Keima and elsie relationship with god

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keima and elsie relationship with god

An archive of The World God Only Knows or Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai fanfics that involves a romantic relationship between Keima and Elsie plus Keima and. Hello. Just wanted to notify you of something. My capitalization of the word "her" at the last sentence is deliberate. It is meant to emphasize Elsie's. or Word of God explanations, though I won't guarantee the latter doesn't exist. out of his shell so he can establish real relationships with real people. She is shown at various points worrying about Keima's future, and that he As such it's consistent for her to jump at any chance to get Keima interacting.

He was lucky he let go of it on time before he got hit as well. Still shaken form almost getting hit by lightening, he was going upstairs, only to get pushed back down by crowds of people walking by.

Little did he know, something big was happening. Something even he might not be able to handle Keima looked out the window.

keima and elsie relationship with god

He grumbled and went back to playing his PFP. He couldn't think of how his day could get worse. He didn't want to think of a way it could get worse.

Once that sound pierced his ears, he knew what would happen. He knew what it meant. He couldn't think of anywhere it could be. It could be in anyone. After school, Elsie and Keima went to the roof. She smacked it a few times.

He couldn't 'conquer' someone he has already 'conquered'. Especially someone who is a goddess host. What else could they do? At the time, it was their fastest and best option at the moment. Keima ran home as fast as he could as not to get too wet.

He stepped in and went to the bathroom to get a towel. He dried off and changed into some dry clothes. Did you get it fixed? He just looked at her, lost for words. He dropped his PFP, dumb founded.

How can someone who has already been 'conquered', have another loose soul. She's even a goddess host, so it shouldn't be possible. H-how can you know f-f-for sure?

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It goes for those who have had one in them before, making them stronger than normal ones. She just nodded, making him pass out. Keima could feel his world fall apart. It was bad enough when he had to kiss them. It wasn't that he hated it because he didn't, he just didn't like kissing girls he didn't love. In other words, real girls.

If anything, he would love to kiss a girl from a game. But now was different, he actually had to go even further. He had to do something he thought he would never do. It is most definitely something he never thought he would have to do. His eyes fluttered open. Does she still have some problem that we need to exploit and fix? He didn't understand girls hearts. Well, real girls hearts anyway. Don't worry Keima, your not alone, right all you guys out there "So, then, how am I supposed to do it?

I've seen you do it before in one of your games. I remember the characters were-" "Shut up! He sat down on the couch, wondering how to do this task.

It wasn't going to be an easy one, that's for sure. He sighed and picked up his PFP. He sat down and continued his game till he got to a save point.

Turning it off, he set it down on the table and began to ponder his situation more. Sighing, he went to his room to play games, only coming out for dinner. He couldn't get any sleep, unable to stop thinking about what he had to do. Sure, Ayumi still liked him, but there was no way she would have sex with him. Even if she did, he had no real experence with that kind of thing and might end up only making things worse.

Could he just skip it? He knew avoiding a few wouldn't kill him, yet he couldn't let Ayumi give birth to a demon. But, he also had a bad feeling about this one. It felt, well, different, in a bad way.

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Like, not helping her would end up even worse. Much worse Keima looked out his window. The sun was just rising, a large, red ring surrounded it, going over the horizon.

A few birds could be heard chirping, most likely just waking up. Even though the sun was visible, above them were dark rain clouds, relentlessly dropping rain on them, though, it wasn't as hard as yesterday. Keima lied down on his back, waiting. Waiting for his day to start.

Waiting for the other people in his house hold to wake up. The world around them got darker as the sun climbed up even higher, all the way into the clouds; its light no longer reaching them. He could hear footsteps outside his door, coming toward it.

His lack of sleep was making him cranky. He sighed and pushed her out of the way. Of course, to him it seemed she wasn't worried or even cared that he had to have sex with someone.

But in reality, she did. She wished he didn't have to, but saw no other way. Keima sat down at the table, quickly eating the food before heading off to school with Elsie. The lack of sleep seemed to be affecting him more than he thought it would. The path he was on was the usual one he took to school, yet it seemed like a totally different path.

Nothing seemed to register in his mind as familiar. Even the school building, the halls, his own school desk didn't seem the same. Was it really from the lack of sleep? He has never had this much trouble with it before. He knew what it was, but couldn't process it. He just gave her a nod. He was too tired to even pull out his PFP. He looked up at her.

Her cheeks were puffed a little and her hands were on her hips, one foot tapping impatiently. An obvious lie that hurt Ayumi deeply.

keima and elsie relationship with god

She put her head down, upset. For one reason or another, she has been wanting something from him. She doesn't even know what, but she knows that she wants it; what ever it is. It was like that feeling you get while shopping. You know you want something, but you just might not know yet.

You will only know what you want when you see it, but as far, she couldn't see anything. Elsie looked over at Ayumi, knowing what was going on. They go for a special one. They go for one caused by a special, emotional want. Well, there is one thing that can make a relationship even more unstable. But, you see, almost every person has a lust for it every now and then.

