Lorenzo quinn give and take in a relationship

Give & Take III (Bronze Plated Resin) by Lorenzo Quinn, Price SOLD OUT

lorenzo quinn give and take in a relationship

The biography of Italian sculptor, artist Lorenzo Quinn who is best-known for his contemporary Lorenzo Quinn, Give and Take III Unveiled in Berkeley Square. Monumental sculpture Give & Take III unveiled in Puerto Portals, Palma July - November “It is vital to find a balance in life. Nature has been. I used an open and a closed hand, but both hands seem to both give and receive , because in every relationship there has to be a continuous balance between.

Lorenzo Quinn

Exhibited internationally, his monumental public art and smaller, more intimate pieces transmit his passion for eternal values and authentic emotions. He is best known for expressive recreations of human hands. However, at 21 he decided that his future lay in sculpture, which could better accommodate his energy and originality.

lorenzo quinn give and take in a relationship

He vividly recalls the moment in when he felt that he had created his first genuine work of art: It had started as a purely academic exercise, yet it had become an artwork. However, he did not enjoy working in the profession and decided to concentrate purely on sculpture.

Lorenzo Quinn - Give and take

Yet a finished project takes months to realise, and it has to carry clear meaning. Quinn usually conceives each work in writing, and the poetic text is ultimately displayed with the sculpture, as an integral part of the piece, not merely explanation.

lorenzo quinn give and take in a relationship

Quinn's work appears in many private collections throughout the world and has been exhibited internationally during the past 20 years. Among his commissions is The Tree of Life, produced for the United Nations and issued by the organisation as a stamp in The following year the Vatican engaged him to sculpt the likeness of St Anthony for the Basilica del Santo in Padua, in commemoration of the th anniversary of the saint's birth; the sculpture was blessed by the pope in St Peter's Square, Rome, in front of a crowd of 35, Our obligation is their guidance It is only through education and knowledge that a person may master his life.

Unique among his works as a living monument, Legacy was sculpted for Sant Climent de Llobregat in Spain. The tree-trunk is formed by a male and a female hand holding branches laden with cherries arranged to simulate human DNA. The third is Friendship - stainless steel.

Lorenzo Quinn - Artists - Halcyon Gallery

An fourth one represents Family Love made out of wood. We might not be able to recognize the reflection, and at times the image may be hidden.

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We may take years to see it or it may not even be visible during our lifetime. But it all comes around in the end. Space is as infinite as our actions are timeless. We are all part of the same invisible story, all travelling in a single continuum.

lorenzo quinn give and take in a relationship

Walking it is made easier if you have someone to help you cross. He continued explaining how he tries to communicate using language familiar to viewers: Without it, all other three dimensions have no sense. Art is very subjective, but without a proper schooling your creativity is bound.

lorenzo quinn give and take in a relationship

Quinn also mentioned his concern for young artists today and the manner that many skip traditional training: Quinn gave an example: He minimised what he did.

But it was based on something real, it was based on a knowledge.