Mikasa and levi relationship marketing

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mikasa and levi relationship marketing

Even heterosexual pairings like Annie and Armin or Mikasa and Levi. a bunch of other shit I've seen is Levi and Eren being in a consensual relationship. .. of female fantasy characters made to market towards their opposite sex audience. What if Levi adopted Mikasa and they lived together? A year . Then he had some form of relation to Mikasa? She then Kidnapped their daughter and badly injured her before making plans to sell her on the black market. I think they're cousins. Kenny and Mikasa's father look similar enough to be related, possibly even siblings, and when Kenny is talking to his grandfather.

His eyes filled with many emotions that he wanted to share but didn't know how to express. He appeared Asian like herself; he had slick black hair that was the same kind as her own. He had pale skin and slight dark circles from lack of sleep; but he was very handsome. Levi pulled a chair quietly and sat in front of Mikasa.

He then gazed at the young girl taking her in quietly not speaking a word; a silent conversation going on between the two via mentally and through their eyes. She had her mother's eyes and hair; but her father's face and strong chin. She was truly a beautiful child but no doubt damaged psychologically and emotionally from what she had been through. She had red welts around her wrists from rope binds, he could see bruises on her neck and there was no doubt more under her clothes.

She had a cut on the side of her mouth with dry blood still there. He felt a rage burning inside of him; 4 adult scumbags had murdered her parents and his estranged sister. Kidnapped their daughter and badly injured her before making plans to sell her on the black market. He tried to act as calm and gentle as possible; he didn't want to scare her with the rage going on inside of him.

Most likely he would vent to Hanji about this later over a drink when she was asleep. After he found the bodies he had clicked his teeth and had to stand in a corner for a good hour.

The desire to cry and beat the shit out of those bastards had been overwhelming. Seeing two innocent people; parents killed had angered him. Their little girl now an orphan and was god knows where; god people made him sick sometimes. The relief he felt knowing Mikasa was alive; angered that she was injured but alive eased his soul. He wouldn't have been able to bear it if she had been killed too.

However, there was no doubt that to kill her attacker with such precision proved her heritage as an Ackerman.

Though she had awakened earlier than he had.

mikasa and levi relationship marketing

But then every member of their family was different in that sense. He had been a preteen when he awoke; still living with his uncle Kenny. He had beaten a group of adult men half to death and Kenny unable to handle Levi had abandoned him.

Mikasa blinked her blank black eyes filling with a gentle light; curiosity and confusion welling up inside of her. Her mother had a brother? Why didn't she tell her? She had a relative in the survey core? Why had her mother never told her about this?! Why had they never met? Levi nodded "Seems your mother was my estranged sister; I only learned of her a short time ago myself.

However I won't ask forgiveness for not being part of your life; only know I am sorry for not being there" he said calmly. If he had known, he would have at least gone to meet them; spoken to them and gotten to know Mikasa. Maybe visited them more often had he known; be part of their family.

He had lost his best friends Farlan and Isabel little over a year ago, during his 29th year. To realize you had a family you never knew about only to learn they were killed was a lot for him to handle. He was still healing but was adapted to put in gently; his heart still ached with pain for their loss but he was more accepted to the situation. However, learning he had lost a family he never knew he had hurt him. But he was glad Mikasa was alive; nothing would have hurt him more than to learn a child had been killed too.

Before she had a chance to live and experience life or any other feeling in her young life. Mikasa blinked; so, he was shocked too as would anyone be in this situation. He felt the same as she did; a mix of emotions inside of him yet somehow happy.

Shingeki no Kyojin spoilers: Hajime Isayama reveals true relationship between Eren and Mikasa

Happy to not be alone in the world anymore. She didn't know what to say yet didn't want to be rude. She wanted to say a million things but nothing seemed to be good enough; she was just so confused. She hesitated staring at the floor and then reached out her hand gently "Nice to meet you…uncle Levi" she said quietly.

mikasa and levi relationship marketing

Her parents had raised her to be polite and well-mannered towards others. Though her hears was clouded with emotions she would not lose her etiquette in such a situation. Levi blinked and a small smile spread across his face; he then held out his hand slowly and gripped her small one in his own. She was so soft and yet fragile; her hands so tiny and yet covered in cuts and blood.

