Kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship with god


Kishore Kumar, the man with the golden voice, insists that it is time to return to his I had great regard for Mohammed Rafi: Kishore Kumar. Interestingly, it is also on days like these, the debate regarding who was the better singer, Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi, breaks out. Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar with their unique God-given and shared a wonderful relationship personally as well as professionally.

There my father was inspired by a fakir. My grandfather was totally against my father taking up singing, so my father would not tell anyone at home that he was learning classical singing. My father was 19 when he came to Bombay. He was married twice. He was married when he was very young in Lahore, to someone in the family. When he came to Bombay and settled down, he wanted his wife to come to Bombay, but she refused.

After that, my father married my mother Bilquis. My father's first wife had one son, Saeed Rafi. He came to Bombay and stayed with us when we were growing up.

We did not know he was our stepbrother because dad and mom never told us. He was an older brother for us. We are seven of us -- four brothers including me, and three sisters. Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. Inmy father sang in a Punjabi film Gul Baloch, in Lahore. The film released in Shyam Sundar composed the music.

Shyam Sunder asked my dad's elder brother to get my father to come to Bombay as he had an excellent voice. My father came to Bombay in He stayed in Bhendi Bazaar with a close family friend, Abdul Hameed. Hameed uncle would take my father to studios to meet producers and music composers.

He got no work for four months and so started singing in the chorus. He also acted as a college boy in the film. After Jugnu, he began getting noticed.

Rafi versus Kishore- The Rivalry That Never Was | Rafians tribute to a true Maestro - Mohd Rafi

Hameed uncle met Naushadsaab's father through a friend and asked him to give a recommendation letter for my father. When they met Naushadsaab and handed over the letter, Naushad said, 'Tum ne toh aisi sifarish layi ke main na hi nahi keh sakta hoon I can't say no to the recommendation that you have brought. But he was still singing in the chorus for a long time before Naushadsaab gave him his big break.

My father was never nervous, he was a very big-hearted person. People say my father was scared of Kishore Kumar. In fact, there are so many songs that my father told the composers to let some other singer sing because they too are good. Inmy dad went for Haj. Somebody had told him "Gaana bajana haraam hai, god will never forgive you. He got scared and decided that he will never sing.

Mohammed Rafi VS Kishore Kumar (HQ)

He stopped taking new assignments. He went to London to be with his sons and daughter.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship with god

He returned after eight months and after much coaxing from family and friends. Initially, he got very little work as people had started liking Kishoreda's voice. Most of the songs went to Kishoreda, who had also become the voice of Rajesh Khanna.

Rafi vs Talat vs Mukesh vs Kishore: the big rivalries of the Hindi film music world

What do you think of the next line of playback singers? Mostly imitators of their more successful predecessors. Nitin Mukesh and Manhar are the poor man's Mukesh. Sabbir Kumar and Anwar are the poor man's Rafi.

Bhupinder, Suresh Wadkar - they have styles of their own but are yet to be accepted. Why are you quitting films? I had a heart attack three years ago. And I need rest. I don't want to retire after people have begun wondering whether I'm still there. And show business doesn't suit me any longer. Look at the prohibitive taxes for those who are really successful. The tax raids, the complicated laws and bylaws, the hassles - they all make popularity a punishable offence.

So that's the reason? Actually I'm tired of this life in Bombay. I just want to start over again at my old place, in the company of all those little people whom I grew up with. If I sing, I want to do it for myself. Has Indian playback singing any future?

  • 'If anyone has the voice of god, it is Mohammed Rafi'
  • Who’s a better singer? Kishore or Mohd Rafi?

You don't expect music to be brilliant when the films are so bad. Actually the B-movies that are doing good business now cater to an audience which wants a lot of noise to fill the soundtrack.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship with god

Jeetendra, Sridevi, what kind of film and what kind of music do you expect with these ingredients? The industry is full of shopkeepers who're out to make money - not art. As Gilovich and Ross write: It is also true about a lot of other choices that we make in our lives. For instance, when the iPhone was new I asked the students in my class two anonymous questions: But they do believe that there are more people out there like them, than there actually are.

And this eventually leads to disagreements. To conclude, let me get back to the original question. So, who was the better singer? Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi? Undoubtedly, it was Kishore Kumar.