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Gotye news, gossip, photos of Gotye, biography, Gotye girlfriend list Relationship history. Gotye relationship list. Gotye dating history, , , list of. (iii) similar tense issues with what Kimbra say, perhaps not as strong 1: The issue is not that Gotye is upset at losing the previous relationship. Gotye and Kimbra: "We did it in my bedroom." Gotye won Record of the Year for his ubiquitous hit "Somebody That I Used To Know," bringing.

The painting is the start of his new relationship with Kimbra. That relationship develops through the second stanza. It is only after the relationship has developed that we are introduced to the Kimbra character. She is still painted at this point. They are almost touching — she addresses him but he continues to address the camera. She starts to move off. He starts to look towards her he has not done so earlier.

Gotye hits America, but can he outdo Somebody That I Used to Know?

As this happens his singing becomes increasingly more subdued. He spends more time looking to her. He also increasingly looks towards her — while she walks away there are cuts with him looking towards her and at the camera but he spends all of the end of the video the last 15 seconds or so looking at her.

While he does this, their stances are reversed. As the song ends, she stops looking at the wall and turns her head to look at him. It is also the only time they make eye contact. They are signaling faith in each other to each other. When the video ends they are both in frame, he is painted and she is not — she is ready to start anew.

They are looking at each other. He becomes involved in a new relationship. Natasha Pincus, the film maker behind the music video has a different view, implying Gotye is singing about his current relationship with the Kimbra character.

It is not either. PostScript [4 June ]: This is what I thought when I first heard the song and is consistent with the Pincus that is, the author of the video!

The problems I had with the 2 person interpretation 2PI are: Especially when she comes up beside him.

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  • Gotye: 'I nearly scrapped my number one record'

Why would she say this if Gotye was singing about her? So, is it possible to resolve these problems and make sense of the 2PI? This is a tense problem similar to iii below. But he felt that there was something wrong with the relationship.

It only begins after they have broken up. Before she sings it is already complete and she is already a part of it. Now, maybe the painting is not their relationship.

The background of mutual friends would presumably get smaller as time went on, not more elaborate. There is a nice sense of trust in our family and it stems from the way my parents raised me and my brother, Matt. I am grateful for that. Advertisement Dad bought me my first guitar at Every day after school I would make him listen to a new chord I learnt — my music room was in the garage alongside his darkroom.

My brother played keyboards. He is 14 months younger than me and lives in Melbourne now. As kids, Matt and I used to invent imaginary worlds. At the back of our house was a big forest and we would play there and dream up good and evil characters and invent these Narnia-esque worlds. We were very playful as children and we kept that right through to our teenage years.

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We are still very close and share a deep love of music. I had really strong crushes when I was around I was far too shy to talk to the boys but I definitely liked a guy who was a bit older than me in high school. He introduced me to a lot of music I hadn't heard before. I was enamoured that he knew music I never had access to, bands like Interpol, Incubus and Mars Volta. Nothing ever happened with him, though. I was more of a dreamer.

My first kiss was at a party when I was It was a non-event but I felt crushed when I saw him go off with another girl at the end of the night. That was pretty tough as a teenager. I am the sort of person who definitely likes being in relationships. I have had some significant long-term relationships and I have been in a relationship with someone for the past year.

When I find someone I really like, I want to commit and give it a good go. But because I have been so career-driven and on tour a lot, I have also spent a lot of time single.

Australian anthems: Gotye featuring Kimbra – Somebody That I Used to Know

It's been good to get to know myself better and get to know what I am looking for next. I'm definitely interested in having a family and getting married. It is something I would like to do, for sure. Prince heard my music through my friend Janelle Monae and he told her he loved a song of mine called Carolina.