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kishwer merchantt Suyyash beautiful couple ❤ . .. Tag a friend in whose marriage you'll dance like this. #fun #fashion #followme #repost #igdaily # beautiful #india #coimbatorian #tamilmemes @millindgaba @suyyashrai @ starboyloc. Relationship between acts regulations codes practice asvab · Khsaa Kishwar merchant and suyash kumar relationship memes · How to fix a. gold digger? Gold-digger is a woman who forms relationships with men purely kishwar and suyash Your best friend and your ex Relationships happen!.

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Salim Khan always told his family members, especially sons that Arpita is now their responsibility and they will give everything they can to make her happy. Salim Khan does not like wasting money or spending it on extravagant weddings.

Yet, when it came to Arpita Khan, the family spent more money than all weddings in their family combined!

Kishwar Merchantt Gets EMOTIONAL During Her Wedding - Suyyash Rai

What is even more amazing is that the Khans did not change her religion. She was even married off as per Hindu rituals. During the bidaai, a moist-eyed Salim ji bid adieu to his youngest daughter, who herself was in tears. Khan family has always given their best to Arpita, from her education to marriage, everything was served on a silver, rather platinum platter, for her.

Truly, Arpita is one lucky girl, and Salim Khan, Salman Khan and others in the family are genuinely large-hearted.

Bigg Boss 11: Kishwer Merchant, Asha Negi attack Hina Khan for her ‘spitting’ comment

Hats off to them! Watch More Exclusive Celebrity News here: Sunil Dhanve Subscribe Now http: Click on the video to find out more about her sweet gesture. Rupesh Shinde Subscribe Now http: Rival x Cadmium - Seasons feat. Pledge to Connect With Yourself Brand: Mullen Lintas Released On: She got married to Suyyash on December 16, Dimpy Ganguly 31 - Rahul Mahajan 41 She contested against other girls and was the one to win the heart of Rahul, who is 10 years elder to her.

But the marriage didn't last long and the actress is now settled in Dubai with a businessman Rohit Roy. Photos all are taken from Google Image search and using advanced image search option. All images were fairly used during the making of this video for entertainment purposes.

Kushal, for a while even thought his career is going to go down in dumps because of this incident. Gauahar and Kushal are not the only pair who fell in love in Bigg Boss. The incident came into limelight when Ali started packing his bags and even tried to climb the roof of the house making the claim that as per the rules of Bigg Boss house, violence is prohibited. As an action, Bigg Boss nominated Sonali for eviction as long as she stayed in the house.

Pooja Missra- Siddharth Bhardwaj Seems like quite a lot of contestants have tried scaling the rooftop of the Bigg Boss house in an attempt to leave it. The latter had been known to pick fights with all the housemates. And when she slammed a door in the face of Siddharth, things got out of hand. Do you know Imam Siddique was brought back in the current season of Bigg Boss so that he can persuade Bigg Boss 9 contestants Rochelle and Keith to get engaged!

In an aerobics task, this loud contestant got into a physical fight with TV actress, Shweta Tiwari, leaving the latter with visible bruises on her arms. Things got really spicy when another contestant, actor Samir Soni intervened and took up a stand to get Dolly Bindra evicted from the house! And between them, these two managed to get into a lot of TRP-worthy fights!

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Remember, the time when Kashmira turned everyone in the house against Rakhi? Or the time when Rakhi Sawant got into a fight with actor, Amit Sadh over her mug! Who else loved Rakhi with Kashmira Shah?