Though he hated anything filthy he would allow it for now. Once they got back he would thoroughly bathe her and have Hanji look at her wounds.

If she had any internal wounds he would go ballistic. He was her uncle he couldn't just abandon her after all; she was the only family he had left. She would have to be used to him working a lot and sometimes going on missions.

But they would live together and share a room until she was old enough. He would read her stories, make sure she was well fed and well bathed that was not optional and a decent human being. Though he would have to be strict about it. He would not tolerate misbehaviour, disrespect, lack of hygiene, wasting food and any other behaviour. She would not rule his house and would be a good girl if she knew what was good for her. But I thought Mikasa would live with us now!

She needed support right now and he would protect her. What if this guy abandoned her or was actually lying to them? Though she knew he would be upset; it was only right for Mikasa to go with her family especially if he wanted to be part of her life. Grisha took a deep breath "Levi, was it? He sensed genuine care for Mikasa from this man he could see it in his eyes; he had been through the wars and lost a lot of loved ones.

He had nothing left but Mikasa; she was his only family. He wanted to protect her and be part of her life; which showed a lot of love. The two were broken and lonely souls; with so much emotion and damage inside of them. But they could confide in each other and look out for one another.

Levi turned to the glasses wearing male quietly "Yes sir" he said sternly. This man seemed to be reasonable and understanding of all this. At least someone was; though he would not say it that kid of theirs needed to learn to behave. Grisha turned towards Levi quietly while also eyeing Mikasa in a protective manner.

He knew Levi would protect her and do what was best for her; though he would be far from perfect. He needed to be patient with her and take his time in waiting for her to warm up to him. Levi's eyes became intense and serious; he nodded "I understand that; I don't expect her to warm up to me immediately.

But all relationships take time even family" he said intently. He had been cold and blank towards Kenny upon first living with him; however, he later warmed up to the male even if he wasn't the best role model. The two had a strained but steady relationship with each other. After all a girl's first mentor is her father; but in this case her uncle" Grisha stated bluntly.

She would rely on him for support, comfort and moral lessons. She would come to him about a number of things and he best be ready to hear them. Levi nodded; Kenny hadn't exactly done the same for him and he had learned everything he knew from the streets.

But he would do his best to provide for Mikasa. He wanted her to have a better life than the one she had; though it would be far from perfect it would be better than what he had as a child. But she will be cared for and have a family in me and Hanji" he explained.

Hanji was his newest comrade and companion; she had helped a lot in the time between losing his friends.

Though she was very draining and energetic; he did like her…a little. She would become like a mother to Mikasa and he hoped she would call Hanji "Auntie". Grisha sighed heavily in a content manner; his worries eased. This man genuinely cared for Mikasa and was at least open about his intentions towards her and what she was to expect of him.

He had a feeling that Eren would be less than pleased; but he knew Mikasa would be safe and she would be loved in some form by this person. He then turned to the shaken Mikasa.

The girl looked up at him quietly her eyes big and curious. You can visit us anytime but you have to ask Levi ok" he said sternly.

Isayama pls! | My feelings About Levi and Mikasa’s relationship

Mikasa blinked and then nodded in approval giving a small hum. If she was allowed to visit, then she would be happy; that was all she needed to know. She would be happy to see them again especially Eren even if it was not very often. Grisha smiled and then got up "Carla; please make Levi some tea and stew. He must be tired after his long journey" he said gently. He then led Mikasa away to his office to deal with her wounds.

He doubted internal bruising was anything less; the outside was more serious than it looked.

