Mei and yamato relationship

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mei and yamato relationship

Kakeru is later seen with Aiko talking about mei and Yamato's relationship. He insults her and calls her a 'cow' and comments about the scars left on her body by . Megumi naturally uses the situation and we see her spreading rumours about Mei's relationship with Kai and even attempting to make Yamato. When Yamato tries to stop his friend, Mei whirls around and, in her . Aiko remains close friends with Mei, and supports her in her relationship with Yamato.

By keeping everything locked up and not telling anyone, we see how immature Yamato is, while also beginning to understand how much of an impact his middle school environment has had on him. It is highly unlikely that Yamato was always like this, but because of the constant bullying and the generally negative atmosphere that his middle school apparently had Yamato arguably changed.

mei and yamato relationship

His chameleon like appearance and ability to move almost unnoticed in numerous social circles has become an immensely important asset, allowing him to get through life without any real worries. At the same time it is also a sign of immaturity and potentially very dangerous, with Yamato never truly saying what is on his mind, and instead of talking to Mei in a normal manner keeps everything bottled up until he eventually explodes.

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Mei is a fascinating character and one who has helped numerous other characters in the series with their own specific problems, but she is not a mind reader or psychic. Yamato is obviously mad at her, but by avoiding Mei or simply blanking her we are seeing this immature side of his character hurting the girl he loves.

Mei understands that he is angry but cannot work out why, even questioning her own actions and wondering if she did anything wrong. In some respects Mei and Yamato are in a similar position but coming at it from opposite directions. Neither of them are particularly versed in proper social interaction, with both characters finding it difficult to express their true feelings and desires to others. Mei on the other hand has had to deal with bullying which resulted in her effectively living the life of a social hermit, never talking to or interacting with anyone and instead believing that she will just be betrayed by anyone whom she tries to befriend.

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However, Mei has changed over the course of the series, growing stronger and far more assertive, she now has good friends and people whom she feels she can rely upon. Her willingness to make friends and generally move on with her life does however bring her into conflict with Megumi due to her relationship with Yamato.

Because of her childhood Mei has never really dealt with these sorts of situations, and because of her socially awkward, but also sincere nature she is ultimately used by Megumi for her own ends. By willingly talking to Kai and treating him as a friend Mei provides Megumi with the right tools to create a rift between Mei and Yamato.

As a character Megumi is both complex, while also remaining incredibly shallow in her attitude towards peoples appearance. Despite the knock that Yamato gave to her confidence in recent episodes she remains confident about her appearance and ability to interact with others.

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Through a brief flashback we are shown Megumi being bullied and called ugly at a young age, while also apparently being left alone by her parents. Unfortunately in the process she has become a shallow and arguably spiteful person, happily lying about liking theme parks and then calming throwing away presents from her fans.

Edit When he first meets Mei, he gets hook kicked by her incorrectly calling it a roundhouse kick after his friend Kenji Nakanishi lifts her skirt.

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He later apologizes to her and explains what happened, then going on to say that he'd like to get to know her better and giving her his phone number. A few days after, Mei gets stalked and calls Yamato for help when all her other contacts don't reply. At the time of the call he's doing karaoke with his friends, but he runs to where Mei is when she asks for help.

mei and yamato relationship

Upon arriving, he pretends to be Mei's boyfriend and then kisses her to make the stalker go away. After the kiss Yamato discovered that was Mei's first kiss, he began to apologize to her. He finds Mei interesting and begins to grow a crush on her despite her at times prickly personality.

They begin to date, and he is generally very considerate of Mei and her feelings. He even punched one of his friends when he upset Mei and made her leave suddenly.

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In chapter 39, they started a sexual relationship. Edit Kai is the bullied friend that Yamato had during middle school. Yamato notices and is quite jealous of how Kai likes Mei, constantly watching their relationship and even going so far as to punch Kai for talking recklessly and not watching out for Mei.