Karrine steffans and ray relationship


karrine steffans and ray relationship

Weezy F Baby And Other Men Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Claimed Steffans was involved in a long and abusive relationship with old. Karrine Steffans relationship list. Karrine Steffans dating history, , , list of Karrine Steffans Karrine Steffans and Ray J separated in Karrine Steffans is married to former "Scandal" actor Columbus Short. Just Before Her Break-Up, Steffans Was Defending Ray-J Amid New.

This led to her leaving Los Angeles after she had to go to the hospital as a result of the rapper physically abusing her. She went on to star in a slew of videos for big names like R. Here, the former dancer related her sexual abuse experience as a child and how this led to her allowing herself to be exploited by the industry in order to be able to cater for herself. On her writing career, Steffans has written more than six titles. Her first work came in as the first in a four-part book series.

She released the next two in and respectively. The ex-dancer who has guest-written occasionally for KING Magazine launched her own publishing imprint in Inshe penned a contract with Fox Television Studios to make her book into a movie.

The deal also required Steffan to write a scripted television series for production. From to she released four more books. Husband, Son, and other facts about her Karrine Steffans and her ex-husband, Columbus Short image source 1. Karrine had a son with Kool G Rap The author cum model has had nothing short of a roller coaster life.

Her marriage to Nathaniel Wilson was a terrible experience for her. However, she did bear a son with the old school rapper. She did not want her son harmed or growing up in that toxic environment.

karrine steffans and ray relationship

Karrine was married to Columbus Short for a brief moment. My relationship with Ray made Papa uncomfortable and even furious. Papa knew everything about me and accepted me just the way I was, but the one thing he could never tolerate was me loving someone else.

And I loved Ray J.

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It was the first time since Papa and I met that I had given so much attention to another man. This new relationship was special to me because with Ray J.

We held hands and let people know we were together. I was proud of that.

karrine steffans and ray relationship

They knew I was older than him and they were concerned for him. His family had become accustomed to her being a part of his life, and here I was--a virtual stranger. Eventually, however, certain members of his family accepted us and we were free to enjoy our relationship.

When Ray and I made love, we would go for hours on end, each hour more satisfying than the last.

karrine steffans and ray relationship

Being with Ray was always sweet and innocent. His kisses were long and his lips were full and light as they met mine. He was young and still a bit inexperienced, and shied away from oral sex, but he would kiss all around my lower regions and make my body quiver just the same. It was with Ray that I discovered my ability to orgasm without penetration or copulation. I would be excited just from his touch. Ray was with me because he liked me.

It was pure and this purity was so new to me that it had become more erotic than being with any other lover.

karrine steffans and ray relationship

After our lovemaking, we would pass out, him holding me and me feeling loved. Ray and I created a stir around town and people began to wonder what it was that I saw in him. What no one could have possibly realized was that it took a younger man to make me feel young again. We were silly together, and we enjoyed spending long afternoons and nights together.

I felt free with Ray. He awakened a desire in me to get my youth back and hold on tight. Around this time, Ray had begun to work on an album. I remember vividly the night he recorded the song that would change everything. Ray stood in the recording booth, belted out that song, and accompanied it with tears.

karrine steffans and ray relationship

He cried, and I cried witnessing it. I loved this boy so much and wanted nothing more than to stay with him. But I knew that one day, I would have to go, that one day he would know who I had been with and render me unworthy of the affection he was now showing me.

As much as I loved Ray, I was too deep in my lifestyle, with an undeniable reputation, to go back. I was still greedy. I wanted it all. I wanted the carefree bling-filled lifestyle of hanging out with the likes of Ja and the laid-back, mind-blowing sex and friendship I relished with Papa. So I knew the end of me and Ray was near and inevitable. Later that night, when the recording of the song was finished, we lay in bed and played it over and over.

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We held on to each other and cried silently. It was all so overwhelming, and I knew that night he loved me, too. Before long, it was time for him to go away and record in Atlanta. I knew the separation would be difficult, but I really thought we could make it. I deeply wished I were someone different--that I was a normal girl without all the baggage, the sordid past.