And the spirit can feel off their lust. These spirits only feed of of lust, or other emotions associated with the seven deadly sins. I told you, these are stronger than the other loose souls. Even though it will only be for a moment, it will be long enough for the spirit to be pushed out.

Be careful though, while it is very unlikely, they can still get caught by the same type of loose soul again. So, don't let that happen. Elsie nodded, still taking notes. Keima - "I can already see the ending! Keima - "Allow me to teach you something useful. It hasn't come up in a long while though, primarily since capturing runaway spirits stopped being the focus of the plot. Elsie - "Loose soul in custody! The normally serious Nikaido wears one for the teacher skit in the festival.

Elsie sports one while dreaming when Diana and Keima talk of finding the Jupiter Sisters in an omake. Keima has one after Vintage's grunts are beaten by Haqua and he's forced to put on a dopey smile to save face. Caught the Heart on His Sleeve: Chihiro does this to Keima during the Mai Festival to let him know that she's okay with going somewhere secluded.

Plenty of Subtext included. The manga has steadily become darker in tone as it progresses. It was initially quite lighthearted and comical, fairly Strictly Formula. Then Haqua's arc gave us a sneak peak to how dangerous the spirits really are, then Tenri's arc not only reminded us that Cute Monster Girl or not, devils are still devils and some will not hesistate at all to kill Norait also introduced a subplot that would eventually become a big deal the goddesses ; then Yui and Hinoki's arcs further demonstrated just what would happen if a spirit was allowed to develop.

THEN came the Goddess Arc, which opened with Kanon getting stabbed, introducing the VERY real possibility of the death of a loved and popular character, and was marked by a much more serious and manipulative Keima, and infamously closed with Keima breaking Chihiro's heart. And then came the Heart of Jupiter Arc, which features, among other things: A shining example of the last one is the aftermath of the Dokuro vs.

Vintage fight, which was so horrible that it forced the Reset Button to activate. It's likely to stay like this for at least some time. Aside from the girls getting through what problems they seem to have, Keima's developed quite a bit as well; it's just a lot more subtle because his obsession with games hasn't dwindled at all.

The Keima from the first chapter never would have jumped off a building to save a girl. Granted, he probably knew Elsie would save him, but he was still taking a risk considering how incompetent she can be at times.

Shown by how you don't see him playing any games after Kanon gets stabbed, and before the story started he played for at least 12 hours every day.

Remember how in the first chapters Keima would always say something along the lines of "Real world sucks, the 2D world is so much better"? Well, in a later chapter, he basically says "There is no difference between the real and the virtual. I'll aim for the best ending". He acknowledges the real world though he still appears to regard 2D girls as superior.

During the Mai Festival Keima realizes that Chihiro has no goddess but fell in love with him naturally without his involvement, and actually cries because he had to break her heart in as callous a manner as he could.

His relationship with Elsie has come a long way too, from refusing to accept her as his little sister to trying to defend her from a Vintage agent. By Elsie to Haqua early. However, it turns out to be a setup to a slightly different plot-line than might be expected. Even ones he's never played. In FlagKeima has come to accept the world is a shitty place and it is hard to get a happy ending, but it is something to strive for.

He has come to believe cheating to get ahead is a wrong action. And so moves to stop Kaori from winning with duplicitous means. The Mai-High Dance Fest, first set up in chapter 54, and built on in successive chapters. From chapter 80 Keima: No points for guessing what he uses 40 chapters or so later. Seen all the way back in the first chapter, the school's emblem is the goddess Demeter, and her name also appears in chapter 3.

Might this have to do with the concentration of goddesses in the school? Several of the girls, most notably starting with Kanon.

In fact, the arc starting from Chapter focuses on Keima searching for which among the girls are the gunmen. Not just simply a sadist teacher, she seems to be a full-fledged devil like Elsie with powerful skill. Later, it is revealed that she is actually the grown-up version of the human Dokurou.

Keima's friend Tenri has been in love with him since she was 7. However, he refuses to acknowledge her as his childhood friend and the situation with her is still evolving. Part of the male Mai-High uniform. Some female students wear them also. Competitive Haqua and possessive Diana. Hilariously done with Luna, Tsukiyo's doll.

Hilariously invoked in episode 8 of Season 2 and in the equivalent manga chapter. Haqua comes over to file a report of what happened in episode 3 and 4, and asks for Elsie and Keima's help. Keima and Haqua get into an argument over what happened in the theater, and after a few edits, Haqua smashes the mic so that no more edits can be made.

Unfortunately for her, the last edit she made showed the Keima doll doing things to Haqua. Seeing that she isn't falling for him, Keima understands that she is pretending to be rich because of her deceased father.

He takes her to a party she didn't want to go to and dances with her. He eventually confronts Mio about her father, and tells her that it is time for her to live her own life. Mio decides to let go of the past and they kiss, expelling the spirit from her body. Although she has forgotten Keima, she still blushes around him. Later, while being in Yui's body, Keima sees Mio in a bakery. After confirming there is no goddess inside her he wishes her good luck, showing that he does care for her.

