Lelouch and suzaku relationship goals

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lelouch and suzaku relationship goals

Just as a side note on all of this, Lelouch's treatment of Suzaku .. a relationship that matches what you said about his kindness and, Lelouch became a monster on purpose and used others to get his own petty revenge. [MISC] Official texts on Lelouch & C.C.'s relationship A compilation of excerpts When they're only one step further from achieving their goal .. the story is roughly about Suzaku, as Zero, quickly suppressed the terrorists. [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku is of why; when it comes to the relationship between Lelouch and Suzaku.

lelouch and suzaku relationship goals

There were a bunch of points in both seasons where the audience would think, this is it, they would go back to being friends and face the world together. It even began in the early episodes, where, after he saved Suzaku from being court martialed, Lelouch offered for Suzaku to join his cause, only to be rejected. There were also times when Lelouch tirelessly tried to get Suzaku to his side, clearly unwilling to keep going against Suzaku in his missions. And even if Lelouch was unable to tell him the truth because of the mounting guilt he bore, Suzaku was able to tell that he was lying.

Suzaku, for once, was the one who offered his hand to Lelouch. Zero had to end the war, and if he did, together with Lelouch, Suzaku would save Nunnally. No one would blame you if your first reaction was to shout at your screen and curse at everything—this is why Suzaku and Lelouch are incredibly frustrating. The Zero Requiem After fifty episodes of frustrating relationship dynamics and character developments for Suzaku and Lelouch, one would probably hope for a happy ending.

For Suzaku and Lelouch to forgive each other, and forge their friendship back, stronger than ever.

lelouch and suzaku relationship goals

For them to fight on the same side—their abilities are, after all, extremely complementary and worked flawlessly together. And the audience was given that, for the last five episodes. Which, compared to the rest of the series, seem too short-lived, especially with Zero Requiem in the end. Lelouch as the brain and Suzaku the brawl, Lelouch giving orders as a King and Suzaku carrying his will as the Knight of Zero, protecting Lelouch and his wishes. It should have been the perfect ending.

But considering Lelouch is making enemies out of the whole world, and Suzaku is supporting him, it was clear from the very beginning to the audience: Lelouch was planning something else.

Suzaku, with silent tears the moment his sword pierced Lelouch, accepted the Geass. Lelouch as a child, when he was exiled to Japan as a political hostage. It was during his stay at the Kururugi household that he first met Suzaku Kururugiwith whom the young Lelouch did not interact initially in a friendly way, before later becoming friends.

However, when Britannia finally developed its Knightmare Frames fleet and decided to invade Japan to seize control of the Sakuradite mines, consequently discarding Lelouch's use as a diplomatic tool, Lelouch, fearing for his and his sister's safety, hid their true identities and sought the help of the Ashford family, who were his mother's allies. His mother's death and his father's apparent lack of concern in regards to it were huge blows to Lelouch.

He also seeks to discover the true reason for his mother's death, as she was murdered in the Aries Imperial Palace, a place terrorists would be unlikely to penetrate successfully without being noticed, if at all. As Zero Main article: Zero Lelouch as Zero. Shortly after gaining the power of Geass from C.

lelouch and suzaku relationship goals

The helmet has a retractable plate over the left eye so Lelouch can use his Geass. In this guise, he forms the Black Knightsinitially composed of the members of Kaname Ohgi 's resistance group.

The goal of this vigilante group is a campaign against powerful individuals who oppress the helpless, which he eventually expands into reforming Japan as an independent nation. Lelouch is willing to do whatever it takes to carry out his goal, even if it means lying to his followers and using people as bait for the outcome he desires.

However, he has trouble putting those he is close to in harms way for the sake of his goal, which is a weakness as a commander but a remnant of his humanity and sanity.

lelouch and suzaku relationship goals

His feelings for Nunnally in particular often hinders his plans, particularly at the end of the first season, where he abandons a massive war with Britannian forces to rescue her, and early into the second season, when he has trouble believing Nunnally is willingly waging a campaign for peace that interferes with his plans. Gradually, however, he has come to embrace the fact that he has to destroy before reconstruction can occur, even if it means harming those he cares about. Originally, Lelouch is motivated by the desire to avenge his mother's death and construct an ideal world where his sister Nunnally can live in peace.

After Nunnally becomes Viceroy of Area 11, and her wishes conflict with his goals, his friends help him to realize that his rebellion is no longer just for Nunnally, but for all the people of the world.

Character History Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lelouch makes his first appearance in the beginning of the first episode of the series, as a child, along with Lelouch as he appears early in the series Suzaku Kururugi watching the Britannian Military entering Japan, with the figure of C.

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After the invasion of Japan, Lelouch vows to obliterate Britannia. He is later introduced to be a student of Ashford Academy where he is a member of its Student Council. He is a brilliant thinker who is quite talented at chess, he lives with his younger sister, Nunnallyand their maid, Sayokoin the Student Council building of Ashford Academy, where they are looked after by the Ashford Family. Lelouch and his friend Rivalz enter a room where a chess match was being played, with Lelouch claiming he can turn the situation on the chess table in under 9 minutes.

He starts his game by moving the King. He effortlessly crushes him in a short period of time 8 minutes, 32 secondswhile the noble gapes at his own defeat.

Rivalz compliments Lelouch on his victory, and is happy that the ego of the nobles will force them to pay, which he notes also make them loose. As they walk out of the casino, they are interrupted by Clovis' "heart-breaking" speech which turns out to be an act. Lelouch and Suzaku may seem like best friends, but in fact, the love they have for each other compared to their on-screen romances is something incomprehensible! Suzaku and Lelouch spend the anime showing us just how much they both love each other.

Lelouch Cherishes the Relationship Episode 25 In Code Geass, Lelouch masquerades as the rebel leader, Zero attempting to triumph over the Britannian government that rules over the former Japanese. Suzaku is the white knight who fights for the Britannian government. Some might say it is necessary to trick your alias to trick your enemy, but is that really the case? Lelouch hides his identity from Suzaku to maintain their close friendship from a time when they were young and had no one else.

Lelouch and Suzaku had only each other and Nunnally. Although they both consider Nunnally in the anime, Suzaku and Lelouch give more thought to each other than anyone else. To Lelouch, keeping Suzaku as a friend, companion, and loved one was crucial.

So, Lelouch went to great lengths to pull off this farce, misleading Suzaku, to maintain a relationship that is crucial to him.

5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku’s Love is Incomparable

Lelouch and Suzaku have different methods, but the two of them really just want to accomplish the same goal: Lelouch has a thirst for revenge so yes, he wants to overturn the Britannian government, yet in the end, Lelouch is actually just seeking peace, especially for Nunnally and the elevens. Lelouch just uses militant tactics and warfare in order to seize control of the government.

Although Lelouch and Suzaku may seem like completely different individuals with different goals, they are in fact completely in sync with one another. They both work towards the same goal to achieve peace. Lelouch and Suzaku may have different opinions on how to get things done, but they both want nothing more than to achieve the same thing.

Suzaku and Lelouch may be two different souls and bodies, but they are of similar minds. Suzaku acted recklessly and made hasty actions that put his own life in peril. Since then, Suzaku became incapable of pursuing any line of action that may result in his death, even if it goes against orders. In this way, Suzaku was cursed with living.