Kiefer and donald sutherland relationship quiz

Kiefer Sutherland Opens Up About Working With His Father in Forsaken |

kiefer and donald sutherland relationship quiz

Kiefer Sutherland says he finally got the chance to do something he's she and Donald divorced in , admits his relationship with his father. As the son of iconic Canadian actor Donald Sutherland and actress as a father desperately trying to build a relationship with his young son. During a five-year marriage to Canadian actor Donald Sutherland that Tom ( the product of a previous marriage), Kiefer and his twin sister.

But as for the on-set dynamic between father and son, he was less concerned with genetics than he was with chemistry — "If you get it, it's lightning in a bottle" — and simple professionalism.

kiefer and donald sutherland relationship quiz

The younger Sutherland is John Henry Clayton, who returns to town after an eight year absence disheartened to find a sweetheart a no-nonsense Demi Moore long married off, a mother no longer alive and a father who harbours bitterness toward his son. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement The film is character-driven, with a straightforward plot about a bullying land baron played by the cussing maestro Brian Cox whose gang of ruffians terrorize a windswept town.

Sutherland's brooding protagonist wants to put his days of gun-toting frontier justice behind him, but we know that isn't going to happen. That sure thing is a gunfight, predictable as a John Wayne punch to the nose. The film was the idea of Sutherland, who pitched it to his screenwriting pal Brad Mirman, who penned the script. The elder Sutherland read the script and embraced idea of playing the father. The two Sutherlands had appeared together in two films previously — Max Dugan Returns and A Time to Kill — but never before had they shared a scene.

kiefer and donald sutherland relationship quiz

Kiefer was raised by his mother, who was actively involved with the Black Panther movement. He ran away from school and, aged 16, landed a role in Canadian film The Bad Boy. The next year he moved to Los Angeles and lived out of his car, before moving into a house with fellow struggling actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr. His breakout roles in Stand By Me and The Lost Boys took him to the brink of stardom, but things went downhill in a blur of drink and bad movie choices. His two marriages — to Camelia and then to model Kelly Winn — went down the pan.

She ran off to Europe with his best pal, Jason Patric. Then the script for 24 came along.

Sutherland and Douglas Share the Stage

Nothing brings people closer together than that. Monger, a character in the animated comedy Aliens vs Monsters. It wasn't even his mother on stage. I just kept staring at that stage," he recalled. For the first time, he experienced the magic space between reality and illusion. And I wanted to learn about it.

After a series of back-to-back films, burned out and restless, he had turned to directing with the cable-TV death-row drama Last Light in and, more recently, the romance Truth or Consequences, another TV movie.

Between acting work as a Ku Klux Klan leader in A Time To Kill with Sandra Bullock and a role in the sci-fi thriller Dark City with William Hurt, he worked sporadically on his special project, a feature film about his grandfather and the birth of medicare.

But there was something missing.

kiefer and donald sutherland relationship quiz

Sutherland says the first time she did it, he realized that "if someone else had done that to me, there would have been an initial uneasiness. Considering the Mississippi- born writer's vast and varied repertoire by the time of his death inhe may not have kept entirely true to his word.

But arguably none of the more than 25 full-length plays that followed quite so eloquently exposed the fragility of a spirit caught between hopeless dreams and harsh truths.

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Veteran Shaw Festival director Neil Munro's version of The Glass Menagerie, which opened in Ottawa last week and travels to Toronto on March 26, fails to properly convey that precarious balance between poetry and pathos. Despite the strong stage presence of mother-son duo Shirley Douglas, as Amanda Wingfield, and film star Kiefer Sutherland, as her son, Tom, there is little subtlety in the humor that Williams sprinkled as relief through this fable about a faded Southern belle, her frustrated son and her homely daughter, Laura Kathryn Greenwood.

It isn't that Sutherland, in his first stage appearance in more than a decade, fails to stamp his imprint on Tom, who is trapped between family loyalty and a desperate desire to be free. But it is doubtful that Williams intended his alter ego to be such a ham. Sutherland has brought not only Hollywood allure but also perhaps a bit too much Hollywood attitude to the production.

kiefer and donald sutherland relationship quiz