Kanon Nakagawa Kiss Initially uninterested in her because of she is a real-life idol, Keima becomes Kanon's source of support and advice - even when she gets violent. When Kanon runs away from her concert and asks him to always support her, Keima says that she should not depend on other people because she is already shining by herself.

The conquest ends with a kiss, and Kanon performs flawlessly. Without Keima's notice, Kanon contained the goddess of music, Apollo. Apollo's appearance brings danger to Kanon when a Vintage member finds her. Remembering her past with Keima, she goes to Keima directly for protection, even going as far to confessing that she loves him, back then and even now.

After Apollo runs away in Kanon's body, not wishing to involve the "unrelated" Keima, she is stabbed with a magically enforced knife by the mysterious female member of Vintage - Fiore Loderia Lavigneri. Upon seeing that Kanon was in a dire situation, Keima resolves to find all the other Goddesses in order to save her. The incident involving Kanon becomes a turning point in Keima's life as he makes the promise to search for the goddesses for Kanon's sake, showing that he feels responsible.

Kanon tells him that she believes in him and that she will be praying with Apollo while he is busy. Shiori Shiomiya Keima considered Shiori a candidate for a goddess host, due to her reaction of avoiding him after Kanon confessed to him.

She is now confirmed as the host of the goddess MinervaGoddess of Knowledge, revealed after Keima conquers her for a second time through the assistance of her novel. She was once a reticent librarian who could not tolerate Keima's "rudeness".

[Spoilers] Are you satisfied with the manga ending of TWGOK? : TWGOK

Ever since her conquest ended, she Keima and Shiori has learned to speak more often. She returns to the storyline many chapters later, somewhat angry due to Kanon's love confession. Her memories and feelings for Keima partially return to her due to the shock of the confession. She tries with difficulty to avoid Keima, but he nevertheless approaches her. Keima realizes that she has been writing a novel based on the events of the library rebellion - her conquest - but has had difficulty advancing her story since she only has vague memories of the whole experience.

Can I see you every day?

keima and elsie relationship with god

With Keima's intervention, she is able to move on with her story, and in the end, creates a monologue. At the end of her written monologue, she wrote that she is in love with Keima, revealing her true feelings. Keima congratulates her with a kiss on the cheek. After, he asks if he can come to the library everyday and admits to wanting to see her. Shiori is unable to speak, but she blushes. When Kusunoki saves him, he thanks her but is rather angry that Kusunoki calls him weak. When Elsie says that Kusunoki has an escaped spirit, Keima becomes reluctant as he does not want to involve himself with such a powerful person.

Nevertheless, he makes contact with her because he figured that he will have to do so eventually. Kusunoki and Keima sharing a soft serve. During her conquest, Keima manages to find out that Kusunoki still has some of her femininity intact, and uses this "weakness" to bring about her other self.

In the end, Keima convinces Kusunoki that she can be strong and cute, which causes the runaway spirit inside her to reveal itself.

After her conquest, Keima seems to have forgotten about Kusunoki. She makes another appearance, however, in the Hinoki Arc, and takes on a support role.

Keima learns about another reason why Kusunoki had a gap in her heart and also learns the history behind Kusunoki's relationship with her sister. In an Omake, Kusunoki under Hinoki's forcefulness approaches Keima with flowers and tries to confess to him. It is unknown what Keima's response is. Chihiro Kosaka Before her conquest, Chihiro always treated Keima worse than other students did. She would always call him by his nickname, "Otamega", and would generally make fun of him.

When it is discovered that Chihiro is the next capture target, Keima becomes horrified and wanted nothing to do with her, because she is his definition of a 'real' girl and has no personality. Even so, when Keima does decide to assist her, he learns that not only is she one of the most difficult conquests he has ever encountered, she is also the girl with the most personality so far.

During her conquest, Chihiro verbally retaliates against Keima's insults and calls him a cockroach. Her words pierce Keima to the point where Keima completely ignores reality and immerses himself in his games.

Keima manages to get over it thanks to Ayumi and decides to help Chihiro fall in love with another guy to release her escaped spirit. In the end, Keima gets enraged when he learns that Chihiro does not really like the boy they have been targeting. Chihiro then runs off as Keima finally realizes that he is the only one that can fill Chihiro's heart. He rushes to Chihiro's side, talks to her and eventually kisses her. He tells Chihiro that she can do anything and also promises her that he will always be there to help her when she needs it, which causes the runaway spirit inside Chihiro to be released.

Keima shedding tears for his actions against Chihiro Sometime after Chihiro's conquest, Keima reluctantly tutors the 2-B Pencils sans Miyako in English the only reason he decides to help them is because of his promise to Chihiro. By the time of the Mai-High Festival Arc, Keima's opinion of Chihiro does not seem to change much and when he eventually learns that Chihiro has been attracted since before her conquest, Keima, out of the interest to protect Chihiro from Vintage, is forced to coldly reject her.

This makes a significant impact on him because he is confused as to why a girl like Chihiro likes him.