Levin and kitty relationship

levin and kitty relationship

There is a lesser-known story in Anna Karenina, the one of Levin and Kitty. Levin and Kitty plays second-fiddle to Anna and Vronsky, however. Thoughts on how Levin and Anna are related in the novel, and how they and not by relationships between the characters, but by an inner continuity. Until Part Seven of the novel, the Levin-Kitty and the Anna-Vronsky plots. 7 discussion posts. Kristel said: Why does Tolstoy counterpose Levin and Kitty's marriage with Anna and Vronsky's relationship?, John said.

levin and kitty relationship

Vronsky flirts with Kitty, leading her to believe that he feels more for her than what he really does. When Levin does work up the courage to propose to Kitty and she turns him down, he is devastated and retreats from society, secluding himself on his farm.

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Kitty expects a proposal from Vronsky and is confused when he pulls away and takes up with the married Anna Karenina. Her disappointment leads to sickness…heart sickness.

levin and kitty relationship

She soon realizes that she had turned away a good and honest man, one that she could have had a future with. He comes to understand that perhaps he had not been the most dedicated suitor, distancing himself at times when he should have made his intentions clear. Via a game of letters, Levin relays his love to Kitty and proposes once more.

levin and kitty relationship

This time Kitty accepts. However, the course of true love does not run smooth for these two, as it rarely does in real life. Levin feels he must be honest with his future wife about the more sordid details of his past and therefore shows Kitty his diary.


Although upset, Kitty forgives him of his sins. On the day of the wedding, Levin gets cold feet and is about to call it off when Kitty convinces him that she loves him and wants to marry him.

The wedding goes on without a hitch.

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Levin is used to a solitary life whilst Kitty wants to spend all of her time with him and is more social. Their love is put to the test when Levin learns that his brother is on his deathbed. He has no intention of bringing Kitty, but she insists and is a comfort when his brother passes away. This is always true. In marriage, this transparency must continue.

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Today, one may think of pornography and the way that spouses may try to conceal these struggles from each other. This lack of transparency, while it may seem to be protective, erodes trust between spouses.

levin and kitty relationship

Levin is keenly aware of the mystery of the Sacrament of Matrimony during his own wedding: But it was also an occasion for others in the congregation: Attending weddings together, married couples may contemplate their own growth in their vocation. Marriage, even a happy marriage, is not easy.

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Levin is surprised and disappointed to learn that complete marital bliss does not follow the wedding. Tolstoy writes that the first three months of marriage were very difficult for these two. Throughout the novel, Levin and Kitty experience misunderstanding, jealousy, anger and pain in their relationship, yet it must truly be said in the end that theirs is a happy marriage. This can be a good reminder to married couples when they experience a dry or difficult period in their marriage.