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Link of corse fell in love Zelda That would only seem to be right! For me it seems to be the same relationship between Link & Midna, as the relationship. am Dark Link. (Yay!) According to a DIFFERENT quiz I am Roxas. Midna. Shadow Link (All games it is in). Now answer the following questions. Mark: Because for one I don't feel like being in any sort of relationship right now. Sowwy . Since Link was created as a bit of a blank slate to better allow the player to If you don't know this iconic Zelda villain than this is definitely not the quiz for you! the throne from Midna and take over the Twilight Realm as his own. . one of the most memorable from his quirky relationship he has with Link in.

The twili knew she was an excellent leader, but she had her whims too, and the wedding thing was driving everyone crazy. Which one would fit better for the occasion?

Midna walked towards her bed and fell on it. She folded her arms in her chest and crossed her legs. She then huffed and looked at her window. Link was walking towards a jewelry, resolved to get the most beautiful wedding ring he could get.

He saved up a lot of rupees so he wasn't likely to have a lot of problems to buy what he was looking for. He went inside the jewelry and looked at the many jewels all over the place.

He was fascinated, any thing over there would do.

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I'm looking for a wedding ring with a little sapphire attached to it. I have just what you need" The shopkeeper went to the back of the jewelry and brought with him a small box. Then he showed the wedding ring to Link. It was hard to gather that much rupees, he had to spend a while looking in the grass and slaying a lot of foes, but for Midna, he would do anything.

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He knew that Midna liked the color of his eyes: Castle town was noisy as always, with people walking in the streets, laughing, talking, and doing their daily stuff. Link wanted some of his friends to come to the wedding, but they couldn't since they would turn into spirits. The wedding was mean to be held at the Twilight realm, hence only the twili were so stressed with the wedding, not the light dwellers. Link told his friends and the whole Ordon village, that he was getting married.

Soon, every light dweller who knew about this wanted to get invited to the wedding, but Link explained them why they couldn't come to the wedding. They understood, but didn't like that new. Realizing the sadness in their faces, he told them that he was likely going to make out with Midna during their honeymoon, in the light realm.

That made them feel better. Link headed towards castle town, so at the morning of the next day, the wedding day, he could arrive at the twilight realm faster.

He paid for a night at the inn, went inside of the room he rented, then he fell asleepwith a smile in his face. Back at the twilight realm.

Midna was sleeping in her bed, dreaming about Link. Peacefully sleeping, nothing could disturb her dream, nothing but. The adviser soon regretted his words, as a hand-hair sent him flying towards the window with a punch, he landed in a soft place though.

I'm desperate for help" thought Midna She went to her royal terrace to request help from her people. People of the twilight realm, listen to your leader! What could she possibly request from her people? The twili had been always ruled by their leaders, not having any choice in the political subjects or having the chance to help their leader whatsoever.

Everyone fled from her when she asked for help with the wedding thing, because they knew they were likely going to get punched in the face by her mighty hand-hair, if they made a wrong choice. Nobody knew a thing about weddings, except Midna she just knew a little because Zelda taught her some things about weddings. The twili didn't have such traditions. In the twilight realm, when a lad loves a gal or backwardsthey just kiss and say they love each other, then they go to their own house where they live together and do whatever they want.

This wedding thing was totally new to everyone over there, and was, likely, something that the twili historians will discuss during generations, specially since the bride was the very same twilight princess. When Midna learned about the weddings, she was fascinated by them. She wanted to have her own, with Link at the altar, kissing him and enjoying the happiness the moment would grant her.

When she was reading a book showing the "rules" to make a wedding, she missed the part of the wedding's rules where it's explicitly stated that both had to choose stuff for the wedding, not only the bride. But Midna just wanted her wedding to be perfect for Link, she wanted to show him, through this way, how much she was willing to consummate their relationship, both, in spirit and of course.

She wanted it to be memorable, epic and awesome. Midna finally managed to choose a dress, but only after praying to the goddesses for a signal of help, which came pretty quickly.

Midna was in her room, staring at the dresses, when a leaf fell over one of the dresses. Again, you can feel the worry of Midnas well being in Link's mind. As the dust of battle clears however, Midna is not only alright, but also in her true form. Link is speachless as he looks at her, and then she even playfully flirts saying, "Whats wrong, am I so beautiful that you are left without words" or something along those lines. I believe their bond had grown so strong, that at this point they had true feelings of love for one another.

But it was not meant to be, and Midna knew this. They belonged to different worlds, and the situation mirrored romeo and Juliette in a way. As Midna says her goodbyes she sheds a tear and takes off through the portal as she did the unpredictable. She cut off the only way they had to see eachother by shattering the mirror of Twilight.

Why would she do this? Maybe she knew that their feelings for each other would draw them back together. This is actually a plot point in The Wind Waker where Link has to prove himself the hero to earn the Triforce rather than being given it. Ocarina of Time's ending isn't as fun when you consider The Wind Waker. In the adult portion, Zelda sends Link back in time to his original timeline as a kindness to him. In an unseen timeline, Link actually fails to defeat Ganon in their final battle.

This small change leads to the Downfall timeline where Hyrule is basically in ruins for the majority of the series. Compared to Ocarina of Time, Hyrule is basically post-apocalyptic at times. Breath of the Wild is also heavily implied to take place in the Downfall timeline, pushing the overall situation from bad to worse. The greater implication here, however, is that there are more Zeldas than there are Links.

It's a woman's world. He ultimately falls in combat trying to stop Demise, failing to stop him. As he passed on, Hylia vows that she will shed her divinity so she can be reincarnated alongside this proto Link for all eternity. This is meant to be a basis for the relationship between Link and Zelda in the actual Skyward Sword. Reincarnation is far less complicated than it seems.

What this means is that, basically, Zelda gets a surefire reincarnation whereas Link only reincarnates when absolutely necessary.

In a way, it does make sense.