Moniece and rich dollaz relationship counseling

Rich Dollaz & Moniece Slaughter Open up About Their Relationship

Milan and Miles were at odds about taking their relationship to the next Moniece appears to be happily in love with Rich Dollaz but does he. focused on the growing relationship between Moniece Slaughter and Rich Dollaz as to each other and consoles his longtime friend, Brandi Boyd, for advice. If Rich Dollaz & Moniece Slaughter are planning on taking there relationship to the next level, and becoming serious there was someone that.

Three strikes, and Marla is out!

Love and Hip Hop Love Relations: Rich Dollaz and Moniece Slaughter?

Marla tries to explain that there are three sides to every story. She continues with more of the same when Moniece questions Marla about telling Fizz to go back to court for full custody. Marla apologizes for how her daughter is feeling, but Moniece is detached. She would like Marla to butt out of her life going forward.

The day has arrived! She only has two weeks until the fashion show for her blazer launch. After telling that little white lie to his wife, Willie heads to the studio to make the lie a truth.

He bursts in on Screwface who wants a managerial percentage to help Willie get out of his contract. Even though Hazel is friends with Teairra, the girls bond over the importance of women empowering each other.

Later, Shanda wants to surprise Willie with a lunch date, but when she gets to the studio, she finds Screwface. She quickly retreats…no lunch for Willie! Back at home after going under the knife, Teairra is in a lot of pain.

Hazel starts spouting off a list of details that neither Nikki nor Teairra have even considered in planning a fashion show and launch party.

Rich Dollaz and Moniece Back Together? Moniece Speaks

Rich asked Moniece to cover up a tattoo that reminded her of one of her ex-boyfriends. Moniece agreed to cover up the tattoo but she also had a request. She wanted Rich to move to LA permanently so they can be together but the producer doesn't seem like he's ready to take that step, at least not at the moment.

Milan wants Miles to open up more and come out of the closet but Miles isn't ready. While waiting for Miles, Milan realized that he has become more distant but doesn't know why.

When Milan asked Miles about moving in with him, he said he wasn't ready. Should Milan keep waiting for Miles or just move on? So when Nia former friend Nas met up with Nikki and Teairra she revealed that she and Nia's current boyfriend rapper Soulja Boy were together.

Nikki being Nia's friend relayed the message to Nia. Nikki invited Nia to Nas bootcamp workout without Nas knowing. Before the workout became Nas confronted Nia.