Margaret mitchell gone with the wind ending relationship

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margaret mitchell gone with the wind ending relationship

On this day in , Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind was published. . Old West gunslinger (and dentist) Doc Holliday was Mitchell's cousin by marriage . She left the ending ambiguous with no “real” ending even in her own head. Civil War from Margaret Mitchell than from any other single au thor. Yet in striking ways, graying relations" tell their stories of the conflict. Yet when The opening of Gone with the Wind perfectly inscribes Mitchell's departure from .. erations of readers to reimagine Gone with the Wind's ending—to assure them selves that. Gone With the Wind isn't just an old love story, or stuffy Civil War Margaret Mitchell, the book's author, was born in to a wealthy southern family and . take on the nature of worldly relationships and the games we play with ourselves, .

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You're such a nerd. Scarlett is a complete idiot. When I finished the book, it was past midnight on a school night that was a big thing back in 7th gradeand I was bawling my eyes out hint: It's too much for your heart to take. I flipped through the empty pages at the end of the book like a madwoman, convinced that it all had to be a big joke -- it couldn't end like that.

Gone With The Wind - Bonnie's Death (1939)

There had to be a hidden paragraph or chapter or something. I went to school the next day deeply depressed, and that depression didn't go away for about a week. The movie and the further drowning in my own tears did not help and it all started from there. My love for Gone With the Wind made me want to research the movie, the book, the production, etc.

I would have looked up the curtain patterns if I could! It all seemed so intriguing to me; the chaos the movie was made from, the connections of GWTW with Margaret Mitchell's life, and the legendary actors that starred in this classic. My interest grew so great that I created a website on Gone With the Wind. When the next school year started, my obsession with GWTW had done anything but fade. Some of my friends read the book because I wouldn't shut up about it.

I went to the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum that summer and cried tears of joy. During our Civil War unit in Georgia Studies, I didn't even have to study for the tests because I already knew so much about that period in history. At the end of the year, we had an orbital study project and I chose to write a mini-novel about the Civil War. I ended up writing 42 pages in three days; my teacher said she cried at the end I killed off one of the characterstold me to consider publishing it, and she gave me an extra five points.

The next summer, my obsession introduced me to Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable movies. Surprisingly, I did not miss checking Facebook to find out who got a manicure when and who's going out with whom. Old movies led to documentaries on various actors and I learned how even the fabulous Vivien Leigh had to struggle and how strength, dedication and determination to live life to its fullest are the things that matter most in life.

It quite simply changed my life. Well, considering my whole taste in books, movies, TV shows, and music changed to include the decades that passed before me, and I realized that life existed before me as well. In addition, my love for writing began after reading GWTW; Margaret Mitchell's simple, eloquent, breathtaking writing style blew me away. I learned from that small woman who spent hours holed up in her even smaller apartment just writing away that designer brands and cute outfits are not what make a person successful.

margaret mitchell gone with the wind ending relationship

It is finding a passion and following it. Their Klan activities are why the Yankees know about the Shantytown raid. Prissy definitely gets cuffed by Scarlett more times in the book.

Gone with the wind

There is no rain in the book. I think the movie tried to depict the hopelessness visually with the scene of them buggy and horse included hiding from soldiers, under a bridge in the pouring rain. There are many other darker scenes and relationships in the book. The controversial scene of a drunk Rhett sweeping an angry, uninterested Scarlett off to the bedroom is downplayed in the movie, probably so it looks less like marital rape.

Moreover, Scarlett has three children in the book — one from each of her marriages. Her horrible parenting—only referred to in the movie by Rhett when he says that cats are better mothers—and lack of love for her children make her a vile character in writing.

In the movie, she often looks simply superficial and distracted. I think some of the darker elements were left out to make it more widely appealing, as well as to avoid controversy. The movie does an excellent job of compressing events. Here are a couple of examples. Meade are present when Belle Watling gives Melanie money for the hospital.

margaret mitchell gone with the wind ending relationship

In the book, Scarlett does not witness his death. And there are still other differences: In the movie, he was courting India before falling in love with and marrying Scarlett.