Mikasa peered back at him quietly before following suit. Her face was pale and a little swollen but she appeared calm and thoughtful; her gaze set at the dark haired stranger at the table.

mikasa and levi relationship marketing

After Levi sat quietly at the table drinking tea in his usual fashion. The soup had been good and Carla made exceptionally good tea; this was currently his second cup. It was rare he came across anyone who had a good cup of tea apart from himself and Hanji. Eren simply sat and stared at him with eyes full of wonder. He had learned from the boy's mother he had a strong admiration for the Survey core and a desire to join them. Though it seemed odd to say; Eren reminded him of Isabel.

The same strong will and fire in him that she once had; bittersweet to say the least. Eventually Doctor Yeager's office door opened and Mikasa walked out. Her face was now clean and there was only a cut in the corner of her mouth. Her wrists had bandages and her face seemed calmer. Now that she was cleaned up she looked a lot prettier and less broken than she had before.

The damage is mainly psychological which is to be expected" he said sternly. Mikasa wondered over to the table quietly and looked up at Levi. He peered down at her while sipping his tea acknowledging her. Did anything still hurt? Was she in any pain whatsoever?

He would not feel at ease until he knew she was feeling better and more like herself again. Mikasa blinked and then nodded quietly touched by his concern for her well being. Although during this attempt Levi broke his ankle and went against his cleanliness in order to retrieve Eren.

More insight of Levi's view on Eren Levi is known to be a 'clean-freak', and despite being in the midst of crisis Eren goes out of his way to help Jean clean up to meet the captain's standards, leading to his being labelled a "nagging housewife".

Levi tries to make Mikasa calm - Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 3

No one else at the table seems to care when Levi makes a comment about the job they've made of the cleaning, but Eren is visibly frustrated. When Eren begins to suffer under the weight of all the titan-hardening training he's been subjected to, Levi is the one who notices and makes sure he gets a break, offering him a tissue and commenting on how "he probably used his titan powers too much". At the start of their relationship Levi had been apathetic and disinterested, but by the time it comes to the final battles Levi has shown enough concern for Eren at various points in the series that killing him outright like he had initially offered would be extremely difficult for him.

If Levi was eventually tasked with killing Eren, Isayama's establishment of this dynamic leaves it impossible that he would feel nothing. Fanon Levi consistently dominates fan popularity polls in both Japan and the West, and Eren is the series' main protagonist.

Because of this, it has become the most popular slash pairing of the franchise and is also widely considered to be one of the most popular yaoi ships in Japan particularly when it comes to doujinshi sales. The two are also represented in more official art and merchandise than any other Attack on Titan pairing because of the relative popularity of the characters. Despite this, the fanbase continues to grow, with some preferring to focus on the emotional bond between the two or choosing to reimagine the characters at different stages in their lives, and others stressing that the extraordinarily cruel world of Attack on Titan has given Eren an emotional maturity that almost matches Levis, so age is just a number.

Both have violent tendencies and struggle with the weight of responsibility placed on them as 'humanity's hope' and 'humanity's strongest soldier', but there are also moments between Levi and Eren in canon that suggest they could overcome this in each other's company. On a superficial level, Levi's cold demeanor and his treatment of Eren in episode 14 lend themselves easily to a sadomasochistic template.

Eren's inner fire combined with the unwavering respect he feels for Levi indicates that there's not much he wouldn't do to satisfy him. Eren could just as easily overpower Levi as he could him. In addition to their voice acting credits in anime and gaming both have done a number of 'BLCDs' boys love CDswhich have a huge market in Japan. A crossover of clips from these CDs has over 1 and a half million views on YouTube, so although there is little to no probabibility of Levi and Eren ever interacting romantically in canon, the fan culture is encouraged by what are effectively fanon sex-tapes.

A popular theme for Eren and Levi fanworks, and Attack on Titan fanworks in general, is that of reincarnation. Examples alongside this are by Lena. After all of the suffering both have experienced at the hands of titans and humans alike, there is comfort in the thought that after death they could lead a happy life in the modern world. Levi's cold and calm attitude in contrast to Eren's character has also led to a surge in works placing Levi as a company boss and Eren a distracted college student.

Unlike the characters in 50 shades, Eren and Levi are accustomed to violence but are not abusive, they are familiar with their boundaries.