Kenshin and kaoru relationship with god

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kenshin and kaoru relationship with god

In the sequel to the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film, Shishio refers to Kenshin as "Last Secret Sword: Fire Bearing Spirit God"): The ultimate technique in . At some point, he met Komagata Yumi, whom he shared a romantic relationship with. of hell, where the latter offers him his life, after the supposed death of Kaoru. I love both girls and adore *both* relationships, but this is not what I've come to rant about. My defense, this My God! Megumi, she's such an anti-feministic damsel in distress! Megumi met Kenshin and Kaoru at the worst time of her life. love (Tomoe), Time passes and life is giving you another chance for God sakes ! It completely negates all of Kenshin, Kaoru and the others' character growth and turns .. Kenshin is not the hindrance in the relationship.

Troubled and confused, he rejects killing as soon as the war is over, and sets off on a wandering path to atonement. This is the kicker.

Kamiya Kaoru

People say Kenshin doesn't deserve Kaoru's love because she waited for him and supported him through his misery for at least a year before anything happened between them.

It takes a long time to heal from such wounds. Because Kaoru loves Kenshin, she's willing to do whatever it takes to help him heal. Kenshin's job is to open his heart to her, but first she has to earn his trust. Little by little she succeeds in this.

Meanwhile, Kenshin continues to be an extremely good-hearted, wonderful person, despite the huge burdens on his shoulders. I think people undervalue the decisions he made to fight Shishio, etc. That was no easy task for him. What choice did a person who wants to protect everyone have in such a situation? There is a reason Kaoru loved Kenshin. There is a reason his friends wanted him not to fight Shishio and to stay with them.

Do you think they would be that loyal if he was just a miserably, woe-is-me, Emo person who brings everyone down all the time? They recognized the beauty in Kenshin's heart, were touched by the compassion and care he treated them with, were inspired by his strong beliefs, his ability to endure even through all those trials, and most of all his determination to help other human beings no matter who they are, however he can.

Kenshin is an exceptional person. You don't meet people like that every day.

kenshin and kaoru relationship with god

If I met a guy like him, I'd wait for him for ever. Kaoru is the lucky one. I feel very strongly about this, almost embarrasingly so, probably because Ruroken fans tend to undervalue Kenshin's wonderful traits. Most fanfiction stories portray Kenshin as a self-hating, unredeemable jerk, and Kaoru is the angel who saves him from eternal damnation. To an extent this is true - Kenshin may never have fully healed without Kaoru's love and trust.

But the most important thing is the reason why Kaoru loved Kenshin. That's what made everything possible. Kaoru fell for Kenshin first, so there must be something beautiful and unique about him. And believe me, I think Kenshin is great.

kenshin and kaoru relationship with god

My idea wasn't to make him look as a bad man because he isn't. He is one hell of a guy but he is selfish.

True Romance: Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya

I know he had a though life but you have to admit that he became miserable when Tomoe died, before that he was pretty ok. I don't underevalue him at all, hey he is a lovely man if you ask me. But if it weren't for Kaoru saying to him to stay with her, he would of kept on wandering dealing with his guilt. A few candle marks later: Kenshin stepped into the moonlight, "Now that you know who I am are you going to take back what you said? Anyway, you would never talk to Tomoe-dono like that.

kenshin and kaoru relationship with god

You should try it. Who exactly are you? Oh, I almost forgot, you asked what I was hiding under my hood.

kenshin and kaoru relationship with god

I know I said I wouldn't tell you so I won't tell you all of it. My family was bound to the Yukishiro's a long, long time ago and all of our will was taken away. One of the Yukishiro's favored one of my ancestors long ago and claimed that they would do anything for her. She asked for two things, the first was to be free at night unless there's an emergency.

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He agreed to that and it was granted. The second was that all of us were to wear gloves, boots and heavy cloaks to the extent where not a part of us could be seen. A spell was cast upon the cloaks to hide our faces.

The Yukishiro painfully agreed to that, devastated that he wouldn't see her face. He asked her on her death bed about the cloaks, boots, gloves and the freedom during the night and she told him it was so that we would be able to have a part of us that they didn't know. He was outraged, he ordered us to take them off and tried to disband our night freedom but he had signed a contract, saying that if he took those things away from us that we would go free.

I mean did you want to tell me? Um okay will you trust me and close your eyes? It's irritating but it feels as if I've known you for years so I'll trust you.

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Kaoru slid off her hood thankful that no one other than Kenshin was near and watching, her magic made sure of it. Looking into his eyes they were a lavender and when he saw her face his eyes turned a rich gold.

kenshin and kaoru relationship with god

She smiled up at him, a faint blush on her cheeks, "This is how I truly look, please don't tell anyone. Her beauty was unearthly and he found himself leaning closer to her. Looking into Kenshin's eyes Kaoru found herself unconsciously leaning closer to Kenshin. Once their noses were almost touching they both realized how close they were. Kaoru blushed harder, "Um Kenshin, I can't kiss you. The kiss was soft and Kenshin slid his tongue over her bottom lip causing Kaoru to gasp and gaining entrance to her mouth.

Despite occasional mood swings and a reputation for bad cooking, she is independent, compassionate, courageous and a good fighter. In her first appearance, Kaoru searches for the assassin Hitokiri Battosai, who claims to be from Kamiya Kasshin-ryu. Kaoru is saved by the real Battosai, Himura Kenshin, and invites him to her dojo.

Enishi says that his goal is not to kill Kenshin, but to make him suffer by killing the person most important to him: When he learns that Kaoru is alive, he and the group rescue her from Enishi. They marry and have a son, Himura Kenji. Reflectionalthough Kenshin and Kaoru are married he begins wandering again because he needs to help others; he returns every couple of years.

Kaoru lets him go, promising to welcome him home with a smile and their child.