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Jo Karev, formerly Brooke Stadler and Jo Wilson, is a surgical innovation fellow at They joked a little about the future of their relationship and he gave her a bottle . private practice, he sought Jo's advice and she was very supportive of him. Jo Wilson and Alex Karev, Jolex | Grey's Anatomy best couples Greys Anatomy Alex, .. Alex and Meredith's relationship has always been a favorite, but it's now . 15 Reasons 'Grey's Anatomy' Needs To Cut Alex Karev Some Slack Remember when Alex was dating Lucy, the OB, and he had the opportunity to take over Arizona's clinic in Malawi . 2 His Relationship With Jo Completely Backfired Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

He also had many relationships with doctors on the show, but he has only had one marriage so far. Alex Karev has been through so many ups and downs during his time on the show, but he has always been a fan favorite. Question 1 Which of these women did Alex marry? Though he spent much of the early seasons being a player and going from one woman to the next, Alex did fall in love with one particular doctor.

Do you remember who it was? Though their relationship was rocky, they ended up tying the knot during Season 5. It was quite the wedding! Who did Alex marry? Trama Pediatrics Cardio Alex Karev may have one of the best specialties in the game, but that is just our opinion!

When he first came to Seattle Grace Hospital he had a specific speciality in mind, but he ended up changing his mind as he learned more about each one. In fact, he chose his current speciality because of his close relationship with one of the doctors at the hospital. Question 3 How many siblings does Alex have?

In fact, Alex spent much of his childhood looking after his siblings. He grew up in a difficult household and had to be like a parent for his siblings.

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His father left while he was young and their mother had mental health issues, so they spent a lot of their childhood in between various foster homes. It was a tough time for Alex. How many siblings does Alex have? Question 5 Was Alex shot in the shooting episode? Yes No How could we ever forget the shooting episode?!

The shooter was Gary Clarke who was upset because his wife died. Derek Shepherd and wanted to kill him. But, before he was able to find Derek, he killed and shot many other people inside of the hospital. It was so incredibly tragic. Was Alex shot in the shooting episode? Question 6 What college did Alex go to? Meredith Grey moved from Boston but she went to school at Dartmouth. Cristina Yang, on the other hand, went to Stanford. Izzie Stevens went to University of Washington.

What college did Alex go to? Question 7 Who got syphilis because of Alex? That was quite the dramatic, and also hilarious, episode. If you can remember all the way back to Season 1, Dr. Alex Karev accidentally gave one of the other doctors syphilis. It all happened because Alex slept with a certain person, who then accidentally passed on the STD to somebody else.

Needless to say, a fight broke out because of it and it was not pretty.

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Who got syphilis because of Alex? Question 8 How old was Alex when he lost his virginity? For those who do not remember, the doctors of Seattle Grace discussed when they lost their virginity during one specific episode. In fact, it was during this episode that we found out April Kepner was still a virgin and Cristina Yang lost hers when she was 19 years old.

Do you remember the episode? How old was Alex when he lost his virginity? Question 9 What is the name of the actor who plays Alex?

If not, it is probably time to watch the credits at least once!

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What is the name of the actor who plays Alex? Question 10 Was Alex in the plane crash that occurred in Season 8? Yes No Just like the tragic shooting that occurred during Season 6, who could ever forget the absolutely horrible plane crash that happened during Season 8?!

It was one of the worst accidents to occur on the show. These surgeons — although they are all definitely good looking — live kind of miserable lives at the hands of Shonda Rhimes, and one who's been dealt most of the worst cards is Alex Karev. At first, Alex was impossible to like, but fans quickly fell in love with him, making it even less fair that all these bad things keep happening to him.

Not only did he basically grow up with a father who was abusive when he was around and then left their family, but he also had to grow up really fast and take care of his siblings. His mother was mentally ill, and Alex had to take care of her, too. Like he said in one episode, "I was the dad. Somehow, some way, Alex put himself through med school involving tons of student loans, as we found out later so honestly, after going through all of that, he deserves nothing but happiness.

Leave this poor guy alone! After pining for her while she was in love with and then mourning Denny, Alex finally got his shot with her So they got married, and Alex almost lost her. That was obviously very traumatic, and that doesn't even cover what comes next: When she left him with absolutely no warning. Alex was stuck trying to figure out how to pay Izzie's medical bills and how to pick up the pieces of his life, and then suddenly, Izzie returned, ready to make nice.

Fortunately, Alex was smart enough to know that he shouldn't get back together with her, but their relationship took a toll on all of his others in the future. With the fact that there is fourteen seasons and how many characters have been on the show, it can be tough to keep track of all of the relationships that have made it on screen.

Do you think you can recall all of the couples on the show? Texas Florida France George and Callie first really started to get to know each other after Callie repaired his dislocated shoulder, and she admired his skills as a surgeon despite being an intern. Although George was initially intimidated by Callie at first, the two quickly started a hot and heavy romance, which some of his female roommates felt uncomfortable with.

Cristina Arizona Meredith Alex Karev was a ladies man, where he was constantly making snarky remarks and sexual innuendos. He and Jo had eyes for each other, but she began seeing Jason, which clearly upset Alex. He avoided her as best as he could, until the super storm where they both finally admit their feelings for each other. Their relationship sees definite rough patches, and although Jo was constantly rejecting Alex, even with his proposal they eventually made it through to the other side.

Question 3 What injury is Cristina admitted to the hospital with that Owen offers his assistance? Gun shot wound Impaled by icicle Fell down the stairs Cristina Yang is as tough as they come.

During the first year of residency, she was believed to be the intern with the most potential because she works hard and pushes herself. Sometimes too far, seen in how she handled her miscarriage with Preston. During a regular night at the hospital, she storms outside to get some air after a fight with one of the surgeons, to which she ends up getting seriously injured and has to be admitted as a patient — which is clearly her worst nightmare.


Question 4 Erica kisses Callie in front of which doctor in the elevator? Together they got really drunk and talked about some of the egotistical men that they work with. Being that they were really starting to click, the two girls spent most of their time off together, although it did consist of alcohol for the most part and strolling into work hungover.

Their friendship was pretty normal until a shared kiss in the elevator, which made them both question their feelings. Teddy began working at the hospital, and was an old friend to Owen Hunt. Question 6 Why did Arizona and Eliza breakup?

They had a bad fight Eliza packed up and left after being fired Eliza got promoted Arizona fell out of love Eliza Minnick made a short appearance on the show during one of the later seasons.

When she first came to work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she had a real chip on her shoulder, seeking out the attention of Arizona. Nonetheless, she agreed to go out for a drink despite what she had said. Question 7 Why was Andrew uncomfortable with how Maggie told their coworkers about their relationship?

Embarrassed to be seen with her in public He was also seeing someone else Maggie was his superior She had a bit of a reputation with sleeping around After a rough day at work, Andrew drunkenly sought out the comfort of Maggie and the two ended up spending the night together.

It was obvious by morning that they felt instant regret, to which she made it very clear that nothing of the sort would ever happen between them again.