling the cops on Shelia, and after the cops refused to take the baby from Shelia, had an argument with her about the baby.

This resulted in Karen giving Sheila an ultimatum, that her mother choose between the baby or Karen. Sheila pleaded with Karen but she was unable to change her daughters mind, though ultimately decided to keep the child. Karen kept her word and left her mother's home in response. Her son is named Hyram, with the nickname of Hymie given by her mother Sheila. Sheila is initially resistant, but eventually decides that her home is not a proper place to raise Hymie because of her boyfriend's Jody kinky sex acts for which he previously attended Sex Addicts Anonymous.

Sheila allows Hymie's father to take him.

karen and lip relationship quotes

Later in the episode, Karen returns home. She apologizes to Sheila for leaving and for making Sheila choose between her and Hymie. She expresses interest in Hymie, and implies that she came back for her child. However, it is later revealed that Karen contacted Hymie's father and told him to take Hymie away from Sheila.

During " Where There's a Will ", Karen, still having sexual lust hinted to be more for Lipmeets with him and tries to make amends. She tells him of how she hit rock bottom but Lip doesn't show her any reaction, only telling her that he's with Mandy.

Karen tells him that he deserves happiness and sadly watches him leave. She later meddles with Lip and Mandy's relationship by showing up at school and glaring at Mandy. She and Lip later have sex, an encounter that she enjoys while her mother is visited by Hymie's paternal grandmother who tells her the truth of Hymie's circumstances. Sheila later confronts her on why she gave Hymie up and Karen tries to dodge the question but her mother becomes distraught with her act.

Karen claims that this was intended to help her and her mother get back to the way things were before Hymie was born. A devastated Sheila storms out unable to talk to her. In " Frank the Plumber ", Karen thinks she and Lip have reconciled their relationship. A day later, she is excited to see Lip at her house and tries to talk with him but he tells her he has decided to choose Mandy over her, as Mandy had his best interests at heart and genuinely loved him, whereas Karen didn't seem to have the same kind of love and respect for him.

Lip moved to leave but she stops him and tries to protest his choice, though he only apologizes for leading her on and walks off. It is implied Karen does feel the same about him as Mandy, but because of her continued manipulative actions, it doesn't seem that she loves him the way Mandy does.

Karen is devastated at losing the one other person, besides her mother that she thought she could count on. The rejection from her mother upsets her as well, so much that she lashes out at her mother who sits on a couch for days.

karen and lip relationship quotes

Her previous rejection from Lip leaves her so upset that she unwisely calls Mandy, thanking her for applying to colleges for Lip so that Karen herself could leave with him, and also that all she has to do is trick Lip into one unprotected encounter, and she will have him back. While this was unlikely to happen, Mandy becomes furious about Karen's threat, having already shown clear insecurity about her relationship with Lip because of Karen. Later, Sheila visits Karen in her room and tries to reconcile with her by apologizing for not properly being there for her while growing up.

This nearly works as both share tears and connect again until Karen receives a text message supposedly from Lip asking to meet at the park.

karen and lip relationship quotes

It is later revealed that Mandy was the one who sent that text using Lip's phone. Karen, not knowing this, kindly brushes her mother off and goes to meet up with him.

As she crosses an intersection a car passes by, nearly hitting her. She dodges and directs her middle finger at the car, only to turn around and be rammed by a second speeding car in a hit and run.

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She is rammed and flipped completely on top of the car, landing on the road unconscious it as it speeds away. However, in the episode A Great CauseMandy tells Ian and Lip that she was impregnated by her father, who sometimes rapes Mandy when drunk. They decide to have a fundraiser to raise money for an abortion. By Just Like the Pilgrims Intendedshe had already had an abortion, and was having regular sex with Lipwho was living at her place.

Mandy apparently wanted to form a relationship with him, but he was busy thinking about Karen's baby, which turned out not to be his.

During Fiona InterruptedMandy tells Lip she thinks he should return home to his family, advice which he then follows. In addition, Mandy possibly has four other brothers other than Mickey.

karen and lip relationship quotes

Two of which joined Mickey when Ian was accused of attacking Mandy during Season 1. The other two joined Mickey when he tried to kill Frank in Season 2. Season 3 Mandy is seen living in the Gallagher house, where she almost never wears pants. She also asks Ian what he thought about Lip.

karen and lip relationship quotes

At the end of episode 3, she was receiving oral sex from Lip, but when she tried to give Lip fellatio he refused. Earlier in the episode, Lip was conducting a sting against a blonde sex offender, who used Nair on his pubic hair.

Mandy notices that Lip is not aroused and that his hair is gone and she realizes he had been with someone else. Lip explains he was gathering evidence against the sex offender as Mandy storms out. Later we see that Mandy had gone to the sex offender's house and threatened she leave.

Her brothers are digging a grave in her front lawn, which scares the sex offender who goes back inside to pack her things. The episode ends with her brothers selling the grave site not wanting to waste it to be used to a few men with a dead body wrapped in a carpet. The teaser for episode 4 reveals that Mandy has a half-sister, whom she will visit. At the beginning of the episode, Kevin and Veronicaand at the same time Lip and Mandy are having sex, a call comes in for Mandy and Mandy stops Lip for a moment, but after finding out about her sibling.

Lip asks if he should continue and they do. She and Lip decide to go pick her up from a foster home in another state. Mandy does not seem very fond of her half sister to what she refers her to.

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She does call her a sister when introducing her to everyone minus Carl who is on a camping trip at the time, and everyone gets surprised in finding out she had another sibling. She lives at the Gallagher home at the moment, since Mandy tried to bring her to her aunt but her aunt refuses and tells her to take Molly back. It is revealed that she has a penis when Debbie gave her some clothes to change in and unintentionally made the discovery.

There is a part of her that continues to search for a way out even though, like her brother Mickeyshe too believes that she is fucked for life.

For a brief period she allows herself to believe that Lip is that way and finds herself going to great lengths to make that happen; including instilling herself in every aspect of his life and trying to be the perfect girlfriend so that Lip does not ever want her to leave. Kevin quotes that she is Ghetto Married.

Mandy tries to spend time with Lip while trying to find a new home for Molly. Fiona has started asking Mandy during their brief encounters to help out around the house. She tries to help Lip on Kevin's Ice Cream truck Kevin is delighted and takes up her offer considering he has to head to The Alibibut Lip refuses her help.

Out of frustration, Lip then tells her to go home, creating a small conflict between the two.

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Mandy goes to her Aunt's home. Ian confronts Lip about the way he is treating Mandy and expresses that he needs to get over Karen and stop treating Mandy like Karen treated him. He calls Karen and leaves an angry message stating various awful things Karen had done in past episodes. Lip finally comes to terms with the fact that he treated Mandy poorly and apologizes to her. She forgives him and Lip blows off some fireworks him and Kevin intend to sell.

He and Mandy sit up a blanket and enjoys the fireworks. Mandy and Lip's relationship is now much better. As it turned out her half-sister is a runaway, just like Mandy herself. Very soon, she discovers that she is actually a boy, making her brother who was abused by her parent just like her.

Later on, Karen returns and Mandy does not take it well but not enough that it only bothered her that she even spoke with Lip. Mandy tries to sign Lip for college and she needed to steal a few things to do so. Lip, at first, does not take her help well, but eventually, gives her thanks by having sex with her and actually saying thanks.

After Lip chooses her over Karen, Karen dislikes his decision and calls Mandy about a few sexual things with Lip.